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  1. Hey guys, My friend and myself made a MIB themed video following Lexus' sponsorship of the latest MIB film. I hope you guys enjoy this video as we made it for a laugh, enjoy 🙂 Thomas
  2. I actually have a video on a Lexus ES300h Takumi from Lexus Scotland if anyone wants to check it out?
  3. Looks great man!! I can only wish to own a sexy car like that!! Lexus Scotland allowed myself to make a video on their ES300h takumi if you want to see it? (it is very different from my IS300h)
  4. That is an interesting note!! I never knew that! Wonder why anyone would go full takumi then? ( I think the Takumi has different alloys doesn't it?) Ps if interested I made a video on a RC300h F sport +takumi pack if you want to see it? :)~
  5. Firstly, that is a gorgeous car!! Love the design and colour!! Secondly, I hope you enjoy those border biscuits!
  6. Hey guys, Firstly want to say a thank you to Lexus Scotland for this RC300h. I drive the IS300h and I was curious to see the differences between these 2. This year Lexus launched the Takumi trim (top end model). I made this video on the Facelift RC and I tried to point out and highlight the main features of the Takumi model and the facelift. Hopefully you all enjoy this video, Thomas.
  7. Hey Guys, The 2019 Lexus RC coupe is a really nice car and I think its different enough from the IS. I made a video on the 2019 Facelifted Lexus RC if anyone wants to check it out and see the differences... Thomas
  8. I have driven the facelift, it doesn't drive too differently from the IS actually. It is a big soft comfortable cruiser still. I made a video on the facelift RC if you want to check it out?
  9. Hey Guys, Got a question for you, which would you rather have? RC300h Takumi or a BMW M4 Competition? I made a wee video on them both for a bit of fun too if anyone wants to check it out?
  10. Hey Guys, I thought I would share a video I made on the Nx300h, I have the 2019 RC video coming soon. In mean time I thought some of you may enjoy this NX300h video? Thanks, Thomas :)
  11. I never knew that was an issue!! Good to know!
  12. Oh really? Yeah the UK takumi RC comes with everything 😄
  13. Hey Guys, I picked up an RC300h Takumi edition on Friday, loving the car so far and getting about 42mpg.I love the red paint in the sunlight! I made a first impressions video on it if anyone wants to check it out? Thomas 🙂