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  1. The V8 does sound pretty epic even if it is a little restricted by the exhaust. Here is where you can find the setting to turn off the map screen auto return.
  2. Congratulations on the GSF. Yes there is, I switched off the automatic return to map by going through the settings. I forgot which exact menu setting to go through but it is possible. Will check tomorrow if you still can't find it. Regarding parking sensors, i believe there is only 2 in the front.
  3. I believe you can reset the TPMS yourself within the settings. How to initialize the tire pressure warning system Park the vehicle in a safe place and turn the engine switch off. Initialization cannot be performed while the vehicle is moving. Adjust the tire inflation pressure to the specified cold tire inflation pressure level. (→P. 623) Make sure to adjust the tire pressure to the specified cold tire inflation pressure level. The tire pressure warning system will operate based on this pressure level. Turn the engine switch to IGNITION ON mode. Press or on the meter control switch and select . Press or on the meter control switch and select “Vehicle Settings”. Then press . Press or on the meter control switch and select “TPMS”. Then press and hold until a message is displayed. The message will be displayed on the multi-information display and the tire pressure warning light will blink slowly 3 times. When the message disappears, initialization is complete. Got those from the manual. Hope it helps and sorts out your TPMS issue.
  4. Our stock front wheels are 9 inch with 255 on. 265 on the 9.5 would eliminate that stretched look.
  5. The diffuser looks good. The sun is out, the car is clean, looks great!
  6. The only "safe" way of going about it i'm afraid is to make sure the lowering springs that you decide to go with has rates that is within the specifications of the AVS shocks. Swift springs are highly reputable and can provide you with custom spring rates for your needs i believe. As always, these things do come with "proceed with caution". Oh and the Artisan Spirits wheel arch extension is quite pricey. Maybe the cost of a JDM piece might be easier to swallow. Although they don't cover as much of the wheel arch as the Artisan Spirits. They are body colour painted and are $180 + shipping costs for a pair.
  7. They look fantastic @B1RMA David. I think the red paint and bronze wheel matches really well and spot on with going with concave wheels 👍 Hope to see it in person soon.
  8. Thank you John for the explanation. My current battery is 70 amp/hr as well so i should be looking to get a higher capacity as well then with the right size. There's just so much to choose from. What would you say would be a good brand to go with?
  9. I was wondering if anyone has any idea if our car can use an AGM battery? Modern cars have a lot of electronics that draws power even when it's just parked in a garage so i find myself having to hook up a trickle charger to keep it happy otherwise it goes flat if i don't use the car for more than a week. AGM batteries supposedly lasts longer and i was wondering if it could mitigate this issue by the use of one. Going through the owner's manual was no help. Any input or experience with AGM batteries is greatly appreciated.
  10. Welcome to the club @JMAX1888 James, looking forward to seeing your pride and joy.
  11. Looks really good. Nice touch to the overall rear end.
  12. Congrats on the RCF. Saw it yesterday when my car was in for a service. I too noticed it was Paul's car when i saw it. It did look pretty amazing with the black wheels and orange calipers (the only combination in UK i think). I believe Paul did mention that he's taken the quicksilver exhausts off his car but is being sold used at the very same dealer. So you might want to ask them about the exhaust and possibly have them fitted for you before you take the car. 2 birds 1 stone if you will.