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  1. I find it for some reason only works when I first go to POS, before it did it automatically
  2. @KolePaha using Lexus Spain as a benchmark, it seems only the UX, NX and ES will be retrofitted
  3. You would think, I scraped the bottom of my bumper because the sensors thought the wall was further away.
  4. Agree with you guys, I think Lexus are using this as almost a test bed before making a fully electric version of their other models.
  5. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/lexus/ux/108379/new-2021-lexus-ux-300e-electric-suv-revealed-in-china I wonder if many of you would switch to an all electric UX
  6. You should definitely check with your dealer. When I brought mine it only came with the premium, so I don't see why yours shouldn't either, assuming it was available at the time.
  7. Good find @Habu I just checked the nx nav manual, and it also mentions Apple carplay and Android Auto. Hopefully a sign it's imminently arriving
  8. Mirror mode as you call it, normally does not work while you are driving. And yes I think it exist in all modern Lexus
  9. Only option is to get blank keys and reprogram it using techstream (subscription service sold by lexus/Toyota) Check this guide: Program key
  10. That's really good to know, I can't wait to stop using my phone for navigation and music.
  11. That's great news if it is made available to us in the UK
  12. Maybe people just need an excuse to visit their dealership and have a free coffee, along with their free battery replacement. While looking at the next car they plan to change to.. Or is that lexus's plan... 🤔
  13. That's good to know, let's hope they don't charge for it.
  14. That is some encouraging news, do you know if it will cost to have the upgrade? I know other manufactures charge.