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  1. Hey Guys, So I seen the new Lexus LM was launched at Shanghai today and I think it looks pretty good. I like the 4 seat configuration, however not a fan of the £160k price tag I have seen online... I made a wee video on my thoughts on the LM for anyone interested?
  2. Oh that is good, my commute is about 100miles a day in rush hour cross country driving, its about 43mpg currently and 1400miles on the odo. Yeah I can't see apple car play but could swear the new ES has apple car play and looks the same system. Oh I will need to try that out if it plays DVD's 🙂
  3. Hey Guys, Relatively new to the Lexus ownership game, bought a 2019 IS300h last month and a 2014 IS300h premier last week for mum, I have noticed so far the 2019 gets about 40mpg (1200 miles on odo) and the 2014 (37000 miles on odo) is getting 37mpg. Both in eco mode with aircon off and driving same streets (I reset both computers before driving this weekend). I was wondering what fellow owners got and what I can expect? Thanks, Thomas
  4. Late to the convo but my IS300h was in the same situation and was delayed from November til March 2019. I was meant to get an advance but instead got the premium with nav and heated steering wheel 🙂 I am getting about 40mpg though. How are you getting on?
  5. Thank you! Getting about 40mpg so far 🙂
  6. Yeah it was the Glasgow branch, Lindsay was the sales girl 🙂 Thanks man!
  7. Hey Everyone, I made a wee video on the collection of my 1st Lexus, I hope you love the video? I am loving Lexus ownership. Enjoy, Thomas
  8. I agree, it does look more premium! I have sat in one and it is well built, even has LC inspired switch gear. I have a video the UX at my local dealer if you want to see it more indepth?
  9. Hey guys, Currently 2 weeks away from collection of my new 2019 Lexus IS300h and Lexus Glasgow allowed myself to experience their LC500. It is a fantastic car and I would have one in a heart beat! I made a wee video on it for any fans of the LC, I hope you fellow Lexus fans enjoy the car (as I sure did)
  10. Here is the Link to the video I made of that blue one at Lexus Glasgow 🙂
  11. Congratulations! Love the colour!
  12. Wow that is gorgeous! Sorry I am late to the game and just noticed your pic!! Love the colour! I am 3 weeks away from collection of my new IS 😄