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  1. Here are some musings I did when we had an RX400h. Just take care as I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the figures and each car is different! JBP
  2. Not only AA cover but cover for travelling abroad as well. JBP
  3. Just got back from a short holiday in and around the Cotswolds with a calculated brim to brim consumption of 34.5 MPG over a distance of 406 miles. As we were nearing home the low fuel light came on with the cruising range showing 26 miles left til empty. Wasn't worried as it was only a few miles to where I was going to fill up. At the filling station the cruising range showed 16 miles to go. It took 53 litres to fill the tank to the brim so there would have been 7 litres left in the tank which would equate to about another 50 miles meaning that when the low fuel light came on there was probably about 60 miles left in the tank. However, as I always say, don't rely on those figures for your own car! JBP
  4. Hi J These were the chains I bought for the 400h. As I said I tried them on the 450h on our driveway at home just to see if they would fit (which they did) but I didn't drive anywhere with them on as there was no snow back in the summer! So please don't take my word as gospel that they will function properly on a 450h. When you get your chains I strongly advise you to practice fitting them at home on a dry, sunny, warm day as I can assure you that on a freezing cold snowy night in pitch black darkness with your fingers numb with cold is not the best time to try to fit them for the first time! Good luck and let us know how you get on. JBP
  5. Hi When we had an RX400h a few years ago we bought a pair of snow chains from Cooks Motor Spares in Chesham. They were very good and served us well on a couple of skiing trips. The chains should be fitted to the front wheels. I have tried Googling Cooks Motor Spares and it appears that the shop is now closed but they seem to be trading through Amazon. You could try this link... https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA1IK8RDYSZD34I&field-keywords=snow+chains The RX copes very well in the snow generally without chains but don't forget that Newton's laws of motion still apply when driving 2.5 tons of car downhill on a slippery surface!!! See my old post at Good luck! JBP PS We now have an RX450h and the old chains seem to fit this OK (despite the 450h's wheels being 19" diameter but different width/tyre wall height) but I only quickly tried them on on the driveway as a matter of interest to see if they were worth keeping.
  6. Glad it worked for you. Happy New Year! JBP
  7. Although, with a hybrid, low mileage about town probably wouldn't be a problem as the engine management would make sure the engine warms up quickly, even on short journeys. Also, the engine wouldn't necessarily be running all the time anyway and rarely over revved racing away from traffic lights like "ordinary" cars! JBP
  8. Wind direction can make a considerable difference as well. We have noticed driving down through France on a regular 400 mile journey different fuel consumption when outside temperature, speed etc have all been similar but with a north or south wind. JBP
  9. Glad to see you weren't breaking the speed limit, but how did you manage to take the photo? JBP
  10. Hi Chris It might be worth trying the ISC (idle speed control) learning procedure. It certainly worked when we had an RX400h. http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/58930-isc-learning-procedure-without-lexus-diagnostic-tester/#comment-379201 Good luck JBP
  11. New toy!

    We have had both black and white cars as well. They are both just as hard to keep clean but the white one looks cleaner for longer!!! JBP
  12. Hi Adrian If I remember correctly from when we had an RX400h cruise control does not work if the gear leaver is in the "B" position. Could that be your intermittent problem? It used to catch us out on the odd occasion! JBP
  13. Hi Mike We had a similar problem earlier this year. (See my previous post started 15th March - RX450h didn't start). The first two times it happened Lexus MK checked the car and could find nothing untoward. After the third time it happened they agreed it was probably the 12V battery not holding its charge and replaced it under warranty. Since then, touchwood, it has been OK. Good luck JBP
  14. If anyone has lost an RX300 registration number YH55HMJ it is buried under a muddy field somewhere in Scotland!!! Just in case you are worried it was in an episode of "One of Us", the BBC drama currently on Tuesday nights. JBP