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  1. I had that issue, and it was fixed when I used a different USB stick
  2. @vegardo07 the main prerequisite is the version of your maps, it has to be 2018 v1. But there seems to be a lot of discussion around whether it affects your warranty and the fact that it doesn't work for everyone. Therefore you might as well wait.
  3. I find this very surprising, lexus put their copyright software behind a paywall under the repair section and then call it unofficial. Sounds like 💩 and a means to keep the guys a the service centre busy. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying this software is for everyone to try without knowing the risk. But to call it unofficial 🙄 What next, don't do the map upgrade from the same website because its unofficial.
  4. Yeah and also I guess trusting people not to turn their cars off during an update and breaking their system.
  5. That's good, begs the questions why they don't make all system updates ota going forward.
  6. Or @vu5ter within the setup screen, why don't you go to lexus online (assuming you setup your account). And see if you can update it through WiFi.
  7. USB 1: Kingston DT101G3/16GB - this didn't load in the car for whatever reason (wasted an hour trying to diagnosis the issue, even though it was fine on pc). So I tried it with a SanDisk 32GB full size sd card into a integral USB card reader USB 2: SanDisk 126905 Ultra Flair 32 GB, looks the same as your pic USB 3: Kingston DT100G3/32GB
  8. Since it's not bricked it should never come to that. Plus you didn't use unofficial software, so not sure why you think you would have voided your warranty.
  9. I understand where you are coming from and if this was xda forum then fair enough. Anyway each to their own I guess, you're just giving them the information🤷‍♂️. Also as long as your system is not broken (bricked and no longer loads) , you can pay lexus to do the retrofit.
  10. @AtomAnt @cmsmits it's strange that it didn't work for you guys, there must be something different about your systems. I'm sure you guys will just wait for lexus to sort it out. @ColinBarber as for those instructions I wouldn't even try them and I am a software engineer. Only because without any debugging tools you don't know why it's throwing those errors and the last thing you want to do is mess around with the install and potentially brick your system. Might as well wait for maybe a few months, and let lexus get out a patch.
  11. I just did the up date to 1140, but I didn't get the above notification. When I checked history it confirmed everything installed fine.
  12. @pobrown did you apply this : BE-00192L-TME?
  13. To use Google Assistant and I assume siri too, you just need to hold down the voice button and wait for the beep
  14. I updated my nx300h last night and as @Fafner described its was pretty simple. @AtomAnt and to everyone else that is worried about bricking their system. The only way it will happen is if you decide to turn the car off or remove the USB drives while it's in the middle of an update. I'm sure most people are more than competent to follow simple ikea style instructions.