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  1. Thanks for this. Methinks my 2012 3rd generation RX 450h has the same. Although I also agree that it was done for a reason, and I won't be running her dry any time soon if I can help it!
  2. Me? I'm just exploring this world and discovering what she can do. I've also hit 120 mph on the speedo with her, so yes, I am enjoying the luxury.
  3. Lol, no it had a 3.0 Litre V6 diesel engine and weighed only 1.8 tons. My question was not actually regarding the range, but more about the *accuracy* of the range shown on the display of the RX 450 h.
  4. I am new even for a newbie, both to Lexus and to the world of Hybrid. I have driven just over 2k miles with my new second hand Lexus and was wondering about the declared range and the fuel gauge of the car. Often the car has been giving me a low range like 30 miles left and then I fill it up and it will only take 52 liters. In the manual, it says 65 liters capacity. Yesterday I really overdid it and the car was screaming at me 8 miles left. I still only managed to put in 57 liters. A friend of mine (with a 2012 RX 300) said there must have been gas in the tank preventing the extra fuel from going in, but that I must have actually been pretty darn empty. What are your thoughts/experiences with this? Is the declared range/fuel gauge accurate or have I got many more miles range than it tells me? I'm finding the range of the car -370 / 380 miles to be a bit stifling: I used to have an Audi A6 Avant TDI with a fuel tank of 80 liters and a range of 500 miles.
  5. I'm very new even for a newbie, both with Lexus and with a hybrid car. The type of driving makes an incredible difference to consumption. On the motorway the fuel consumption is similar to any other large car, but in the city as long as it is not too congested and that you can keep recharging the hybrid battery you're laughing. Once, when things were at a standstill and my engine came on to charge the hybrid, things got painful. My 2012 RX450 h over 8 fills has varied from 33.0 to 28.9 mpg with a lot of motorway driving. May I suggest you have a look at Fuelly -and maybe join in-
  6. Hello! Was researching the fuel consumption of a 2012 RX450h -after buying it, I might add and bob's your uncle. There you were. Found the information on a website called Fuelly which looks very interesting to keep track of fuel consumption. Beats an MS Excel spreadsheet, anyway. Living in Italy, BTW
  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!