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  1. RayKhan

    Dustbin Lid or Twist Centres

    Sorry, wasnt selling anything and hadnt realised my Gold Membership had lapsed.
  2. RayKhan

    Dustbin Lid or Twist Centres

    I have a spare set in my garage if anyone is interested
  3. RayKhan

    Now Official.

    Well done hope you are both very happy together
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying guys. OK so the wife had the SC430 previously and now the grandchildren are a little bigger she wanted something easier for them to fit. The IS250c seemed bigger in the back which generally for the grandkids was fine, unfortunately anyone else will struggle to get in and out, even if you have the electric folding seats. The car does occasionally struggle to find the right gear on a motorway if you want quick acceleration, but not really an issue as it was never bought for that. Also I need to be careful here as I said the previous car was an SC430 and that had no issues with acceleration! The other odd thing for us and I do stress this is our opinion on a great car, we had a model without memory seats, a real pain as we have very different driving positions. No change holder, which again seems like a minor thing but a real pain. On the plus side its a rare car and looks lovely with the roof down, especially in the blue and cream colour combo we had. Roof goes down quickly and easily. Reversing Cam and parking sensors will tell you if you are too close to something behind to open\shut the roof (nice touch). So all in all nothing much wrong with the car, but she is insistent on having a car that we can get people in the back off hence why we changed. Personally I will miss having a convertible. Happy to answer any questions and do hope our one goes to someone on here.
  5. RayKhan

    Ct 200 Club

    There are people on here who have had more than me! Once you get a goo brand its difficult to move on
  6. RayKhan

    Ct 200 Club

    Thanks Steve
  7. RayKhan


    I too have just bought a CT which doesnt have a spare. My GS300 I had converted to LPG and used the space for the spare for the gas tank. Still have a GS wheel if anyone needs one. On average its 120,000 miles before you get a puncture no I know that is road dependent etc but its a lot of miles to worry about carrying a spare
  8. RayKhan

    Ct 200 Club

    Hi Guys Just moved our IS250c on and now have a CT200 SE-L Premium. So the list of Lexus to date are IS250c SC430 GS300 x3
  9. So after a years ownership the car wasnt quite what we wanted, so off she goes. This time its the wife's choice and we are now owners of a CT200 this becoming the 6th Lexus we have had.
  10. RayKhan

    New Wheels And Tyres

    It is a thankless task but deep down you know we all appreciate your efforts. I am sure everyone on this thread will agree Steve is a great mod.
  11. RayKhan

    New Wheels And Tyres

    If this is directed at me, I am a Gold Member and have been for years
  12. RayKhan

    New Wheels And Tyres

    I believe I still have a set of those wheels in my shed and I think I also have a chrome set of the wheel covers (dustbin lids) boxed in the garage somewhere. Make me an offer if you want them.
  13. RayKhan

    Alloy Colour?

    I had black on my black SC430, but the wife never liked it. Think I have a set of original wheels still.
  14. RayKhan

    Lexus Independent In Dorset?

    I have used a garage in Charminster for my GS300s and my SC430 in the past. They have done Cam belts and the usual servicing. PM for details