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  1. Welcome and car sounds lovely!! If its any consolation I also have some bubbling around my roof 😛
  2. Hey everyone, I hope you are all well? I have had my 2IS since January of 2020 and apart from a sensor issue early on its been trouble free (touch wood) I made a review type video on my 2007 Lexus IS 250 if anyone wishes to see it?
  3. That is true! The LS is stunning, I just think for £46k vs £102k you get alot of legroom and comforts for airport runs etc
  4. Hey everyone, Hope you are all keeping well? I was not sure if many people knew about the ES takumi and the amazing features it adds to the rear seats. (if you were a chauffeur company it would make sense to use an ES takumi over a LS, at almost half the price too) I made this video on the Takumi spec ES for anyone that wishes to check out the rear seat functions of the ES 300h takumi. Enjoy, Thomas 🙂
  5. I know there's one with the plate 'L12 LFA', he seems to be a car collector that I follow online (has old Porsche cars etc too)
  6. I took mine in last week and it was in Lexus Glasgow for 2 days. (got a nice NX as a loaner) No issues since its been done and I took pics of the dash beforehand just incase any damage was done 🙂
  7. I have the Ecru leather too, I am looking to get mine cleaned
  8. Yeah I would be happy to film/edit a video of your car!! It looks awesome!! Wow what a screen!!
  9. I sure would!! I seen this brown SC today, think its the Pebble Beach edition?
  10. I think I read that all slots for the upcoming LC 500 convertible has been sold (which I was sad about even though I couldn't afford one haha)
  11. very true! With the SC being a rare car and someone might be willing to spend anything for their ideal spec 🙂
  12. I missed the the car as bidding had finished and ended up spending 10 mins on eBay looking at other SC's haha I agree it seems a lot of money
  13. I do appreciate all your help and tips (& recently came across your YouTube videos!)