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  1. Oh, I like them. I think they look fantastic. I was more commenting on how a light coloured rubber mat tends to highlight dirt more easily. Obviously the whole point of them is to have a cleanable surface, so it's not a complaint.
  2. If you're a bit obsessive about maintaining a clean car, these beige mats are unforgiving. Considerably more so than their carpet equivalents. Lexus have done a good job of making such a pragmatic accessory look stylish, but boy do they highlight every speck of dirt and debris. I half wish I'd got the black ones! 🙂
  3. The mats arrived and they fit perfectly. Firstly, it's clear that these rubber mats fit very snugly and aren't going to move around at all. The non-slip design on the base reinforces this. What's more, I found that the carpet mats in my car are also facelift versions, but they've been fitted using trim clip adaptors of some kind. Rather than a single plastic pin, they're more like a plastic arm, with hooks on either end. So for added safety, my mats are actually clipped in.
  4. I've read about this case, and I'm not the only one to be sceptical of the "death by carpet" hypothesis. Toyota's throttle-control firmware was found to be poorly architected and vulnerable to "bit flip"-induced errors.
  5. Thanks Alan, much appreciated. Does anyone else have experience with both RX variants?
  6. I'm searching for some beige rubber mats for my 2010 RX. The official eBay shop has PZ49LK035DRJ in stock, which are for the 2012-2015 Facelift model. They say these mats won't fit my car, and that I need PZ49LK0359RJ, which is out of stock. My question is, do owners know better? Did the shape of the mats really change between the pre and post-Facelift models? It occurred to me that the difference in part number may only reflect stylistic changes.
  7. The MOT history only begins in 2017. Perhaps supportive of your import theory, Barry.
  8. Unless prices have tanked in the last couple of months, that price is fairly astonishing 😮
  9. Congratulations on the new ride! I completely agree about the Mark Levinson speakers. They handle everything well, from classical to progressive house 🙂
  10. I have to say, that is a seriously good looking car and an usual colour for an RX. Given that I do very low miles, I was comfortable shopping above the 100k mark. That's where the bargains seem to be. It seems to be a major psychological threshold, for British motorists anyway. I'm not sure it's as meaningful as the price differential between 80k and 100k suggests.
  11. Lancashire to central London yesterday. That was driving fairly normally, with some coaxing of the hybrid system. Proper hypermiling, if that's your thing, I'd say 40+ is eminently possible.
  12. Being new to the RX, all the comparison shopping is still fresh in my mind. It's actually a relatively economical option when bought second-hand, given the high mpg for the class, low tax and exemptions (like the free parking permit in Westminster, which is otherwise £145. Then there's expanded ULEZ in 2021). It's also easy on the discs and pads isn't it? Those savings will add up. Luxury and economy in the same package. I mean, what do other big, heavy automatic V6 petrol SUVs get? Low 20s per gallon at best. High teens on an equivalent Range Rover? I did 37 mpg from Lancashire to central London today.
  13. Agreed about the tyre pressure. 36psi is the recommended Eco option in the manual, and strikes me as a good balance of economy, grip and ride quality. I think one of the rules of "hypermiling ethics" is you don't disrupt or annoy other drivers. So I think as long as you're maintaining good lane discipline, I don't see a problem with taking your speed down a notch. On more minor roads, sometimes I find people (Audi drivers) get annoyed at a long, smooth regenerative brake to a red light, but I invariably coast up alongside them moments later.
  14. That is absolutely phenomenal. What's your best "between fill-ups" figure?