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  1. I have mine plugged into front charger port, it doesn't look messy at all. I'll try to remember to add a photo latet. I have a camera in the front and back.
  2. The colour cables near my index finger on the last picture of the initial post goes to the passenger side speaker i think as nothing goes to the audio player.
  3. A wire is connected from the 12v + supply and goes to an inline fuse. On the - side of the fuse the wire goes into a clip of 4 wires and then into the blue parrot box, the blue wire.
  4. Hi all, it's bugging me ever since i bought the car. The parrot isn't working and i'm not sure where the fuse box is. I run a dash cam off the front 12v plug and works fine, the parrot has one wire connected to it with an inline fuse which is fine. There are other wires going from the fuse and showing at the passenger side door where do they go?
  5. I'm a bit of both, I don't have a clue with cars except cleaning them. I'm learning from experience here. A great atmosphere too!
  6. I had to wait for rain, then it stopped... i use autoglym: super resin polish, extra gloss sealer, then just keep on top of things with the polar hlast foam and then shampoo & conditioner.
  7. Thanks guys, I can't find it from lexus portal so I think I'll have to wait to purchase from ebay, my wife's birthday is coming up, I'm still pondering what to get for her.
  8. Hi all, I'm on the hunt for an owners manual as the previous owner can't find it. Any suggestions how to get one please? Diolch / Thanks
  9. I'm only guessing to find out where 🤣was it a warm or cold guess?
  10. Hi, I found a video on youtube regarding stone chips and the guy used this and the results were amazing, you couldn't see where the chips were using this pen as it's so fine, but the paint might need to be thinned for it. It might not help for your situation but may help others?
  11. After repeating the needle and compressor method I've sorted it and the tank has had a flush.
  12. Is this still too low? It's getting better so I think it was a combination of grime and too much washer concentrate. I'll post pictures of what I did in a bit. If you need to do this in future remember to operate washers for 15 seconds and allow 15 seconds cooldown otherwise you'll end up burning out the pump.