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  1. Hi All, Can anyone tell me how to edit or delete a single record on 2007 RX400h. Have tried looking on www but not found anything about it.
  2. Hi Guys, Can any help with details of what colour / code / finish the bumpers would be on an andalusian grey 2007 RX400h. Alan
  3. I know just how you all feel. Same model same year. My granddaughter goes to school 4 miles away from my home. All roads to her school are 20mph and usually have queuing traffic so even if speed was 30mph I would really would have the engine running. It takes me about 25 minutes to travel that 4 miles and always have 2 mauve bars on display for hybrid battery. I have to sit in "Ready" mode and run the engine trying to charge hybrid battery before we leave school grounds. As we only use the car for shopping trips and collecting granddaughter one day a week I often have low reading on 12 volt battery. Any reading below 12.22 volts generates three error code readings Check Hybrid System, check AWD and check VSC systems. My technician has checked with tech stream and found no codes to cause this. Clear the codes and charge battery car runs OK. New Lexus battery fitted with same problems. Is this a design feature?
  4. We had a squeak coming from the armrest on drivers door and worked in some talcum powder. That cleared the squeak. Worth a try!
  5. Over the last four years of owning my RX400 I have had quite a few odd error codes appearing . On each occasion it turned out to be the Bosch 12volt battery I had fitted shortly after purchasing the car. The battery was replaced free f charge by Euro Car Parts on each occasion. I use Toyotatech in Guildford to service my car and have found him to be very fairly priced and gives a full diagnoses without any bulls**t. If you are not able to check your own battery I would get in touch with him and get your car to him. I have now replaced 12 volt battery with one purchased from Lexus Spares Direct. All error codes cleared by Paul at Toyotatech and have not had any problem since. My money is definitely on the battery.
  6. The tech who loooks after my 400, 2007 has just done a parastatic drain test on car has reported 0.01mA to 0.04mA when the vehicle sleeps. He also said that when he worked for Toyota he was told anything over 0.05mA indicated a potential fault.
  7. RX400h 2007 Firstly I have been through the issues associated with water ingress in these vehicles. Interior gutted and carpets removed, drained of water and dehumidifier running inside for a week whilst carpets were cleaned and dried. All seams sealed that were advised on this forum. Interior refitted. New Bosch battery fitted and car worked ok. That was early 2020 until today. Car has been on my drive and covered in snow with battery on maintenance charger. Started car and left it with engine running whilst I dealt with snow. Returning some 10 minutes later to interior of car I found 2 messages flashing on screen. Engine was still running. Messages were ‘Check VSC and Check Hybrid System’ Display showed hybrid battery nearly fully charged. Disconnected battery for half hour and refitted – no change. Somethings were found NOT to work: Rear boot door could not be opened either manually or on remote. Both rear passenger door would not open. All running light not working except hazard lights. Steering wheel would not move to driving position automatically but did manually with control on side. Both mirrors would not move to driving position or tilt. Cruise function not operating. Somethings did work unexpectedly: Fuel filler flap. Radio Display Wipers – did not try screen washers Back and front screen heaters I ran the engine in drive position with footbrake applied and display showed hybrid batter fully charged in green. One strange thing I found is that the temperature on the display had switched to Fahrenheit. Have disconnected battery a few times before but not had that switch. Relevant? I am hoping just a fuse(s) blown because of frozen electrics but looking for a common denominator. Can anyone offer suggestions or guidance about possible fuse location? Or any other help.
  8. Having just stripped out the rear of my 2007 RX400h to find that none of the photos here matched the hose layout on my vehicle. I had water in rear near side. Firstly water ingress was from the grommets at the bottom of the gulley where the tailgate closed. New grommets and plenty of sealer solved the problem. Looking at the moon roof drain pipe n/s rear showed a 90degree bend in the down pipe before the 90degree bend through the bodywork to the outside world. I cut the pipe at the bend and inserted a plumbing 15mm copper pipe joiner which solved the bend problem. Two weeks later and plenty of rain, no more water in boot. Looking at refitting when time permits.
  9. Just spoken to Paul re giving his details. He has no problem his details going into any Indy listing for members. He is based in Guildford and offers a brilliant service.
  10. Try email is Brilliant and a lot cheaper than main dealers.
  11. Recently laid up for 3 months with a broken ankle. when tried to start my RX 400 battery was totally flat, zero volts, would not take a charge. Returne,d it to EuroCarParts under warranty who replaced it foc. When car restarted had all sorts of flashing lights on dash. Found a local Local garage specialised in Toyota / Lexus. He ran diagnostics which showed problems in every area of mechanics and electronics. Cleared all he codes only one reappeared, ABS sensor fault, broken wire on sensor. I say don't panic, get codes cleared and start again.
  12. Steve

    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  13. Have lifted nearside rear carpet to assist in removal of water from roof drain leak. It reveals a small speaker under the nearside seat. Cable runs back to a small black box fixed by cable tie to the underside of the cross member behind rear seats. The cross member is the support for fixing cabin carpet and rear trunk matting. Any ideas what the box is for. Does not look original as there are multi section in the speaker cable.
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