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  1. Hey everyone, I hope you are well? I recently got to drive one of my dream cars (ever since I was a young boy and the Conti GT was launched) It was soo smooth and the W12 purred away, interestingly I don't know if I would have the LC 500 or the Bentley? (both of these are in my top 2 dream cars) The LC is stunning (& likely more reliable), however there was something about the Bentley that I just loved! It was soo pillow soft on the road and effortless to drive! Anyways, here is a video I made on the Mk1 GT coupe and the facelifted 2015 V8S flying spur. Hope you enjoy it, Thomas 🙂
  2. Hey Everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping safe during this self isolation time? I am absolutely loving the F sport grill and the tri led headlights look awesome. I was wondering what the general consensus would be? A base NX with the packs on it (like that white one I filmed) or the F sport? Interestingly both trims get the same size of rims... Ps here is a video of the 2020 NX F sport 🙂
  3. Hey Lexus peeps, How are you all doing? Here is a video I made of our 2019 IS premium, it has everything from keyless entry and go, to a heated steering wheel to heated & cooled seats HOPE YOU ENJOY MY CAR TOUR VIDEO, THOMAS 🙂
  4. Harry's videos are amazing! Did you see the one on the Tesla?
  5. Hey Everyone, I hope you are all keeping well and safe? I thought this video might perk some of you up briefly with the sound of its V12 engine! Enjoy and stay safe, Thomas
  6. My mum has a black 2019 IS 300h and it is awesome, soo many gadgets!! I actually have a video on it if you would like to see her car?
  7. Hey everyone, I hope you are all well? I made a car tour video going through some of the features of the 2020 NX if anyone would like to see it? Stay safe (& indoors) Thomas Hey
  8. Great car, love reading about it. How many miles are you on now Jason?
  9. Hey everyone, Hope you are all well and safe? Here is a photo of a white LFA at the Gleneagles (before lock down ofcourse) Thomas
  10. Hey everyone, Hope you are all having a great weekend? (& keeping safe) I was given a NX loaner from lexus Glasgow whilst my car was in for a service. I quite like the colour, ride was comfortable and I really do like the front grille! I just uploaded a video on the 2020 NX F sport hybrid if anyone would like to check it out?