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  1. Hey everyone, I have a question with regards to my passenger side mirror. It seems to have lost power as it no longer folds in, doesn't dim or adjust. I have had a look on YouTube and FB to try find an answer, however most of the content relates to the LS430 and the folding feature. Has anyone had a similar issue/ know of a solution? Thanks in advance, Thomas 🙂
  2. Hey everyone, Following my last post, I took the plunge to attempt to touch up my leather interior of my 2004 SC430. I used the Rutland touch up leather dye and after watching a few YT videos I did my first coat. I made a short video of the before and after the process, I am quite pleased with the results (& how well the ecru drivers seat looks now). I think I will need to do another couple of coats to bring the interior back to a higher standard. I want to say a special thanks to Neil for his help, he gave me reassurance for buying the Rutland leather dye. Here is my video I made on my SC430 leather seat touch up, I hope this helps any owners thinking about doing this touch up. Thomas 🙂
  3. fingers crossed there isn't a theft hehe! I really need to start saving up for a new exhaust system.
  4. Thank you 🙂 I have attempted my first coat at the touch up dye kit of the leather seats.
  5. Hey John, Firstly, thanks for watching. I took it to Kwik Fit, they fitted 'arrowspeed' according to my paper work.
  6. This is the leather touch up that I am aiming to use, I am going to try it out in a small inconspicuous area of the interior. Figners crossed it does the job 🙂
  7. Hey everyone, I am just over a year into ownership with my Lexus SC430. It has passed its MOT and I have been trying to resolve the issues as they pop up (which feels almost monthly recently). The fresh brake pads have greatly improved the stopping power in the car, I managed to source a replacement 'pie' wheel cover from a fellow Lexus enthusiast/ follower on my YouTube channel. I hopefully plan to get the bumper touched up (was bought with some paint chips and a little peeling at corner). The cream carpets have been tough to keep clean, recently scrubbed up well. My leather dye arrived over the weekend, so I will need to do that over the next wee while. I might try and brave re-foaming the speakers that have been vibrating soon. If anyone wishes to see my latest SC 430 video, please see my video below:
  8. thanks for that, I was thinking of refoaming mine
  9. Sorry for the delay, it sold last year I am trying to delete this post
  10. Great video/vlog. Nice to see another Scottish vlogger and the SC is a great car, I have had mine just over a year.
  11. Welcome to the forum, nice SC 430 🙂
  12. Ps if anyone would like to see my car, here is a video update on the CT.
  13. Hey everyone, I hope you are all keeping well? I thought I would pop on and say that I can't believe it has been 17 months since the CT was picked up. Time has flown in (lockdowns probably helped that). I am averaging just below 50mpg. Just over 16,000 miles have been done on the CT200h & the only issue I have had so far is when the weather is cold (-5oC for example) and the CD player doesn't register the discs.
  14. If it helps, when I was choosing a CT I went for the regular CT then optioned up with the tech & premium pack. In my opinion even the standard CT rides too firmly for a Lexus. However, after 17 months with it I am pleased to report no issues
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