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  1. Congrats on your new CT! I am happy to see you got the new headlights, they freshen the CT up 🙂
  2. There should be a setting to turn notifications on and off, I know my emails kept popping up during songs etc
  3. Definitely a beauty the RC is, thanks for watching 🙂 I have an LC video too if you would like more Lexus eye candy?
  4. Hey everyone, I made a video of my dad's new 2019 Lexus CT200h for anyone that would like to check out the facelifted CT & see whats changed?
  5. Why Thank you Geof for your kind words. I agree the car is a mix of old and new Lexus components at this stage of the game. I am hoping the Mk2 CT will be fresher and more up to date overall...
  6. Hey Guys, I made an in-depth video review of my dad's 2019 Lexus CT200h for anyone that would like to explore it (& see what Lexus has updated for the 2019 model). I hope you enjoy this video as it took a while to edit. Thomas
  7. Congrats! Hope you enjoy it!! With regards to the camera, I think it was 2018 they became standard equipment? My dad has a 2019 CT and it has a camera, along with lane keep and adaptive cruise to name a few tech pieces. I have a video of my dad's CT if you want to check it out too 🙂
  8. Hi there, I would recommend the CT, my dad picked up a 2019 CT a couple of weeks ago and it is pretty nice, it is already achieving 50+mpg and it only has just over 1,000 miles on the odo. I also read recently the CT is the most reliable new car in the UK with 100% reliability, so that is something to consider? The CT is not the most exciting drive, but it won't harm your wallet so I would weigh that up? Ps I made a video of my dad's CT if you want to check it out?
  9. Hey Guys, My local dealer allowed myself to review their LC500 following my whole family converting to Lexus cars... I hope you guys enjoy this video!
  10. Great review, I enjoyed reading what you had to say! I have a video review of an LC500 from my local dealer if you would like to see that car?
  11. I have a video on the ES300h Takumi if anyone wants to check out the top spec ES in the UK?
  12. Great insight! I have a video of my 2019 RC takumi if you want to see it?
  13. I actually have a video on it if you want to see the changes for yourself in a video?
  14. Hi There, It is just a facelift so it still rides on the previous Auris / Prius platform. It is getting just under 50mpg on it, still being broken in as only covered 235 miles so far... I believe an all new CT is due out late 2020. Thomas