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  1. Of course it is all speculations as in UK there is still no official release, but that the point of the forum to discuss especially as GS corner went quite quiet recently. IS is artificial/synthetic leather at the lower half of the price list. It is going for the real leather from Advance pack or F-Sport with extra package. I speculate that ES will be exactly the same - lower half tahara, higher end leather, top version semi-aniline leather.
  2. It will be almost identical starting point but then ES might have more option to put it higher. Right now IS in UK is staring at 32.5 and going up to 42.4 - 30% difference Looking at the polish ES prices 199k to 279k - 40% difference Still I believe that discussion take place here already - what is the future of the IS if new ES is really close to it right now. We just need to wait when Lexus UK will publish official price list.
  3. Night vision was a quite common equipment on LS or GS - but not in UK 🙂 In short it is an infrared camera which is showing image on sat nav screen and detect objects in dark way before headlight will put some light on them. Example:
  4. Yes I know packaging will be different (UK normally got not so well equipped cars and cheaper versions) but still this is first official price list in EU that I'm aware of. I didn't want to compare prices between PL and UK but to show what is the difference between ES and GS in Poland which should give us idea what price in UK will be. GS300h have similar millage and 65l tank. 50l tank is really tiny in my opinion. Maybe in UK where we don't drive so long distances normally it will work but in continental Europe where peoples tends to drive more it will be more of an issue. I got a feeling that ES in UK will have artificial leather up to the middle of spec - but we will see 🙂
  5. Hi Everyone, I've just found that Lexus in Poland has already launched ES300h. Here is the link to the price list and models available there: http://pdf-lexus.eu/lexus_pl/cenniki/2018/cennik_ES.pdf Prices are in PLN so should be roughly divided by 5 for GBP. There is also 3% difference in VAT . As a quick comparison cheapest GS300h was sold for 219000PLN (45k GBP) where cheapest ES is sold for 199000PLN (41k GBP) making it 10% cheaper. What I've noticed straight away is that both cheapest version and F-Sport got artificial leather. Standard leather is available in Prestige (our Premier) and nice semi-aniline one is only in top Omotenashi which is 57k GBP! Of course in UK package might be different but anyway it is not cheap and I got feeling GS was better value for customers. PS. Fuel tank is only 50 litres!
  6. Oh I must missed that you were comparing to other RX. As for EV light, on GS there is an customisation you can make. In my case EV light comes on when car is in electric only mode. Check your manual maybe it is there too on RX.
  7. Basic thing with Lexus hybrid is to not confuse them with plug-in ones. In RX you got small batteries which can provide 49bhp when engine is off. That why you can't accelerate in EV mode or drive fast - there just not enough power. In EV mode just think like you got 49bhp under the bonnet and 2000kg of mass. As was mentioned trick for economy is to accelerate to 40-50 area and keep it steady. Then you can drive for 1-2 miles on battery only. Eventually when you are in traffic just be very gentle with it and you can also very slowly roll forward on electricity only.
  8. In UK it was rare addition indeed. I know at least one with it - mine 🙂 In my opinion it is 1k well spend especially if you are driving a lot at night.
  9. LED headlight (low and high) were available since 2012 as an option.
  10. I'm using this one for my GS - https://partsouq.com
  11. I don't think there is a filter - as why it should be there ? You just got 2 blowers per seat that all. Maybe blower engine is just weak. In mine (2010) cooling was always very gentle. MK4 is a bit better on that side.
  12. Pedalbox first hear about it. What it suppose to do ? BTW you are in GS section 🙂
  13. On my previous GS disc gave up at 90k miles.
  14. It is value when that service is due. You should got reminder shortly before it will reach 0. I'm also using it as it is convenient to mark thing tyres rotation, wiper blades, transmission fluid - in general things which are not covered by standard service plan.
  15. I assume that transmission is very similar to a one on GS. That means there is no dipstick. If you want to check oil level it is old school nut you need to undo and peek inside - something like on a rear diff. If you want to change or top up you need to take one hoses and put it that way. In general it is similar idea like ZF got. Oil is for the lifetime of vehicle. How you define life time is another issue - for me it is warranty period so I've changed oil on my previous GS and going to do it soon on my current one too.