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  1. Hey guys, Currently 2 weeks away from collection of my new 2019 Lexus IS300h and Lexus Glasgow allowed myself to experience their LC500. It is a fantastic car and I would have one in a heart beat! I made a wee video on it for any fans of the LC, I hope you fellow Lexus fans enjoy the car (as I sure did)
  2. ThomasD94

    Lexus UX250h Pics

    Here is the Link to the video I made of that blue one at Lexus Glasgow 🙂
  3. ThomasD94

    Lexus UX250h Pics

    How did it go?
  4. ThomasD94

    Late christmas present

    Congratulations! Love the colour!
  5. ThomasD94

    Picked Mine Up Today!

    Wow that is gorgeous! Sorry I am late to the game and just noticed your pic!! Love the colour! I am 3 weeks away from collection of my new IS 😄
  6. ThomasD94

    Nice test drive today

    Aww I quite like it in the tan interior colour actually haha
  7. ThomasD94

    Nice test drive today

    Oh I quite like it in yellow! I have only seen it in grey or white so far!! I agree it sounds mean when it starts up!
  8. ThomasD94

    What a car!

    Wow loving the pics! Stunning car! I only had the chance to spend a couple of hours with the LC500, it sounds epic doesn't it!
  9. ThomasD94

    LC500 Owner Review

    Great feedback, I enjoyed reading your review (even though I can only afford the IS300h) Thanks for sharing it! Ps if you would like to see a video I made on the LEXUS Glasgow LC500, I have a video of it on my YT channel 'carsofglasgow' Also, do you have any pics of your car? 😄
  10. ThomasD94

    BMW M850i vs LC500

    I agree with you guys! The LC looks very different from most things on the road! (I am a fan of both brands but the LC is a better value proposition too)
  11. ThomasD94

    Lexus LC500 Review

    Stunning car the LC500! I would love to buy an LC one day. I made a video too with Lexus Glasgow on their LC500 if you want to see theirs (tan interior colour)
  12. ThomasD94

    Lexus ES300h videos

    Hey Guys, I noticed a few forums have a video section and the ES300h didn't. I thought I would get the ball rolling with a video I created with Lexus Glasgow on the 2019 ES300h Takumi. Let's get this thread going!!
  13. Hey guys, I thought I would share some photos of the UX250h in Lexus Scotland. It is a stunning vehicle!
  14. ThomasD94

    Latest UX videos

    Hey guys, I am loving the UX! (Still happy with my IS300h though) Lexus Glasgow allowed myself to make a short video on their UX250h if anyone wants to check it out? 🙂
  15. ThomasD94

    Ok, I’m in love with the ES

    Yeah the USB ports I agree with, however I do like the dual hinged arm rest and the abundance of tech Lexus throw at the ES! It is almost like an LS but cut price in that regard 🙂No worries, happy to share a video with a like minded Lexus fan! I just can't wait til march to drive my long awaited IS300h