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  1. Hello @Lexus-crazy welcome to the forum. Here's a few options for you. 1) Artisan spirits They do bodykits for the RCF 2) Seibon Carbon parts 3) Rowen Japan They have a full kit for the RCF pretty aggressive looks. 4) Voltex GT If you really want to turn heads, then you can go for the Voltex Carbon GT Wings 5) Varis They have a bodykit for the RCF
  2. Car looks great. Big fan of the Viper when i was a kid (especially in red) and it has always amazed me how they were able use such a big displacement engine into the car.
  3. I'd pick the LC, because when i was in the market for a car last year the RCF was in the shortlist but ultimately a GSF won over simply because i liked the sharper design lines of the car and better interior and the LC has this in abundance.
  4. Can't wait to find out what is and what coming from an ex F owner does to how you view other automotive brand ownership.
  5. Glad you've finally gotten around to joining the forum mate! Welcome, alot of good people here to share our interest in everything Lexus 😁
  6. I've seen some owners put body coloured eyelids on the headlights to get over the issue of the blank space on the top of the headlights.
  7. That is such a steal. If i had an RCF i'd jump on this immediately.
  8. Nice picture, i noticed the power bulges on the hood 😉. Is this perhaps the car you have replaced the RCF with? If it is, then that is one beastly replacement 😁
  9. The Vossens look really nice and going forged is a good idea. Thinner spokes look really good on F cars as it shows off the large brakes. Have you figured out the lowering spring situation @B1RMA?
  10. I'm not sure if there were any modifications done to make it fit. But these one in the pictures are 20x10 front and 20x11 rear. So they are quite wide. I've seen these wheels in person, they are specifically made to be as deep concave as they could. They look like quality made wheels too.
  11. These are the Rohana RC10 wheels. 10 Spoke concave wheels front and back, albeit to varying degrees.
  12. Do you have any specific requirements? Does it need to be forged or cast is fine for you? There's just loads of wheel options out there.
  13. Fantastic looking RCF. Black and red interior is my favourite combination.