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  1. Why are you not using Lexus warranty ? Car is still eligible and at £60 per year (if not serviced with Lexus) it is like for free.
  2. Front bearings failing under 80k miles ? Someone probably drive into a deep water or mild flood damage. Those bearing should easily last up until 300k area.
  3. Just to give another point of view. I don't like extra warranties too much but I'm quite technically skilled and I know if something go wrong I'll just fix it 🙂 Only warranty I got is the one for hybrid drive and is extended with every service. Just to give you an example. If you check my post history I was mentioning faulty cooling fans in audio unit. To replace it at Lexus it is 2k+ £. I've just replied the fans by myself on Sunday afternoon for total cost of £50 or so. Another recent issue was rear parking brake. If car was parked uphill brake was still holding after release. After taking the drum off I've found that pads were split. Easy replacement, and for sure won't be covered by a warranty anyway. As for seats, you can always buy second hand one or try to find a problem and fix it rather than replacing whole unit. I also got techstream software with cable if needed.
  4. Next time when I'll be selling privately I'll put the marked price at 50% of what I want, to invite more customer 😉 BTW all this fees is brining us close to the restaurant business in the US. Marked price is just what the owner is charing for a product but then you need to add tax for government and tip for a service.
  5. "the pleasure of buying a Lexus from them" ? 🙂 I never get around those fees. For me the marked price should be the final one for a car itself.
  6. Hi When I was buying my GS with LED headlamps I've read somewhere they should last at least of 50000h. That is almost 6 years of being constant on. Even if you assume you drive with light always on (valid for daylights) and let say use you car 4h per day that would give you almost 36 years before failure - I would say plenty of time. Of course they can fail earlier as everything but I wouldn't be worried too much that suddenly all 10 years old cars will need new headlamps. Just as a comparison typical halogen is 450-1000h and HID got expected 2000h.
  7. Main issue with a battery theory is when anything "bad" is happening with battery hybrid system is shut and car should run on petrol engine only. Battery would only be needed to start the engine. It is not the case for you which makes is most peculiar issue. What is also important here why when you go to "P" engine is suddenly starting ? That would mean something is actively blocking it when it is not in P.
  8. When I bough my previous GS I haven't received usual certificate for the "hybrid health check", but it was serviced by a dealership according to the service book. What I have done is just gave them a call and after a week they has send me over duplicate 🙂 So if you have a dealer stamp give them a call.
  9. Battery warranty was extended to 15 years some time ago, so your car is still eligible if yearly service is done. I have never heard about batteries issues with such symptoms as yours hence I'm betting on another components of hybrid drive. Are you checking with a proper Toyota interface and tech stream software ? Have you tired to check the car status with tech stream when "ready" light is off but ignition is on ? Maybe controllers are faulty and don't store error, or maybe your problem is so rare there is no error code for that - for example gearbox ECU is handing up or similar.
  10. I have no idea from where they got this lifetime bull**** mantra. I guess it must be importers who are trying to convince you the car require less maitanance than it really needs. I've heard some French manufacturer are giving you 20k miles service interval while German ones says 10k - what is funny both cars got exactly same engine 🙂 With Lexus I have never seen lifetime recommendation for a gearbox oil, it is just not part of a standard UK dealerships full/minor cycle but if you check Lexus tech docs you will find it must be checked and changed. I've only owned 450h (III and IV gen) and changed gearbox oil in both of them. Both were done by Lexus Guildford without any issues. Attached is a proper maintenance schedule for gen III, it only runs up to 54k miles but: - In severe conditions inspect (and change if needed) every 27k miles / 3 years - In severe conditions change every 54k miles / 6 years - In normal conditions inspect (and change if needed) every 36k miles / 4 years - In normal conditions plan is not expanding so far (beyond lifetime ? 🙂 )but following same logic of inspect/change intervals it should be done every 72k miles / 8 years Good advise before you change the oil for the 1st time which is long time overdue is to check how it does look like as it might be too late. serwis.pdf PS. As for the cost. In GS450h III gen 4 years back I've paid £200 area. For GS450h IV gen 2 years back I've paid the same but it could be a mistake as different delarer wanted £400 for it 🙂 300h might be cheaper as gearbox is probably smaller = less oil. Give them a call and share here 🙂 I wouldn't recommend indy as procedure is pretty complex. Drain/refill is done via cooling hose and Lexus software is needed to do it right. It is not just drain plug and refill via dipstick anymore.
  11. 130k miles is not something you should be scared of if car was properly serviced. Of course there will be few extra maitanance items to do at but car should still have plenty of life. If not changed already expect the front brakes replacement. Check that coolant was changed at 100k and spark plugs at 120k. If not you need to change both quickly. Finally transmission oil should be changed soon for the 2nd time. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't done before so then you should check the state of the oil and if not in very poor condition change ASAP. PS. Don't forget to renew hybrid warranty every year.
  12. It doesn't look like a battery problem. If battery would be too weak you just get error message and continue on petrol only. I would put my bet on transmission (where whole hybrid tech is), or maybe something like inverter which force the car into that state. As Herbie mentioned Lexus hybrid warranty is for up to 15 years so if you got that I would go to Lexus. If you don't have that it might be too late for that car as value is low and any repair will be uneconomical = car for spares. Finally 177k miles is not that much, it is more probably lack of proper maintenance - for example when was the transmission oil changed last time ?
  13. Faulty shocks/springs can contribute to that but I doubt few years old car will have issue with those 🙂
  14. I won't agree with it. It is not car which is not fit for purpose but summer tyres, and solution is easy just buy tyres which are fit for winter/low temp. It is the same like going hiking in flip flops and complain that track is too rough 🙂 UK is one of those countries were peoples don't bother with winter tyres but it still get cold from time to time hence we got those issues here. In Germany everyone is on winter tyres hence no problem there. If you got that issue on winter tyres and with no extreme cold (like below -20C) I would then say it is a car fault.