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  1. I think they just started with way to hight price, hoping to get lucky due to low availability of those cars. Trade-in value for that car is around 20k and this is probably what they have paid so even at 24.5k they will still make money out of it.
  2. When I was buying my current car from a main dealer, I got a similar case where both rear tyres where on the way out and front ones were not new either. To avoid situation like here I've just agreed they will drop the price by extra £500 and I'll sort out the tyres by myself. I think this is better strategy as seller will always looks to maximise the profit and will choose the more or less cheapest solution.
  3. Just don't forget that public road is not a race track 🙂 In my opinion F car deserve to be taken for a track once a while, or at least to Germany. On public roads in the UK it is not so much of fun, unless you want to be the one driver who everyone will look at and say what a ***** 😛
  4. Everyone find value in different things. I personally prefer to pay extra for "the experience" of Lexus showroom vs Halfords or garage in Park Royal in London. As someone has mentioned standard service can be discounted - I was normally getting 10% off (being a loyal customer for 5 years) so for major that was £470 vs £455. Even without a discount it is £65 difference on major and even less on minor. What you got for that (in Guildford at least) was a stamp a courtesy car. In my books it is worth the extra £15 🙂 Another topic which I believe is more interesting is main dearer vs independent servicing. Just to start with you need to deduct £59 for hybrid health check as that is just unwise not to do it for the warranty itself. Now to do a full service in any chain (ATS/Halfords/whatever) I guess you easily will spend £220. I'm almost certain it wont include rear diff oil change so that is let's say extra £50. As far I remember air/pollen filter is also included in main so that is another £50 easily if not more if OEM is used. Adding all up £360. So yes you can save £100, a bit more if you go to indy and maybe even more if they wont give you a recipe and "save/steals" on VAT 😉 Anyway for me £100 is worth the extras like: - A nice courtesy car for a day - Only one trip as I don't need to do Hybrid check separately (time + fuel saved) - Stamp in the book which is always useful when you sell - Quite good vac and clean Some will get blinded and go by service names. Major service at XXX is £200 and Lexus is £500, but lets compare apples with apples. Not all major services will be equal (check previous paragraph). There is also a reason why expensive car deprecate much more than cheap ones. As they are more expensive to maintain/repair. What is even worse with age and depreciation repair bills will just go up. Most peoples don't want to spend £500 for major service, or replace 6 iridium spark plugs if they can do 3 standard ones in theirs Jazz/Polo/Fiesta/.... 🙂 So to wrap it up. Yes Lexus servicing is not the cheapest one but in a some way it is justified, at least for me.
  5. Some dealers wont stamp a service book with essential service. I'm also not sure if they will provide a courtesy car but that probably it will change from place to place. I was using standard plan till the end for my 2012 GS.
  6. I'm curious how much dealers will pay for them as a px. Probably not "a lot" if we got more private sales recently. I don't think I'll personally spend more than 20k on a private sale but finger crossed both will find new owners.
  7. Just as a reference in my old gs450h I’ve managed to get from London to Cardiff at 51mpg but that include longish 50mph limit on M4. Normally from London to German border it was around 40mpg to drop to average 32after 600km in Germany. 450h was doing 26mpg at 120mph with cruise on. Lowest I’ve seen was around 18 at full throttle at 155mph, obviously without cruise control as it doesn’t work then. in my opinion GSF is a brilliant car but not as a daily driver one in which you will go to Tesco and do school runs. For those purpose 450h/300h is way better. You should buy both 🙂
  8. Don't forget there are 2 looses in value. 1st one is just standard over time price drop like: today dealer will sell it for 39k, next year for 36k. Another one is day 1 price drop to cover dealers commissions like: you bought it yesterday for 39, but if you want it to sell today you will get 35k for it on trade-in/px. You can try to beat this one up by buying and selling privately where differences will be way lower.
  9. Those fans are not 50p for sure 🙂 I've replaced 2 out of 4 and they costs me £20. You could probably buy cheaper ones as mine were top end PC fans, to be sure they last and operate quietly. I assume RX unit will be similar to GS ones so fan replacement should also be doable.
  10. 99% it is one of fan bearing giving up. I got that problem around a year ago or so. With ML audio and ioniser there are 4 fans there! Check forum history. Most probably it will become more common problem as my car was 2012 model too with high millage. if you got warranty I would try to ask for a new “radio unit”.
  11. Check another thread about MK IV as most of the checks will be the same. MK III got extra weak points: - shock absorbers - I've seen some info about leaking exhaust - sized rear calippers Audio streaming showed up after facelift in 2010 - the ones without deck player 🙂
  12. Transmission fluid as mentioned. Lexus wont do it by themselves. Owner must ask for it. During harder acceleration pay attention what is happening around 50-60mph. There will be a gear change it should be quick (1s) and smooth. You will notice torque will stop for a second and revs will stop to grow for that moment. Confirm spark plugs were done. Be prepared for 100k double coolant change. Check brakes conditions - at 90k original set might be ending soon. Expect to spend around 1k for whole set front+rear for Premier/F-Sport. Check last hybrid health check certificate. Try to look at shock absorbers, ideally under boot covers. At 90K they should be dry but if driven on poor roads all the time they might start to getting wet. As always check MOT history Ideally ask for a cold start. For few seconds engine might sound a bit loud but should get quiet in few seconds. 90k is not a lot for this car so if well looked after it will last way more. My previous GS has done 172k without any issues, and I'm sure it will do much more.
  13. I'm curious if there is any country in the world where E10 is the only available option.
  14. To give some fairness to the seller, you can't expect to buy an used car without any cosmetic issues. Like small paint scratches seen on your pictures. Do you expect they will re-paint whole panel because of those scratches ? To be honest I would prefer a small scratch on original Japanese paint rather that UK pre-sales job 🙂 Alloys does look pretty nasty but again it is cosmetic only and maybe car was priced accordingly. I believe it is all up to the price. After all dealers are taking almost anything as part-ex. Those with cosmetic issues will be cheaper compared to more those in better condition. https://www.lexus.com/documents/brochures/cpo/Lexus-Certified-Pre-Owned-161-point-checklist-brochure.pdf - this one looks like US version checklist but UK one is probably similar. Still no definition what is "Lexus standard". PS. As for the alloys they looked like re-painted in the past already. Maybe before previous sale;)
  15. E10 is available in Germany for a few yers. It doesn't mean E5 is gone, it is just another option. Here is a typical choice you got: Super 95 E10 is normally few cents cheaper than standard Super 95 (E5) - choice is yours.