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  1. MPG isn't a simple function of speed. I'll try to get out more. :o)
  2. I do like the way that John has different numberplates at each end of his Lagrande. I thought for a while that I might like to do that on my car, but then I realised it would just be another bit of data to try to remember. : o )
  3. : o )
  4. Steering rack replacement, I'm told is about £5k. But it may not be the steering rack - it could just be the motor - but who knows? As I said, I'm not interested, but at auction, with those lights on, I'd expect it to perhaps fetch no more than £5k or so itself. Presumably the seller knows exactly what the problem is, but I suppose they're hoping that someone comes along and doesn't realise will buy it.
  5. Thanks, Vasilis, for the history - I was hoping someone would know more about it. I'm just a bit nosy, really. And what a shame if someone has tricked WeBuyAnyCar! : o )
  6. I came across this - low mileage, looking good, though a couple of warning lights showing - possibly a great buy for someone out there! : o )
  7. Hi Steve, You sound like you need some bedtime reading. Two files attached : o ) LS460 BROCHURE.pdf LS600 BROCHURE.pdf
  8. Hi Derek, You are aware, aren't you, just how unique your LS is - it's the only AWD that ever came to the UK. Definitely something to cherish. : o )
  9. Mine became a problem at about 55k miles. Lexus Cambridge's response was to clean the throttle body. The problem went away and hasn't come back, so I was well impressed.
  10. Setting the adaptive cruise - yes, the lever only flicks the speed in 5mph increments, but you can set any integer speed from 29mph upwards by driving at that speed then switching it on. The plus side is that it is easier to match changing speed limits - 40mph to 60mph is just 4 clicks, and 40mph to 30mph just two the other way (with the car braking automatically to reduce the speed immediately). You can use conventional cruise control without the radar, and that does let you do 1mph clicks - but with the radar, sensitive readjustment isn't really needed as your car matches the speed of the car in front. : o )
  11. My guess from the reg number of that car would be that it was originally a Lexus demonstrator or staff car - so not 'one owner' - maybe 'one previous owner'. : o )
  12. well, just before the bottom dropped out of the market in 2008 a single solitary all wheel drive model arrived in this country. Specification similar to the standard 460, though the engine power was intentionally reduced, but only slightly. Uses the internals from a LS600 - some sort of central diff, powered by petrol engine, but without the electric motor, feeding drive front and back. I noticed it for sale a few years ago in Manchester. It sold quite quickly, but unfortunately it's in silver, a colour I'm not too fond of. I'm sure it's great in the snow, though. By this time though they just stopped the 460 altogether. Looks good - still has a low mileage - depends whether you want to be absolutely unique or not! : o )
  13. Well, yes, I enjoy driving an LS, but that's because it's such an obedient car. It stops, goes, and turns exactly when I want it to, with no anxiety - so, a perfect car. (yes, apart from the mpg!)
  14. Sorry, you've got me back to front on the show off thing - I agree that no one has a LS for that reason - it's because it's well camouflaged that many people have one. And I agree about the comfort. But does it matter ultimately if you are driving, or the car is driving itself?
  15. Me too. But have you wondered what it will do to road congestion - keeping an extra generation on the road? Well, I'm hoping that there will be less of an issue with congestion if cars are driving themselves - junctions being more efficient as cars talk and negotiate with each other, motorways having 'trains' of closely spaced co-operating cars, and optimum routes being negotiated as well - plus fewer motorways closed for hours because of serious accidents ... This may be a real life saver in the future for people who for medical reasons or other are unable to drive. BUT ........ for people on this forum, I feel, driving is a bit more than just getting from A to B and having independent transport.. I realise that there is pleasure in driving - I enjoy it very much - but isn't comfortable safe independent travel from A to B the real reason most people would own an LS? If you want something showoffy, then you'd not get an LS, and if you want to push your driving skills, surely that's what track days are for? I think the future is coming faster than we think! : o )