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  1. With spark plugs you need to remember 2 extra things: - If you are worried about condition you can always take one (easiest access) out. This way you can measure gap between electrodes plus just visually inspect them which will give you also good overview about an engine condition. - Spark plug won't just fail one day, it will give weaker spark to start with. That most probably will be detected by ECU as a misfire. Point is no harm done so you don't risk too much - compared to timing belt 🙂
  2. Spark plugs should be done by millage only as they don't really degraded if not used. Of course you can have some corner cases like car haven't been used for 5 years etc but normally just change with millage. As for belt it is a bit more complicated as rubber can go wrong just by age. It is not as bad tyres as there is no sunlight access. I would in general go for millage but after few extra years it would be good to check it out or even change.
  3. RX got the same engine as GS - 2GR-FXE which is chain driven. Of course that doesn't mean it doesn't require any attention as it can still stretch etc.
  4. What the heck are headers ? 🙂 From description it seems like you are speaking about exhaust collectors.
  5. Yes that 2 wire cable looks like temp sensor connection. I know for GS peoples were just removing it from the old battery (it was glues) and stick it to the new one with a tape. Rubber hose is just standard vent which your battery might have or not. I don't expect there is a sensor for that so I wouldn't worry about that bit. Just use more tape to seal it if you don't have anywhere to connect it to.
  6. Isn't there a temp sensor like in GS450h ? If it is and you won't move it you will end up with error on the dashboard.
  7. It wasn't like that all the time - I assume. Such cracks are results of driving with low pressure. When there is no air cushion inside whole weight is taken by the rubber walls which is way too much so it cracked and split.
  8. If I were you I would check from where it is exactly leaks. Maybe it is a loose connection and whole pipe can slide off. 3 tips: - Don't try to add any leak fix magic stuff as you will need to flush whole system afterwards - Don't add plain water - Put some coolant into the car and have it with you just in case I believe you should be fine till Friday but be careful and observe.
  9. https://www.lexus.co.uk/car-models/es/#hero - at the bottom of the page all info is also there now.
  10. The Takumi grade is available from £45,650 and includes the above features plus: - 18" Alloys - Blind Spot Monitor, Intelligent Clearance Sonar, Rear Cross Traffic Alerts and Auto Brake - Automatic Boot Closer with Kick Sensor - Semi Aniline Leather & Electric Reclining Rear Seats - 12" Navigation with Mark Levinson Speakers - 3rd Zone Air Conditioning Takumi offers nice semi aniline where premium pack adds standard leather.
  11. Nice one. Which road you took just after Barcelona ? You can go via tunnels and pay 6euro or you can take beautiful curvy road next to the coast - In the area there is also this one even better: I really wished I took my GS40h or motorcycle on those instead of some rental SUV 😛 but still they are so nice. Closes one in my area would be box hill but they put speed bumps there 🙂
  12. I left GS450h once for 3 weeks in summer - hybrid battery was still almost fully charged. 2 tips: - Make sure your 12V is in good shape as if this one will die you won't start up. - Before leaving the car make sure hybrid battery is charged. You could just sit on a car park for few minutes until engine go off by itself.
  13. In my area (Surrey) they are much more common. In last week I've seen 2 🙂 In general it is like 1 per 2-3 weeks. Older models are even more common. Last week I even seen LC for the first time on the road - this one is really rare.
  14. I've tried that with just air 🙂 Neither way was easy/free flow. 5-6 month ago I've bough new one and now it seems broken again as one side almost doesn't work at all - probably due to the pressure at the wrong places. In worst case I've got 2 more scenarios to try but though someone could just make a quick photo. I bet the same part is present in many Toyota cars.
  15. You can buy them online and update yourself saving on dealer labour. Here is the site: https://toyotamaps.online/map-updates/toyota-lexus-navigation-gen7-update You just need to buy 32GB usb stick put files there and enter the code. It is way cheaper that going to a dealer.