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  1. There is a fundamental point I'm fairly certain someone has previously mentioned. In the UK we are badge snobs. The target market for the GS class, especially the bigger engine option are the ones who will always go for the BMW 5 series, Mercedes E class, or at a push Audi A6. My previous car, a Citroen C6, suffered from the same problem, except from the start Citroen openly admitted they knew they would sell only very few in this country and so did not bother wasting money on marketting and advertising. With this class, the small engine options, with the highest economy option, tend to be a choice for those retiring or close to retiring who want to treat themselves to the car they never previously could afford/justify.
  2. Had a pheasant wander out in front of me as I was doing ~125/130mph and accelerating. Ok I admit it, I was on the Hanger Straight at Silverstone in a mildly modified JDM RX7 FD3, but it was a very scary moment (swerve and I was likely to lose the rear at high speed, hit the pheasant and the car would have been seriously damaged, with the nose probably being pushed back in to the rather large uprated intercooler and worse).
  3. Got to support this. Before my GS I had a Citroen C6 and that hit the mark perfectly for this type of car. Yes in theory that was capable of 0-60 in 8.6 seconds and topping out at 138 mph, but that was not the point. A big comfortable waft mobile is all about getting there in perfect comfort and without a care in the world. Too much acceleration requires overly stiff suspension, which leads to poor ride and a lack of comfort.
  4. Hmm Best Car. My heart does remind me of my Alfa 164 3.0 v6 Lusso -but that's only really for the 3 litre Busso engine and ignores the electrical problems, failed aircon, and massive oil consumption. My MK1 MX5 (which was supercharged for 3 years) certainly comes high, though I think the 17 years I kept it for mean I do not miss it ... much. The one car I do still miss, however, is my Citroen C6 (2.7 tdi Lignage). Inside and out it just shows how well the French (and Italians) can design cars. Swapped it post 100,000 miles for the GS after the second turbo went in short order. Worst - without doubt a last generation Vauxhall Cavalier 1.7 TDi LE - poor car, terrible seats, and mine was a Friday build - fortunately it was a company car.
  5. In the 4k (?) miles I've done since getting mine (think it was 65k when I got it) I've increased it from 32.9 to 35.8 and now down to 35.5. Got over 46 on long motorway runs with lots of SPECS enforced 50 zones over X-Mas. Average for me on my semi-back road then town commute is about 33.5.
  6. The boot light, can I just confirm it is this one? (also where's recommended to get from in the UK ?) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-127994000KX2-X-tremeVision-4000K-CeraLight/dp/B00OYT11RE/ref=sr_1_2?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1548447633&sr=1-2&keywords=philips+x-treme+ultinon+W5W
  7. Pictures taken just round the corner from where I work so it's a good job I'm not in the market for a third car and second waft mobile.
  8. To answer my own question - though picked up from a more recent thread, I can confirm these maps (late October 2018 publication) worked -https://toyotamaps.online/map-updates/toyota-lexus-navigation-gen7-update
  9. Number of things to take in to account. First on a world car the ECU will be set to test against knock and advance the timing over time until fueling is optimised. This is because the cars have to work with all forms of fuel (her petrol) and in the US, a big market for Lexus, the unleaded fuel quality is quite poor. We will actually get better performance over here on our 94 RON (regular unleaded fuel) as a result, however we will get a slight improvement driving the same way with higher octane fuel, such as Shell V-Max/Optimax/V-Power - which is 98 (and my preference from my days of highly tuned cars for track days). The question is, does the improvement in fuel economy make up for the increase in cost. V-Power is presently about £1.41 a litre in my area compared to £1.32 for regular unleaded. On Regular I've been getting around the 34.5-35 mpg mark for my regular drive, where as with V-Power I was getting 37-37.5, so about a 2.5 mpg difference, or a 7% difference, but for ~7% increase in price. As I don't drive the car in performance mode it makes little difference cost wise to me. Second. Detergents. It certainly is a case that the detergents in Optimax (V-Power's former name) did make a difference on cars that had not had a suitable flush (such as redex) put through them. In theory, these days, there's a few more petrols containing detergents, but while I no longer track day I know the consensus is still to stick to Shell V-Power (even though BP Ultima is 99 RON and Tesco do, or at least used to do 100 RON). My rule and advice was to use one tank of V-Power/Optimax every 3-4 fills, and if you did not, over time, you would find a small drop in economy and performance over time. Normally not noticeable as it is gradual. The big difference was always the first usage of Optimax on a car over 3-4 years of age. Over 10 years old and it could make a great initial difference, but only very small after that (hence no point is using V-Power every tank).
  10. Has anyone got one of these? If so what do you think about them? Are they worth it ? I note they are £65 from Lexus, £47 from the Lexus eBay store, and about £42 on eBay from the US.
  11. Can anyone advise on how I upgrade the maps in the 12" Mark Lenvinson system? It looks like the car just has the original maps and there was a failed upgrade. I've tried going through to https://www.lexus-mapupdates.eu, but that site insists I get a serial number from a SD card - thing is I can find no such card. Is this the correct site, where should I be able to find the SD card, or should it be a DVD or USB upgrade, and if so where can I get the disk/USB from ? Cheers for any help.
  12. Dapprman

    New GS 450H Owner Here

    Hi all, Just picked up a 2013 65k GS 450H to replace a 2006 102k Citroen C6 Lignage (was a decision of the head over the heart). It's got a full Lexus dealer service history (bought from an independent/Toyota/Citroen franchise), so need to work out where to get is serviced an maintained as there's nothing official in Watford and I work over Uxbridge way. One thing I note this forum does not have, else is hidden, is dealership/garage reviews ? Is there such a section. Only official Lexus places I can fine near me are in Hatfield and Collendale.