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  1. That is such a clean looking car @Twellsie and the way it sits. Did you lower the car?
  2. Sounds good. Interested if the time is right.
  3. Would love to go to another meet. Enjoyed the last one.
  4. This looks interesting. I was looking at the Beatsonic screen mirroring system. But this seems like it has better integration with the infotainment system rather than just having a phone mirrored to the screen. Might look into getting this, but at £500 do you reckon it's a worthwhile investment? I don't use the Lexus nav, i use google maps mostly and like streaming my music through spotify.
  5. Hi, was wondering if anyone here has done a button swap for the RC? The OEM volume and tune buttons on the RC do wear quite easily over time and i've seen pictures online of it swapped to an IS volume and tune button i believe (which looks much better). If anyone can confirm this to be the case i'd like to know the part number and order the buttons. Any help or info is appreciated.
  6. Toyota should have used the Nissan GTR as a benchmark when they set out to build their new Supra. After all, those 2 cars were natural competitors of the same class back in the late 90s and early 2000s along the the Mitsubishi GTO and the Mazda RX7. At a time where numbers matter more than they probably should I think they may have missed the mark on the new Supra.
  7. Yea, door mirrors design taken from the LC i think.
  8. The new Lexus RC F Track Edition has been unveiled and it looks pretty aggressive. Improvements to suspension tuning, engine power output, torque, aero, transmission drive ratio and reduction to weight has been worked on the car. Still on the fence about the new headlight unit though. You'll notice on 2 of the pictures the 2020 RC F in there too.
  9. Here are a couple of pictures with the top on. I think i prefer the coupe better.
  10. It was great meeting some of the forum members that came yesterday and just having a good time over lunch. Fantastic cars all round and hope to enjoy more of these meets. Thanks to @B1 RMA David for the great feedback on parts i'm eyeing on. Great meeting the lovely American couple Jennifer and John.
  11. I agree with you. Don't think they improved the car with the new headlight redesign. I prefer the seperate cluster of DRL and the main beams.
  12. Ashrez

    New RCF owner

    Car looking really good there. Enjoy the ownership.
  13. Ashrez

    2020 RCF

    Interested to see how the new headlights will look like in F guise. Currently i think the outgoing headlight design looks more aggressive and unique.
  14. A new RCF will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. Sources say it will be a Track Edition with more power than any Lexus currently in the market. Teaser pic only for now. We'll have to wait till 14th January 2019 for the reveal 😎 But that carbon fibre wing looks mighty tasty.