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  1. Hey everyone, I hope you are well? I recently got to experience the 2020 RX 450h F sport with the Takumi pack. It is quite different from my RX 300 to say the least! I do like the fact the facelift has a touch screen and apple carplay now! The Takumi pack is the top tier option for the RX and it adds loads of goodies (too many to write down tbh) but the main ones are the ML stereo, heads up display and a host of safety gear. I loved how subtle the ride is on this RX (even for a F Sport) and the red interior is right up my street! I made a video below if anyone wishes to see the updates that Lexus made? A wee thank you to Lexus Glasgow too for loaning me this RX 🙂 Interested to know what you guys thought of it?
  2. Oh really? I love the flakes of metallic through the paint tbh 🙂 I like the deep blue on the CT but this blue in my opinion was pretty nice! Yeah I found that funny too! The boot space is not much bigger than the CT 😕
  3. Hey Lexus friends, I hope you are all well? (& enjoying this good weather) I made a video on the 'Celestrial Blue' Lexus UX 250h if anyone wishes to see this hybrid SUV? I really like this colour! It is the one and only Lexus I have seen in this colour and I thought I would share with you all to admire its paintwork more than anything else?! Enjoy, Thomas
  4. Hi again, Thank you for your response, I enjoyed reading it all. Yeah it is an O2 sensor, I should get the car back on Tuesday as tomorrow is a bank holiday. When the car was on the lift it looks like someone previously has cut out sections of the exhaust and repaired parts. Yeah I am getting normal tyres put on actually as the tread was low and coming from BMWs I dont like the harsh ride on run flats...
  5. Not yet, I dropped it off at my local garage as a sensor went (before it arrived to me) so that's getting done this weekend. 🙂 Any hidden features I should look out for? (apart from the sliding panels to reveal sat nav, climate & cup holders?)
  6. Hi Lucy, this is the SC 430 I was also considering? The owner is called Martin Clarke and he seems pretty sound!
  7. Yeah I am game for that! A wee Lexus SC adventure!
  8. Hi Lucy, I got mine from Facebook and I used a website called 'Shiply' to get it delivered from Stockport to Glasgow. They are few and far between, look for a model that hasn't been messed with and has been looked after. Check the water pump and cambelt have been done around the 100k miles mark. There are a variety of wood and interior colour choices so make sure you have a look to see what is your preference? I was looking at a Red one with a black leather interior from Liverpool (FB ad) and it had everything done, I just wasn't a fan of the red paint colour. Thanks, Thomas
  9. Thanks Jack, I will defiantely give it a try as the seats need some TLC! Thanks, Thomas.
  10. Yeah even up here in Glasgow Lexus aren't popular!! I see the NX and RX most in the range, SC and LC are very rare! I still turn my head when I see a UX or ES!
  11. I think I'll make a video on it in a month or so once I have owned it and figured out all the buttons etc 😄
  12. Thank you!! I was pondering the SC for a while and I have been a fan of it for about a decade now. I pulled the trigger on this one after months of searching online.(not too many advertised)
  13. Hey everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and my new (to me) Lexus SC 430. It is a 2004 model and I believe the colour is Indigo Ink Pearl and the interior is Ecru (I Believe). I just got it delivered yesterday, I have gave it a wash and wax etc. The car has 130k miles atm.
  14. Hey everyone, I hope you are all well? I made a video on my dad's CT and compiled 10 things about the CT that you may not know? What I didn't realise was that Lexus worked with a trainer company to make CT inspired shoes!! Hope you enjoy, Thomas 🙂
  15. Impressive mileage! My dad's CT has hardly 7k miles on it 😛