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  1. You can easily buy them in Europe - check countries where such parts are more common - like Poland. https://allegro.pl/oferta/lexus-ls400-94-00-lacznik-stabilizatora-przod-p-7405010166 - Front right https://allegro.pl/lexus-ls400-94-00-lacznik-stabilizatora-przod-l-i7405007272.html - Front left https://allegro.pl/lexus-ls400-89-94-lacznik-stabilizatora-tyl-japan-i7406201319.html - Rear Because of current weakness of pound they are around £22 each. Shipping normally is in £20 area for DPD 4 day service (up to 20kg). No VAT or duty to pay - at least till March next year 😉 For whole set you should pay just over £100 delivered, and those are one of the best replacement ones, not so far from OEM ones. Cheap ones are starting at 5£ front and £4 rear ones - https://allegro.pl/lacznik-stabilizatora-lexus-ls400-1994-2000-przod-i7344378715.html 🙂
  2. Hi, Most of polish drivers are on 3rd party suspension parts 🙂 yes they won’t last so long but are way cheaper. My recomendation is- if labour for change is cheap you can go with not oem but when labour is more than the part better stick with oem. for drop down links I would risk 3rd party. Just buy good ones. I can fully recommend parts from 555. It is Japanese company not the cheapest but really good. they should cost around £20 per corner.
  3. Im my GS i got problem with washers twice. One side was like yours while second was perfectly fine. In my case both time T splitter/valve was faulty.
  4. It is very rare, that why I've posted it here. 60k miles for those cars is nothing, for me it is just break-in engine. Especially if done 30k per year which means heavy motorways usage (or taxi but I doubt as Prius is better deal). If I haven't just put 1k £ into mine and not trying to save for deposit I would go for it as such occasion might not happen again. Only thing to remember for a potential buyer - it is just under 60k miles which means £750 service is due most probbaly 🙂
  5. Hi, I've just noticed this one showed up: https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/GS-450h/35-Premier-19-Alloys-pbbux96 If I would be looking for a car right now it would be on the top of my list.
  6. If I were you I would also consider this very rare GS which just showed up: https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/GS-450h/35-Premier-19-Alloys-pbbux96 To be honest I'm a little bit tempted to buy it by myself but I've just done major service and bought new set of tyres for my current one so you can have it 🙂
  7. Higher price - yes More expensive warranty - yes Fuel consumption - nope. GS450h and LS500h got similar engines right now with almost exactly same power output.. LS is heavier but newer gearbox and engine should compensate it a bit. Officially combined for GS is 45.6 and LS got 43.5. Old 600h was 30.4 🙂
  8. There is a sealant on crankshaft to keep oil inside an engine block 🙂 It should be quite far away from where bolt is as you got pulley between them. Here is example photo form some Lexus engine: If nothing will work I would try to heat up the bolt. Before heat will propagate from bolt to crankshaft and then seal you got some time as those are quite chunky piece of metal. Seal itself should be fine with a bit of heat as it is keeping hot oil inside plus there is some friction with rotating crankshaft. Of course don't go crazy with blow torch. Start slowly and monitor temperature next to the engine. Eventually if you are afraid of open flame next to engine especially if space is tight - you don't want to start fire from any oil leak - you can use heat gun. Those can reach 500C plus temp too.
  9. I will be looking to replace my GS450 for LS500h in 2020/2021 area. Hopefully early models will drop to 40k area. Luxury trim on LS will be something like premier on GS. Both cars got almost the same engine and LS and got similar feel on the road. Where LS is a bit more on comfort side rather than GS trying to be more sporty.
  10. As for me battery is wear and tear and won't fall under warranty, maybe good will if bought from dealer etc.
  11. My old trick for stuck bolts was blow torch - works magic on suspension and exhaust. With engine you would need to be more careful to not melt seal or anything on the area - unless you will change it anyway. Beside that old good: Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth 🙂
  12. When was the last time you have seen really heavy person in brand new £k55 car and more especially Lexus GS ? 😉 Maybe you should check on US forums as GS market is way bigger then. This car is so uncommon that’s yours can really be the only one or part of few, where no one else complained. seats on premier grade are really complex what probably mean more delicate. if I were you I would just take it out and give it to some pro car seat renovation company. 2-3 hundreds £ should solve it.
  13. I would agree with dealership. Car got 5 years and 35k miles. You don’t know who was the previous owner and how he/she was using the car. maybe it was heavier person who was driving mainly in traffic - hence low miles but long time on the seat.
  14. But why ? Especially on hybrid. i never feel any need for a more capacity of 12v battery. Do you have some extra accessories ?
  15. Ok so that good. But do you know when it was changed before ? When you were draining it in what condition was oil, how long it was there ? Whole process is also not very simple as it require few extra steps with diagnostic tool - it is not just drain and refill the same amount. As you have changed HV battery I don't thing issue will be there. My bet is something wrong with transmission hybrid components or ECU.