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  1. Nice work Rydo! I'll share this link to our local dealer also - then they can forward this info to the customers that are interested in this - we do not have a Lexus community in Estonia.
  2. That is a good start! After trying out Cruisermark's recommendation and it does not result in success, then I would recommend to look for short circuits (long and boring process). Here is a good instruction for it LINK. You should start checking with the circuits that are affected.
  3. Just finished another call with my dealer regarding CarPlay. They recommended to call/send e-mail/letter directly to the importer (Toyota (GB) PLC in UK). The dealers themselves have very little power to put pressure on Toyota/Lexus Europe (Toyota Motor Europe) to get the ball rolling regarding the development. I have sent an e-mail to Toyota Baltic (importer in my region) regarding that. If we put enough pressure on the importers, then they might make it more of a priority. I encourage everyone that wish to have it on their LC/LS to send a polite reminder that the retrofit is h
  4. I dropped my keys twice (!) in the gap today, but the chip catcher saved the day. I remember thinking then, that I was so happy that Lexus has these and now I found this thread here to share my joy.
  5. I could not find the best data, but for example. In the first half of 2020 Lexus sold 1475 units of LS in US and Canada compared to 61 in Europe. LC and LS owners in Europe are too insignificant for Lexus - or we do not make enough noise. (2018 LS500h owner)
  6. Thank you for posting the link. The latest answer (16. sept) from Lexus UK includes also LS: "The retrofit date for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is model dependent. UX, ES and NX retrofits are scheduled for October, with RC, LC and LS to follow at a later date."
  7. Has anyone done an upgrade with the aftermarket add-on that keeps the option of the original system (like: or similar from AliExpress)? I am trying to find a solution for my LS500 that also lacks the CarPlay functionality and I am looking for recommendations here. I am very skeptical that there will be a retrofit coming in the near future (or if at all) for our cars in Europe.
  8. This is bad... My car is not new any more. Although it will take some time to see these on the road in EU.
  9. I tried it on a LS500. Did not work unfortunately.
  10. I did a similar inquiry regarding my LS500. The local dealer had no information regarding the possibility to do the retrofit. Then I contacted the Lexus Baltic (they supply all the Lexus cars in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). They informed the following: "Based on the responses to further inquiries, we can say that the manufacturer's offer of a solution for the EU LS model Retrofit is under investigation, but unfortunately no further details are expected in the near future."
  11. Congrats! Absolutely lovely car,. From time to time I think I made a wrong choice going for the LS500h 😄
  12. @malcolmw I see that you have LC500. Is it 2018 or 2019? Have you contacted a dealership regarding this question?
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