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  1. Have you registered your navigation system on the lexus website also logged into your account in your car? Once you do, you'll be able to send directions and it should be under favorites if I remember correctly
  2. I'm able to connect fine, but don't waste your time as there is literally nothing there.
  3. Unless its changed you also miss out on ventilated seats and heads up display. One of the reasons I decided to stick with the Premier over the sport.
  4. Not sure if it works offline but when I have my mobile tethering enabled, I get POIs, as well as current petrol prices at the nearest pumps
  5. Any reason you wouldn't just play the music through Bluetooth from modern models? There's talks about Apple Car Play but no confirmation yet
  6. When you click on the voice button on the steering wheel it gives you all the voice options
  7. have you tired the on board tutorial, I've managed to get it working albeit its not as good as google assistant
  8. You can make a request to your Dealer for a hard copy of the manual. As for the speed warning, it displays a camera icon and there is an audible tone to let you know about a speed camera up ahead.
  9. have you tried looking for videos on how to remove it for other "newer" lexus models? it might be similar, Also it might be worth reaching out to @Habu who has a thread about replacing his:
  10. ah cool, i've just left the lid in the glove box, dont know if i could bring myself to cutting a hole in the lid
  11. @Nimbra@ilovemylexus72 when you guys piggybacked the fuse, did you guys leave the fuse box cover off? because I know the nextbase and I’m assuming others don’t have a micro fuse hardwire kit, but a mini.
  12. If you think you'll need the warranty, have you considered shopping around, i.e warranty direct I know the purpose of these thing are just incase, but it comes down to what's likely to cost you over £795 that will go faulty in the next 2 years.
  13. That's not too bad, in 2011 when I did the same thing on my 2004 is200, it cost around £850 at a lexus dealership.
  14. Assuming you just want your car to be able to use the Internet on the road. Just do what I do and enable Bluetooth tethering rather than WiFi tethering. That way everything (calls, music, Internet, etc) works through Bluetooth.
  15. I would call easily reachable dealers in your area for cost of parts, as I found they can be significantly different. On my old lexus is200 I brought the brakes from the dealer and all my local garages charged between £30-£35 to replace it, can't remember the cost of disc replacement.