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  1. I suspect it’s the Rev matching on downshift in Sports S+ and manual.
  2. Yes, it’s a combination on low temperatures, slippery road surface, low profile summer tyres with hard sidewall at full lock.
  3. Warranty comes with two MOT tests included, so you may want to get the warranty first...
  4. Yes that was V8ORBUST’s car and BigRats before that. Those callipers were not repainted, they were new stock GS F callipers fitted for free after the repainting went wrong.
  5. Congrats. Great buy. Seems that a large proportion of GSF are either on or previously owned by forum members now.
  6. I think Lexus dealers pay less than specialist dealers ( and put a bigger mark up). TomRCFcarbon sold his 2015 RCF to a specialist dealer for £30k. I just bought a 2016 GSF privately and Lexus only offered the previous owner £26.5k. I am sure the dealer would then have it on for £36K.
  7. Looks superb. Nice colour combo. Good luck with the sale. I think @Arnett was after one.
  8. According to ‘How Many Left’, of the non carbons, there were 133 registrations in 2015, 26 in 2016, 13 in 2017 and 2 in 2018.
  9. Says sold on the eBay advert and gone from AT.
  10. Well hope it was the OP that got it then. Didn’t realise they were so popular. I know that not many were sold new, but figured that would mean not many people would be interested in picking one up second hand. Seems I was lucky to get one I did and also for a ‘bargain’ price. Drove it for the first time today after getting bored waiting for it to stop raining. Was hoping to wash and wax it first before driving it properly.
  11. Is this the same car that the OP was taking about? The white one at Coventry? He said he had but a deposit on it unseen and was waiting till it arrived at the dealership. May be that’s why the sale exec wasn’t more proactive.
  12. Just bought a GS F privately, and one of the reasons I was happy to go private over a dealer ( besides price) was that is came with 20months Lexus warranty remaining. Not only did this give me peace of mind for the future, also if there were any niggly problems it would have been sorted out under warranty already. I had done my research I already new I could get a 2 year warranty after purchase but there was always a concern that something would be found at the inspection that would cost money before the the warranty could be bought.
  13. Mine does not have AVS, and all the GSFs and RCFs I test drove before didn’t have them either. I found the GSF just right for road driving and did not feel too stiff at all. General consensus from reviews is that the GSF is a better road car and RCF is a better track car, I guess the suspension is set out this way as the GS is a larger luxuary car and the RC a sports car.
  14. To be honest I couldn’t tell much difference with the fast road test drives you do with the salesman in the passenger seat. But GS F has a nicer interior and feels a little more upmarket. And they all come with TVD which I think makes the car feel a little smaller. Not many RCFs seem to have the TVD option ticked.
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