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  1. Maybe people just need an excuse to visit their dealership and have a free coffee, along with their free battery replacement. While looking at the next car they plan to change to.. Or is that lexus's plan... 🤔
  2. That's good to know, let's hope they don't charge for it.
  3. That is some encouraging news, do you know if it will cost to have the upgrade? I know other manufactures charge.
  4. Do you know why you were asked to changed your discs as well? normally they don't need to be changed at the same time, unless something in the NX forces you to replace it.
  5. Have you checked your clutch doesn't need changing? After 11 years of ownership of my is200, I noticed acceleration was no longer the same and then as time went on I could feel the biting point was much sooner. After it was replaced it was prefect.
  6. I just checked mine and it seems to have it too, it was hard to capture a photo of it. But it is small and circular with the center slightly pointy
  7. Yeah I agree looks ain't great. Also I think my next car will be fully electric.
  8. Because it's a RAV4🤭 All jokes aside I would get the new Ford Kuga over the RAV4, the amount of tech in that for the money is amazing.
  9. It doesn't work, not currently at least it, may just be a placeholder
  10. Have you registered your navigation system on the lexus website also logged into your account in your car? Once you do, you'll be able to send directions and it should be under favorites if I remember correctly
  11. I'm able to connect fine, but don't waste your time as there is literally nothing there.
  12. Unless its changed you also miss out on ventilated seats and heads up display. One of the reasons I decided to stick with the Premier over the sport.
  13. Not sure if it works offline but when I have my mobile tethering enabled, I get POIs, as well as current petrol prices at the nearest pumps
  14. Any reason you wouldn't just play the music through Bluetooth from modern models? There's talks about Apple Car Play but no confirmation yet