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  1. snif. Don't worry guys, I'll be back with another Lex or Toyota when I get back from my secondment abroad! It was great knowing you all, and I'll still pop in from time to time! :D Purvesh, I know you guys are gonna look after my baby, best of luck with her!
  2. Bumpedy Bump! I'm going away soon and the car is still for sale... I actually got the mileage wrong above it was 32,300 its still only on about 32650 I would be open to very near offers, but I don't think its expensive.. Nows the chance to own a very well cared for IS with a unique specification. PM if you wish to view it. tom
  3. IS200 S Auto 33200 miles Full Lexus Service History MOT (May 2006) Recent 40,000 service (coolant change) Full Leather Interior Lexus Styling Pack (TTE style) 18" Lexus (Team Dynamics) Wheels (5) Recent front tyres <1000 miles Royal Sapphire Blue Any more questions please feel free to PM me £7995 for a quick sale (moving abroad)
  4. I must admit mine was awful the only time I've driven it in snow... Rear wheels scrabbling around like crazy and going anywhere but in a straight line trying to go forward up a slight incline! :D Then again I do have and auto and 18's with not much life left in the tyres!!! Aah well, I'll have to skive or something if it gets real bad...
  5. What is happening to the world????
  6. Its a real shame to see her go Duncan.. I always looked at your car on the forum before I bought my IS and it changed my mind about Kensington Green IS's... Best of luck with your new wheels mate - which are?? :)
  7. P.s. completely I think my signature looks nice with the new forum colours B) The edges are still the old biegey colour tho... better fix that!
  8. I'll second that, I had to have the seals replaced on my old Pug because they dried out from me not using the A/C (tight y'see! ). Anyway, it cost me £150 which could have been avoided if I'd fired up the A/C once in a while to keep the system lubricated. I was told that the Refrigeration gas contains a lubricant for the seals, not sure if its true or not but it seems to work! :)
  9. More delays... this is getting unbearable! Sony UK has confirmed this morning that Gran Turismo 4 will be delayed in Europe. Hopes of a December release for the hotly anticipated sequel on these shores have subsequently been dashed, with the PAL version now pencilled in for release in Q1 2005.
  10. UK release for GT4 is 14th December 2004. It was going to be early 2005 but SCEA kicked up a stink and demanded it before Xmas, so Polyphony Digital removed the on online element to get it ready :) A full online version will follow in 2005 apparently.
  11. Yes Maz, it is indeed an HPI Savage! :) Available at your local branch of Halfords by the way fellow LOC'ers ;) They are the best fun you can have legally and without a naked lady!
  12. Just checked in my boot.. an 18" wheel like the others.. :)
  13. Contrary to what I'd heard on the grapevine, Sony have confirmed we'll all be playing GT4 before Xmas this year! :o
  14. I know a chap in SCEE </blatant show off>(I'm on the BAFTA interactive jury)</blatant show off> who reckons they are desparately trying to get it finished for an Xmas 2004 launch in the US. He thinks Jan/Feb launch in the UK if we're lucky. In the meantime Burnout 3 is bloody awesome, and Outrun2 is out next month - the demo is pretty good :)
  15. You get Cruise control on the Auto too, which is nice if you do a lot of motorway driving. Also you get a nice leather gearknob on a 2000 Auto, which is much better on cold mornings than a metal knob. :) That said, the auto does feel slower than the manual, and its only a 4 speeder.
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