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  1. Hey Guys, As I am a huge Lexus fan, I made a video on the top things I love about my 2019 Lexus IS300h Premium. I hope you guys enjoy the video, feel free to comment things that you love about your Lexus? Thomas
  2. I also made a video on my Lexus IS300h if a video would help your decision? 🙂
  3. Hi There, My opinion would be to test drive and if you like the silence of the hybrid IS300H then go for it. I bought a 2019 IS300h in March and I converted my Mum from a 5 series diesel to a top spec IS300h as she loved the silence apon start up. I find it has plenty of torque and the mpg is you drive carefully is usually above 40mpg
  4. I made a follow up video on the things I love about the IS if anyone wants to see that too?
  5. Hey Guys, IS300h owner here, Lexus Glasgow kindly allowed myself to make a video on their LC500, it is a cracking car with a high quality interior! Here is a link to a video I made on it if anyone wants to experience the LC500? Enjoy, Thomas
  6. Hey man, Thank you! Yeah it looks nice, wheels are nice! I actually don't and I had a look on the Lexus website and it doesn't even say there! They are diamond cut by the looks of things. Sorry I can't help on wheel colour 😞
  7. Oh really! Go us haha! Yeah its a decent well rounded car!
  8. Great to hear you are loving your Lexus, I recently got my 1st one. I also made a wee video on it if you want to check out the 2019 facelift 🙂
  9. Hey Guys, I am loving my Lexus IS (first ever Lexus) and loving my first few months of ownership. I made a video of my car if anyone wants to give it a watch 🙂
  10. Hey Guys, I really like the LC500 and would love to own an LC (IS owner atm). I love how unique the LC is and I made a short video on some of my favourite design elements if anyone is keen to explore the LC? Thomas 🙂
  11. Hey bud, What age is the is300h? I have a 2019 is300h and I get about 44.8mpg (since I got the car in March, 1650 miles so far) and it has been a big mix of long motorways journeys and short trips to the gym. My mum has a 2014 IS300h premier and hers struggles to get to 40mpg (38,000miles on hers)