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  1. You could always check the VIN number. Manufacture year will be encoded there.
  2. I would call it high millage maybe at 205k miles 🙂 It quite a lot for 4 years but looking for a car lifespan it is average for me. Check the brakes as disc are like to be changed every 100k or so. Cooling liquids should also go at 100k interval. If gearbox oil wasn't changed so far (probably wasn't) that would be good to change it now.
  3. With shock absorbers a lot depends how they are used. If you doing some C class dusty road with heavy load, you will kill them a way quicker than doing 200 miles per day of motorways. I don't have any issues with mine so far and I'm driving quite a lot.
  4. Average speed is not the greatest considering German roads on the way, but consumption is really nice. How much does it burn at the max speed ?
  5. In general I wouldn't be afraid (and I'm not) of the millage if car was serviced and looked after. In this case there is few gaps as there should be 15 stamps and not 11 🙂 Water pump should last around 120k or so. If it is not changed it might fail soon. If miles were motorways mainly suspension should be still good, but who knows what kind of roads that car was doing. Better check. You also should check brakes. At that millage you should have new set of front disc and pads if still on original ones they probably due to be changed. Double check with Lexus which was doing service if coolant was changed at 100k and spark plugs at 120k - both are pretty expensive ones. Finally gearbox oil - most probably not changed so I would change it ASAP if you would plan to keep it for longer. Price wise, it is quite high especially as it is Luxury.
  6. Normally city names pronounced really good as are recorded by native speakers. It might just a human at the end of then day when you have done 500 different voice records.
  7. Most of the cars right now don't have enough hours on them to develop that fault but in few years time it is going to be pretty standard issue I bet. So far, most of complains are coming from the US where cars get to be used more intensive than here.
  8. Hi, As it is a quite common issue I just wanted everybody know how to deal with it. So in short if you got an GS MK IV with few years/hours on, you might notice strange noise coming from a radio area. It is a sign that fans bearings are wearing out and making that typical sound. You will hear it regardless if radio/AC is on or off. When you shutdown the car it will last for few more seconds. As bearings got MTBF time in hours it means the longer car was ON the higher chance they will fail - it is not related to milage or age itself. So in my case with Mark Levinson audio and Nanoe there are 5 fans in total in that area! 3 for audio unit plus 2 extra below for Nanoe bit. If you got warranty Lexus will replace whole audio unit (± £2000). If you don't have it as I, you would need to deal with it by yourself. Good news whole radio is very very very well designed and can be put apart (no rivets, or funny screws). Last rainy weekend I've make a decision to go for it and result is brilliant - car is dead quiet again! It took me a little bit longer as 2 fans were faulty after all (I was prepared for one) and I needed to order one extra one in different size. If anyone is interested in some more details please feel free to ask. Eventually if you got that problem and don't feel tech savvy enough I could do it for you for a small fee 😉 At the end here is the photo of how does the unit looks like inside (you can see both fans which were faulty in my case):
  9. Hi, If it is faulty it can leak while in OFF hecne dropping the pressure. As far I'm aware there is only single pump in a tank. Then it is all plumbing 🙂
  10. Hi, Filter is in a tank and even if not officially serviceable can get contaminated and can be replaced. There is also relief vale present to avoid too high preasure. Maybe it is faulty and is leaking which leads to too low preasure. Car have dual injectors which mean it can be directly or in-directly injected. As you got issues with both injectors types I would start with a pump in tank and filter.
  11. Don’t forget you got electric AC compressor and it requires special oil. AC is one of those special things that are different compared to a non-hybrid cars.
  12. As half of the engine is dead I would focus of thinks like: - timing chain -vvt actuator - check for any error codes I’m not sure how fuel lines and air ducts are designed but if those split somewhere for left and right bank I would check those too. Anyway if you don’t know where to start troubleshooting I doubt you will fix it by yourself. Try to find good garage and ask them to check
  13. You mean Celsior right ? 🙂 It is not well known to the public but LS fans (your potential buyers) should be aware of it.
  14. Mine is starting in Normal mode. Maybe it is a dealer setting. That would mean it can be changed via service interface only.
  15. It does work for me from time to time with Eastern European one. More east you came from more chance you got to be understood 🙂