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  1. In that whole discussion is there anything interesting about new GS/ES or is it all over again what is better FWD/RWD, turbo not turbo, L4 V6
  2. Not so long ago I was complaining that LS is car where you need a driver - and here it is you can now buy Lexus with one :)
  3. I never got a problem with our dog, but she is rather small. Just wipe her paws and she would gladly seat on the rear. If she gets more dirty just put some extra blanket on the seat.
  4. I remember I got issue few times when key fob was in the same pocket as iPhone :) I even started the car once and got key not found message. Took keys out and they got recognised straight away.
  5. Hi, 450h gearbox got 2 gears CVT achieved via a "reduction device". 1st gear is used for acceleration from 0 while 2nd is for max speed. Gear change is occurring in the 50-60mph area and it is that lag you are mentioning. If you check 300h spec which doesn't have that reduction its max speed is limited to like 120mph due to that. Have you ever changed gearbox oil ? Probably not and hence gear change is getting little bit slow/noticeable over time. In my previous GS I've change it at 100k miles/6 years and gear change get better after that - but still noticeable which is perfectly fine. Last option is faulty oil pump which was common in early model but should be fixed from 2008.
  6. Regenerative breaking has nothing in common with brakes :) at least with pads and discs bit. At the back you got standard 1 piston calliper with parking brake in drum while on front you got 4 piston type. I haven't changed Tham but my plan to give them so nice clean when spring with eventually come.
  7. I really likes those LS but the main problem with them you will enjoy them more from rear seats.They should sell them with a chauffeur :) I would be just to jealous to drive it down to Europe for like 1000km while my wife/daughter would enjoy all the goodies at the back so hence I got GS.
  8. Yes, Infinity Q70 is some alternative that I'm aware of but again I heard they are not the best cars + partnership with Renault :)Finally styling is a little bit odd is there any straight line there ? :)
  9. I really got a bad luck lately. First I owned Honda accord which was slashed then I moved to GS and bang again it is going to disappear. Anyone want to get rid of any model let me know I'll buy it and it will be gone in few years ;) But seriously for me now only option from Lexus would be LS which is a bit expensive to buy and I really can't see any other alternative. I don't like German or F cars, Jaguar is not really reliable, most Asian are not premium models..... Maybe I should import something from the Japan like Honda Legend (http://www.honda.co.jp/LEGEND/webcatalog/styling/3d/) :) but then surviving and resell would be a nightmare.
  10. Never seen anything like that. It is not pregnant test when line is there and isn't at the same time :) It should be clearly on or off. There is a possibility someone has tried to tamper with it. Best option would be to connect some basic ODB scanner and see if there is anything. As far I remember you were complaining about some high fuel consumption which could be cased by some problem which is detected by EML.
  11. - Its quite thirsty (22.6mpg tank average) It should be better than that. Mine was normally 20/30 in the city and 40 on a motorway. Don't try to run it on battery as it is not economical as engine needs to charge it up all the time and burn fuel. Drive the car as usual and forget it is a hybrid. General rule is it is better to accelerate on petrol and use electric to maintain speed. Electric only is good in traffic jams as engine can stay off for a while. - Small boot You can buy roof rack if needed. - Unbelievably expensive parts Car was £50k when new so you can't expect to have very cheap parts. In general they are reasonably priced in my opinion - maybe beside 12V battery and shocks :) -dashboard creeks It is common in winter. When it will warm up it will go away. You can try to put some felt between screen and dashboard - google it -hybrid battery only lasts about a mile before engine cuts in, Engine cuts in too soon, you really have to feather the throttle to keep it on battery mode, It is by design. Battery is just there to help out and capture energy from breaking. It wasn't designed to be driven by electricity only (beside traffic jams) - there is no trip meter, only an odometer (why??) Both are there. There is a button in the hidden button cluster on the right. I believed it was called ODO somewhere at the bottom.
  12. In GS we got like just over 1KWh usable while Tesla got 85KWh :) I can do more than a mile. Just accelerate to 30mph and try to keep that speed up on the battery only - you will further than 1 mile.
  13. I would be really surprised if warranty could be renewed for 10+/140km+ car. After all Lexus is not going to to loose money on that business and at some point chances of some serious issues are just to high.
  14. I guess the difference in price comes from the fact the cheap ones doesn't have variable damping force setting.
  15. You are messing up the generations. Question was about 2014 gs300h and those got different breaks than 450h. 300h got - 334 front and 310 rear 450h got - 356 front and 356 rear 300h should be able to take 17'' but 450h wont unless it was factory fitted with them as they got smaller brakes (probably some basic grades)