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  1. Ashrez

    New RCF owner

    Car looking really good there. Enjoy the ownership.
  2. Ashrez

    2020 RCF

    Interested to see how the new headlights will look like in F guise. Currently i think the outgoing headlight design looks more aggressive and unique.
  3. A new RCF will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. Sources say it will be a Track Edition with more power than any Lexus currently in the market. Teaser pic only for now. We'll have to wait till 14th January 2019 for the reveal 😎 But that carbon fibre wing looks mighty tasty.
  4. Did they give you the LC as a courtesy or did you have to ask for it? Awesome shot of the car btw 😃
  5. Ashrez

    New RCF owner

    Welcome to the F Club and looking forward to some pics 😃
  6. Looking forward to before and after pics. Interested to know how it rides compared to stock.
  7. Might be able to do this if i don't have any other plans with the family.
  8. Saw the headlights demo on youtube. Thought those who were interested would like to see how it worked.
  9. That sounds really good @Yuss Looks pretty good too.
  10. Thanks, i brought it over to the service center to have it looked at but have had to make an appointment to get it checked out, something about having to run tests on it to determine where the water is coming from. Always thought it was just a visual inspection thing because obviously water is in there so i don't believe it matters where the water is coming from. Also not sure the condensation would be there once i bring it in. Hopefully it can be sorted out.
  11. Welcome to the club @V10Mike i believe yours was one i was planning on looking at before i got mine but was bought the day i called in for a viewing 😄 Really nice colour outside and inside 👍 hope to see more of it in the future.
  12. Hey guys, should i be worried? What do you think?
  13. Car looks really good with those blacked out accents @designo well done 👍 What are you going to change those Greddy's out to?
  14. My father used to own an MK2 Supra back in the day. It was black and i thought the fact that it had the retractable headlights made it the coolest car at the time.
  15. @Big Rat Paul, currently contemplating on getting a set of spacers for the wheels either Eibach or H&R. Got aftermarket wheels on my last GS but the ones on the GSF are excellent wheels already and looks really good, they just need to be pushed out a little. Next would probably be an exhaust going either the Quicksilver or Tom's Racing Japan route. Then maybe get the chrome bits like the front grille and the window trims gloss black. Then depending on what i can work out with my budget i'm look into getting bodykits for the car (really liking the Tom's Racing bodykit here too). And coilovers, although have not decided on which brand yet as it is a daily driver and so far the ride has been perfect for a daily and lexus has tuned the suspension perfectly as it is. Will revisit this if and when i feel the car needs to be lowered. I feel the car has power to spare in real world use so, no plans in that area.