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  1. Thanks @The-Acre For the MOT advisories, I have had similar "lower suspension arm..." advisories appear on our (rock hard!) E91 330D, which have been fixed with new bushes. Are ageing LS430's tackled in the same way or are you forced into buying expensive arm assemblies? Could the steering rack advisory mean worn track rods as opposed to "new steering rack" required next MOT sir? Don't mind £x00s but would ideally like to avoid £000s at next MOT! Any input from the wise? Thanks
  2. Did you view it in the flesh? Or do you mean you spotted it as well? Did you go from pre to post Facelift and is it worth it for the extra cog in the gearbox?
  3. Here is another LS430 that has caught my eye. It is an early one (Feb 2001) but has 100% Lexus dealer history according to the ad. Although I confess I would rather have a facelift model, which I think look better, this one looks rather magnificent in Black Cherry pearl. Possibly less sheddy than the '04 I looked at last weekend. Funnily enough almost exactly same miles at 227K. The DVLA MOT history from the most recent suggests some suspension refreshing may be imminent: Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): - Offside Front Lower Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement rearmost (5.3.4 (a) (i)) - Nearside Front Lower Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement rearmost (5.3.4 (a) (i)) - Nearside Rear Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement foremost arm- inner bush (5.3.4 (a) (i)) - Nearside Rear tyre- wearing inner edge - Offside Play in steering rack inner joint(s) () The last item worries me. Should it? Should any of them! Thanks.
  4. Thank you @The-Acre Useful to know. I conclude it must have been working fine.
  5. That's interesting to know thank you very much. I didn't wait 30secs. How much does it rise in total? I guess about 2 to 3 inches max? Perhaps I need to return to this car and knock a bit off for a deep clean internal valet...
  6. Hello All, Another question - thinking back to my moment with the LS430 yesterday. The very first thing I checked yesterday was did it appear to be sitting level, which it did. Bearing in mind it is Sorned and hadn't really been prepared at all ( e.g some sponge action and some vacuum action would have been nice) I took "looking level" as a good thing. It definitely wasn't saggy ar5ed. When I flicked the normal / high ride height button to high I could very very faintly hear a motor of some kind and when i got out of the car to watch I think I could just about make out it rising a bit but really not very much. As a first timer I had no idea what to expect. What is the expected spectacle!? Also, and this is just out of interest, why did Lexus bother with adjustable ride height? I get the sport/normal firmness button but it isn't as if you are going to go off-road in an LS430 so why have ride height options? thanks for your patience.
  7. Well no forecourt petrol station shot from me. To be fair this is a 228k car advertised for £2k so you have to manage your expectations accordingly. I concluded I could find a better one and spend more. Main stopper was the interior, which was scruffy and somewhat dirty. Secondary issues were non-functioning boot release or auto-close, steering wheel in/out motor (both claimed working in correspondence). When braking a mild graunch could be heard and I didn't feel it was particularly spritely (sadly a short urban drive only - inadequate in itself). It was however near silent and lovely to waft in. On the upside I have finally inspected and driven a 430 and this car gives me a benchmark. It was still a Wonderful car and it has made me want one even more. Watch this space.
  8. Thanks All. Will budget for new rad. I believe they are about 300 fitted at Lexus. Unless I have missed a zero.
  9. Thanks @Jake430 - was that for a 430 or your current 600H please?
  10. Hello Again Malc, Sorry to ask again but when "in the field" with an LS430 how is one to check for coolant/transmission oil mixing, beyond checking the coolant is clean and red? Is it torch around the rad looking for leaks? I assume a healthy driving experience (smooth changes, revs up to red line on full launch etc) is the other basic check? Thanks once again.
  11. Hello All, Acknowledging that the concept of an LS430 with roof bars/box maybe hugely stressful for some forum members.. ..does anyone know if/where you can get them please? My initial research has drawn a blank. Reason I am asking is because as a family guy I have always found them vital for hols. thanks!
  12. Do you mean get the radiator changed anyway regardless? Is visual check clean coolant + no hesitation when driving? Random question - do LS430s allow roof bars? Thanks!
  13. At the risk of someone getting in ahead of me, I am viewing this LS430 at the weekend. It is a leggy facelift, however it is a 2 owner car with masses of main dealer history so I am not too worried about the miles. Timing belt and water pump done at 200k and last service done with MOT at 226k. Looking at the MOT history someone did 25 - 30k miles per annum in it on several occasions, which is fairly heroic. The steering wheel motors work, so that's got to be a good sign right 🙂 Wish me luck.
  14. Because the front passenger seat can be moved further forward out of the way. and tilted forward to allow for the foot room.