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  1. Excellent. I can go and buy an RX400H and not worry now! ..thereby making introduction of an LS430 easier. Job jobbed
  2. Hello All, Does anyone know if the problem of cat thefts from RX400H's is also a threat to LS models? thanks
  3. As I wrote higher up, I have been put off buying an RX400H because of the cat thefts. I have a saved search on AutoTrader for RX's and the number of cars for sale seems to be increasing. I think some owners are getting fed up. I wouldn't say there has been an obvious fall in prices however. I am also wondering what they are swapping them for - pure EVs maybe?
  4. Apologies again for meandering off to discuss another car. Note to self - start a new thread for each car! I don't want the gold one.
  5. Apologies. I confused the thread yesterday by asking about a different car. This one in fact - a blue pre facelift. The seller has confirmed to me separately it started sinking around 3 months ago. He has owned it since 2011. The seller of the gold car has not offered up whether his is sinking or not, although looking at the pictures it does look low at the back (conjecture). Once again - apologies for thread confusion!
  6. Yep no worries. I guessed that. Thanks. Seller says it has been happening about 3 months. He believes lack of use may have caused it. He also says it pumps itself up at start up and drives fine after that. I am possibly trying to talk myself into believing it would carry on being "ok" for a couple of years (when the timing belt is due) and assuming regular use again! Seller seems a decent chap and has been up front about a couple of other issues.
  7. Thanks @RgrWynne that is reassuring to know. This is the car I am referring to. It is a pre-facelift in lovely dark blue with pale leather, which is arguably my favourite combination. The question I am asking myself about the saggy rear is do I feel lucky punk?! Note also timing belt due in a couple of years working forward from 75000 miles. thanks.
  8. General question this as I am not keen on full Werthers spec gold. IF an LS430 sags at the rear overnight then would I be right in assuming this means leaky air strut(s). If it then rises up when the car starts is this acceptable or is it still impending doom and walk (run?) away. reason I ask is because a local one has popped up where the seller has been open about this. thanks.
  9. Thanks. Yes I spotted that. I can't help but think it is sitting low at the back. Perhaps it is just my old eyes.
  10. Hello former Stonesfan, good to hear from you! Thanks for your note and glad you are enjoying Lexus ownership. I am a fake member here really as I still don't own a Lexus even after thinking about it and threatening to do so for several years. I really want an LS430 but it makes little practical sense and that seems to be holding me back, although I did test a leggy facelift a while back. An RX400H is next favourite and much more practical but the crime wave of cat converter thefts has put me off completely for now. Really annoying. A GS would sit somewhere in the middle of the two, but the odd omission of the split fold rear seat counts against it and to be honest I might as well go 430 in that case! is your old Accord coupe still going? Mine is i have recently discovered, although on a private plate, which made it harder to find. It is on 140k miles now. i recall you went to an e60 523i after your V6 and now you have a Lexus. i got a sheddy 9-5 Aero (auto, with Noobtune) after my V6. It was a lot faster than the Accord but the Honda was much nicer in most other ways and was a nice example. The build quality, despite being US made!, was way better. i have found LOC to be a very helpful and likeable forum. One day I will have one. Just need my old CMax to blow up ideally... whats a GS250 like then?
  11. Hi there, Please would someone be able to confirm if the 2005 onwards GS has split/fold rear seats or not. Or even a ski flap if not! Thanks
  12. I am going to hold fire for now until this spree passes or a better deterrent comes to market. Not too keen on spending out in order to then put myself at greater risk of hassle than current sheddy CMax, which sits in an unsecured station car park every day. Is the 450H better defended? i really hope this passes. Surely there must be a trail leading to dodgy scrap metal dealers? Where do all these cats go!!?
  13. Is this a country wide phenomenon? I am (finally) viewing a used RX400H today local to me and I have to confess the catalyst thefts are worrying me to the point I am being put off buying one at the moment. I am in Dorset btw. is there a genuine after marker deterrent other than straight through pipe, which I assume is an MOT fail? does insurance pay for new cat btw? apologies if the answers to the above are all in the thread. I haven't read it all yet. total scumbags. ETA- have now read entire thread and concluded no effective deterrent. 😞
  14. Thanks @The-Acre For the MOT advisories, I have had similar "lower suspension arm..." advisories appear on our (rock hard!) E91 330D, which have been fixed with new bushes. Are ageing LS430's tackled in the same way or are you forced into buying expensive arm assemblies? Could the steering rack advisory mean worn track rods as opposed to "new steering rack" required next MOT sir? Don't mind £x00s but would ideally like to avoid £000s at next MOT! Any input from the wise? Thanks