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  1. Hi Pete, I'm not much of a chatterer on here, but can I just say well done for surviving. This would have been a poorer place without you. : o )
  2. No, not a detective. Back in 2007 I decided I wanted an LS. The prices were changing so quickly at that time I wrote a program to quickly scrape the Lexus website every morning when I turned on my computer, and store the data. After I'd bought the car I just let the program continue until Lexus changed the people who did their website. : o )
  3. Hi Ross, your 460 doesn't have an adaptive gearbox. Earlier ones did - my 400 and my 430 both had them. I didn't like it because the gearbox didn't always behave in the same way - if I'd been on a long journey the car drove differently when I started the next day compared to if I'd just been driving locally. The 460 gearbox doesn't adapt, and, especially as it has enough power to do whatever you want, I think it's a better arrangement. The ECT thing, as people have said, changes how your gearbox responds. I always leave mine in the PWR postion, because this means that the gearbox always drops into the right gear at the right time. People who say that the 460 has too many gears have, I think been using the the car with the switch in the centre position. In PWR it's always there in the right gear for you. Incidentally, I used to drive along the same stretch of motorway fairly often, and measured fuel consumption with the cruise control set, and in this situation there was no reduction in mpg over my set distance of 40 or so miles. The lack of power thing, I had that. After a few bits of nonsense, a (Lexus) mechanic suggested that it needed it's throttle body cleaning. He did that, and it cleared the problem. : o )
  4. The GU prefix suggests that it was first registered by Lexus GB, who might have used it as a staff car, or demonstrator, or sold it to a dealership to use as a demonstrator. The car was on offer from lexus edgeware road for £65995 with 14791miles , then again with 19352 miles for £51995, then Lexus stockport offered it with 19659 miles for £43990. After this it was offered again at Lexus Leicester for 46850 with 19821 miles on the clock. November '08, August '09, September '09 and April '10 were the years of the offers. : o )
  5. If it helps, here's the brochure for the LS in February, which has the Premier listed rather than the Takumi. There isn't an LS brochure at the moment, but when there is you can always compare! In the beginning, it was much easier. You just got an LS, and it had everything! : o ) Lexus_LS_e-brochure.pdf
  6. The radar only works on moving objects, and is very narrow range. The car parks using the parking sensors, your preset target on the camera screen, the wheel, brake and throttle positions, and a little sprinkle of magic. : o )
  7. A car with that reg was offered for sale in 2008 by Lexus Bolton: Model Lexus LS 460 4.6 SE-L 4-Door Saloon Registration GV57MXL Date Oct 2007 (57) Mileage 10,052 Colour Cadoxton Slate Interior black leather Transmission Automatic Fuel Petrol Price £43,990 I'm not certain that the car in the picture is Cadoxton Slate. Perhaps you should also check the VIN against the log book?
  8. Oh, and here's the matching 460 brochure ... LS460 BROCHURE.pdf
  9. Hiya, This may be too late for you, but I downloaded the attached brochure in 2007. I got a (year old) 460 myself - which I still have. In those specs above, the extra stuff added starts with the Ls600h, then the Ls600h SE, then the better kit is on the LS600 SEL. The kit on the LS600 SEL isn't quite as extensive as on the LS460 SEL. Any car with the L on its own is about 30 cm longer than the standard LS460 and LS600h. I hope this helps. : o ) LS600 BROCHURE (1).pdf
  10. I don't know if this helps with its recent history ..
  11. The LS460 does indeed have an 8 speed box. 1st gear isn't normally selected by the box (unless your hill-starting, or rapidly use kick down when you're pulling off, but it does then slip almost imperceptibly through a range of gears. Also, you can use the gear selector to choose a certain gear if you want some engine braking. I've found that keeping the ECT switched to power always makes sure that it's in the right gear at the right time. When I bought my 460 I still loved my 430, and wasn't sure I was doing the right thing, so I kept the 430 for a couple of months, and took each car out alternately. The ride is different in both cars and in some ways I preferred the 430. The 430's turning circle was also better, and the shorter wheelbase helped slow speed manouverablity as well . There was more room in the back of the car. The 460 was more responsive though, not just engine-wise but also in steering. One day though, I decided I had to make a decision. What made the final difference for me was the extra technology on the 460. Adaptive cruise (I had an earlier 430) and lane keep assist both increased how long I could drive for before becoming tired, plus the extra safety stuff (precrash front and rear, knee airbag, waist airbags in the back) made it, in the end, an easy choice. I kept the 460.
  12. 10 years seems to be the limit:
  13. A two year Lexus warranty on that vehicle is £995, and this is the last chance of buying one for it, as it's ten years old. I think I'd say to them that I'll buy the car for £8k if they'll put a two year warranty on it - and then start to walk away and see what happened. The cost of the warranty will give you peace of mind, as it covers just about everything that isn't wear and tear. : o )
  14. Hiya, I'm a bit puzzled by this. I was aware that only one AWD 460 had come into this country to be sold before things started going badly in about 2008 for LSs. I was very interested in this car, but when Lexus Manchester sold it at about three years old it was silver, and I prefer a darker coloured car, so lost interest. And here, now you have a blue car that's a 460 LS SEL ..... I need a lie down.
  15. Hi Derek, "I have one" isn't quite accurate. If you have one, then "I have the one" would be more accurate. Only one AWD was ever sold by Lexus in the UK, and it seems that you're the lucky person! : o )