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  1. Hah! Memories of my first vehicle back in 1969. A Ford Thames 15cwt van. It was unusual in that it had a 4 speed gearbox. However it would not stay in first gear and would just drop out under load. One weekend in the early seventies we decided to drive from Ambleside up to the Kirkstone Inn, a narrow little road with several 1 in 4 hills. All went well until we reached the final steep bit and the poor old van just couldn't make it in 2nd gear so we turned round in a gateway and stormed up the last ascent in reverse. Only trouble with that was it was (for the Lake District) a hot sunny day so the engine overheated and we arrived in the carpark opposite the inn in a great cloud of steam and to a round of cheering and applause from the customers sitting outside in the sunshine!!! Happy days! JBP
  2. Could it be something as simple as the steering lock preventing the key from turning? Have you tried wiggling the steering wheel backwards and forwards whilst gently trying to turn the key? Be careful as the plastic on the key is quite fragile and easy to break. Sometimes disasters are not as bad as they first seem. Good luck!
  3. Spiders, flies, other insects? We have had this occasionally after taking garden rubbish to the tip. JBP
  4. Have you thought about taking out Lexus extended warranty? (2 years for the price of 1) Includes recovery and homestart and also European recovery. Also IIRC 2 x MOT tests. JBP
  5. If you want to just disable the key at night without having to put it into a Faraday pouch so that scroats cannot enter/steal your car hold down the lock button on the fob whilst pressing the unlock button twice. You can check to see if it works by trying to open your car using the door handles. To use keyless entry again just press the unlock button on the fob. This certainly works on a Gen4 RX but it might on a Gen3 as well. Happy new year JBP
  6. My 2017 Gen4 RX450h has just developed its first foible. When the rear hatch is opening it judders slightly but opens fully and then closes smoothly. It has been doing this for a few weeks now but doesn't seem to be getting any worse (or better!) Took it into Lexus Milton Keynes this morning and they have tried lubricating the struts (do the struts contain the motor?) and all seemed well when I left. However, when I opened the hatch this afternoon the judder was back again. They did say to bring it back if it started playing up again so will try again after Christmas. Has anybody else experienced this?
  7. Thanks, Dan, for the tip you posted on the UX forum regarding disabling the key fob when not in use. Just tried it and it works for the RX450h. Was just about to buy a Faraday pouch following the article on the radio today. JBP
  8. You can adjust the "stickiness" of the mouse controller somewhere in the setup menu. This causes the pointer to jump to and hang on more securely to the item on the screen that you are aiming for. I think it is called haptic control. JBP
  9. Is the gear lever in the "B" position when you can't get cruise control to work? Used to catch me out sometimes when we had a 400h! JBP
  10. As Lex Loafer said set daylight saving to off. Did ours on Sunday and was amused to see the analogue clock wind itself back one hour. I'm easily pleased, though! JBP
  11. Never had a problem with our 400h overtaking. 50 to 70 (and beyond!) acceleration was better than most other cars. The initial sound of the high engine revs before the acceleration takes off does seem strange at first but you soon get used to it. This seems to be the thing that most auto journalists do not like and they always criticize it in the magazines. Just be aware of the torque steer, though. JBP
  12. Had our new to us Gen4 RX for just over 3 weeks now and loving it. Went on the first long run yesterday, 80 miles each way. Every so often at seemingly random times kept getting a double beep (Beep Beep) with no obvious indication of anything on the display. This became quite annoying after a while. Have tried going through the various menus to turn off speed warnings etc but to no avail. Trawled through the handbook this morning also to no avail. Help required from you owners with more knowledge than me, please! Any ideas anyone? JBP
  13. Well, I have answered my own question. The boot liner fits perfectly. As for the rubber over mats, the two rear floor mats fit the same as does the front passenger mat. The driver's side mat does fit but it needed a small section cut out as the accelerator pedal is hinged from the floor in the gen4. The car is really great. It is a 66 plate F Sport in white with black interior and an opening panoramic sun (moon) roof. Bought it last Thursday from Lexus Milton Keynes with only 1071 miles on the clock! Glenn Millward was his usual marvelous person to do business with. Now all we have to do is discover all the bells and whistles. JBP
  14. Just about to upgrade our gen3 450h. Does anybody know if the rubber floor mats and boot liner from a gen3 450h will fit a gen4 450h? I seem to recollect the mats and liner from a gen2 400h were a direct fit into the 450h. Of course I may be mistaken. There's only three things about getting old. One is the loss of memory and ... I cannot remember the other two! JBP