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  1. jbi507

    Dash Cam Installation Advice

    It's on the passenger foot well area in the UK model. Once you remove the covers/trim below the glove box, you'll find it
  2. jbi507


    really? there was no mention of that in their press release, to me it seems like there are simplifying trim levels
  3. jbi507


    through samsung phones, you can just use the "SmartView" feature, basically its the same way you would cast your phone screen to your tv or chromecast.
  4. jbi507

    Tailgate kick sensor

    I have the premier model and it doesnt exist in the uk version
  5. jbi507


    i find it gets manageable once you learn to navigate through the menus quickly. My main grips with the sat nav is that there needs to be an easier/quicker way to enter address and traffic rerouting needs to be abit better. It has come to a point where i just use google maps, as it adds 10 minutes to my journey regularly.
  6. jbi507


    Mirrorcast works for me fine but disconnects when the car goes above a certain speed as designed. Wishful thinking but I hope we get an update for android auto.
  7. jbi507

    Tailgate kick sensor

    Unfortunately it is not available in our European version, it is only in North America, not sure if its available anywhere else.
  8. Thanks, I'll head over there
  9. Anyone seen this : https://blog.lexus.co.uk/2019-lexus-nx-revised-grades-and-specifications/ I wonder what the difference are between that and the 2018 version, can't see anything obvious other than pan roof now part of the top spec bringing that up to £45,500, currently it's priced £45,400. I was almost very annoyed when auto express mentioned there'll be a touch screen, but there's no mention of that on the lexus blog.
  10. jbi507

    NX300 new car question

    No Worries. Also regarding the fuses, it uses the new tiny style fuses (assuming it's the fuses in the car cabin). Unless you have some laying around you'll have to pay over the odds from somewhere like halfords for a pack. The most I've gotten from my car is about 38mpg, after 10 weeks (from new). But I don't really try to be economical 😅
  11. jbi507

    NX300 new car question

    Just checked my NX, every single button/switch lights up when the headlight comes on. Something is clearly wrong with yours and you need to book it in with lexus.
  12. jbi507


    i had those concerns, but the dealer made a good point when i got my car, whats the point of having all those fancy features if you're planning to shut it down. I have a rfid blocking key wallet, which i use for each of my keys, works well.
  13. btw does anyone know what is the point of "apps" and "estore" on the navigation system?
  14. thanks, i'll update the maps tonight. but i'll hold of on the firmware update for a little while, i persoanlly dont like getting new software incase it introduces new bugs.
  15. Just to confirm, the maps are free for 17CY at least for 3 yrs. Then to update the navigation system's firmware we can pay for it under the repair -> TSB section?