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  1. Yeah I agree, the RX is sublime, I have driven the NX previously. Would you go into the fully electric UX that is coming perhaps? Or maybe switch brands to a Tesla or Jaguar etc?
  2. Here's a link to an article on it Basically replacing the glass with cameras and a lcd screen
  3. Hey Everyone, I hope you are all well? The ES is an amazing car and the Takumi spec is unreal, heated everything, cooled seats, rear reclining seats with electric blinds it has it all!! If you would like to see my video on the ES takumi please see the link below 🙂
  4. Hey Guys, Not sure if many know but they are planning on adding digital side mirrors to the ES this year, similar looking system to the E-tron by what I can see online. What do you all think of it?
  5. I agree the ES is a sublime car!
  6. Hey everyone, I just picked up a 2005 RX a couple of weeks ago and I love it! It is very comfortable and over the weeks I have managed to get the mpg from 14 mpg to 22mpg on longer journey's to Helensburgh. It drives soo smoothly and different from the IS. It has just over 92k miles on it and it is in for some suspension work along with brake calipers this week, fingers crossed that is all it needs for a while as it was serviced and has its MOT 2 weeks ago. Would love to own and drive a newer RX one day... I made a video on it if you would like to check it out? Thomas 🙂
  7. Great review, I have a 2nd Gen RX and I love it! Love the photos of your car too!! The ES Takumi is a great car with incredible tech!! I made a video on it if you would like to check it out?
  8. Hey Everyone, I hope you are all well and having a great day? I made a video comparing my dad's 2019 CT to my mums IS. I thought the video would be useful for people looking at either car and I cover some of the pros and cons for each (apart from the obvious) I hope some of you find this useful 🙂 Thomas
  9. I believe the doors are same but bumpers are different 🙂
  10. I get 31mpg in mixed driving, if it helps I used to own a 420i auto and that got 28mpg so it is very close like for like 🙂
  11. Yeah the pin thing didnt work and I have booked my car in for 10th March at Lexus Glasgow