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  1. Hi Guys, Look what I have noticed yesterday. Must be very unpractical and of course: "don't try it at home!" as on British roads you wouldn't survive for too long.
  2. It is not ES but would be nice to have such a powertrain back home. Still haven’t seen any new ES though, mainly RX, LS, NX and LX.
  3. Must missed it. Still I’m focusing on GS/LS/F parts of the forum so maybe it was shared somewhere else 🙂
  4. Hi All, Was just checking service price for my next service and has noticed that there is a change in a "Hybrid battery warranty". Before it was for up to 10 years old cars but now both Lexus and Toyota states 15 years period. Have anyone checked with a dealer or seen any official announcement ? Source: https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-maintenance/hybrid-health-check/#hero "With each Hybrid Health Check, you receive an extra 1 year or 10,000 mile (whichever comes sooner) hybrid battery warranty extension, until your vehicle is 15 years old. Terms and conditions apply." For me that would be great as I could hang on to my GS for even longer if needed.
  5. It would nice to see something like that for the new ES and compare 🙂 I wouldn't be surprised if it would be presented by accountant saying how good margins they got...
  6. Have you sorted that out ? Sounds like fan in audio unit. Lexus would replace whole but fan can be replaced.
  7. I also could recommend clay bay. It is a lot of work but well worth it. Don't forget you also need some "lubricant" for it.
  8. If you don't know what is that read the text on the bottom - looks similar isn't it ? 🙂 Hopefully I haven't ruined the experience for future users..
  9. I've seen UX yesterday (and ES like month ago). Both feel very upscale Toyota like. In the UX what made the worst expression was passenger door panel - it was just bit of plastic with lonely looking door handle On the other hand my reason of visit to Lexus Twickenham was GS F they got there. What a car it made me smile twice in first 60 seconds - first when you start the engine and then when you join the traffic from dealer lot. Even in everything in normal settings and accelerating in 1/2-3/4 throttle rear was very nicely "dancing". Only regret I got are the seats which doesn't fell too comfortable for longer drive as my GS, plus brakes doesn't seem to be very sharp but they might not be up to the temperature after short test drive.
  10. No full screen sat nav on pre-facelift models. It don’t bother me though. it could be political thing to not add it later ion, or hardware was changed and pre-facelift satnav is just not powerful enough to display in full screen.
  11. Hangie

    New review

    That is unfortunately very common trend with most new cars - they are created in marketing and finance departments and engineering need to complelty adjust. Yes I know Toyota and everyone else are not charities and need to make money but I still got feeling than it the past balance was more on the engineering side. There is also a preasure on the public companies that they need to make more money/grow every year. Price cant go up so cost must go down - good example BA and Lexus ES 🙂
  12. Those car are cruisers so 50k miles is 1-2 year for them quite often. Of course some of them are doing less like those two: https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/lS600h/LS600h-50-L-Premier-jjbwxwf https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/LS-600h/50-L-Premier-Night-Vision-r1bu3r5 As @jpjsavage has mentioned with those cars 100k miles is nothing (if serviced right) so you shouldn't be really afraid of higher millage as they were designed for it. If I would be on the market for a new car for sure I'll look at this one from autotrader - 2015, 124k miles for 28k Or if you want to spend less: - 2013, 151k miles for 19k
  13. Hangie

    New review

    With ES 300h when you are on a roundaboud and you step on it a bit harder in the middle of the way nothing particularly interesting will happen. Another example when you join main road. I like that feeling of rear axel escaping a bit to catch the traction after short while and then start accelerate. You can also have some fun when there is a bit of snow but then it is better to go for some bigger car parks as snow is less predictable and after all we all thinks about safety. In GS and especially 450h in sport+ you can have some good/fun ride as seen above. It all coming back to definition of a good ride isn't it ? Everyone expect something else. Not everyone will go for a track day, do 155mph on Germany motorway or drive sideways from time to time. That why for some ES 300h is boring to drive while for another it is perfectly fine. For me GS 450h is perfect mix. It got nice interior and luxury/comfortable feel/drive but then if you want to have some fun it is also there. For me also it doesn't need to be faster as if I'm after under 5s acceleration I'm switching to my motorcycle.
  14. Yes I know it got a damage but I post it here as picture was better 🙂 1st link is like £20 or so more for a brand new part. Still point is it is a separate part you can replace without touching rest of the bumper.
  15. That is what I would expect from dealership. If you want to use insurance and risk big premium next time go for it. If you want to repair by fracture of that price: - first check the condenser. Is it just bended slightly or is it leaking ? If you still got air con after those few days it probably cosmetic and doesn't really need to be replaced. If it is leaking buy replacement part as it is just radiator - no magic there. Here you got an example https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fits-Lexus-RX-RX450h-AWD-Genuine-Nissens-A-C-Air-Con-Condenser/292288237094?fits=Car+Make%3ALexus&hash=item440dbc8e26:g:oSQAAOSw3GtZ3NVi - With the bumper I'm not an RX expert but it looks like someone might be even less knowledgeable or try to rip you/insurance off. You got F-sport model right ? In F-Sport it looks like lower trim that you have damaged is a separate part and can be replaced. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Lexus-RX-2012-to-15-Grey-Front-Bumper-Lower-Spoiler-5241148010/619785582 or https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Lexus-RX-F-Sport-2012-15-Front-Bumper-Genuine-P-n-5241148010-Ref-27fb01/14011657891. Of course mesh and covers/trims are also separate parts as per quotation. Of course there is a chance that some bottom trim fitting points were damaged but those should be reparable. In short £1600 is crazy price for insurance. You should be able to fix it for couple of hundreds on your driveway (if condenser and fitting points are good). Please notice that this bottom trim is not in the car colour so no need to respray anything.