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  1. Hi, Appreciate this is thread resurrection but does this issue affect the earlier 400H? I have spotted this advisory on a number of 450H's but not 400H's so I think it affects only the 450. Thanks
  2. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has a link to the different specs for each of the RX400h models and changes with each model year please? I want Mark Levinson audio and I would like a sunroof (obviously I can spot these!). I would like to avoid air suspension but am confused as to whether it was even fitted to 400s. Or how to spot it. This early SE-L has popped up locally (note the Ferrari in the garage in one of the shots) and despite it being a bit leggy it has caught my interest. It has a good MOT history and apparent main dealer servicing (I might give Poole a ring). The slightly clumsy non painted parking sensors and the tow bar also add usefulness points. However, I am unsure if the early ones miss out on important improvements made in later model years. Any clues appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi Again, I was wondering in the 4 years that have passed since I asked this (and still didn't buy an LS) whether any more Lexus independents have risen up in Dorset or West Hants. I do have Lexus Poole 5 mins down the road but avoiding main dealer labour prices would be a nice-to-have as I form my latest buy-an-LS plan. Thanks again.
  4. As a prospective LS430 owner I have found this thread incredibly useful for two reasons. Firstly the visual check about the bottom of the car being level when buying one and then a reasonable cost way forward for tackling worn out air suspension if disaster strikes and prolonging the life of a 430. I wonder what % of LS430s are suffering suspension issues - are we talking "when" rather than "if" do you think? Final question from me on suspension - if you convert to coils/struts do you need to do something with the ride height sensors & ECUs and compressor pump to stop it thinking there are issues all the time? So other than air suspension, stereo amplifier issues, radiators needing replacing and failed rear aircon there is nothing really to worry about 😉 Or do most of these things actually work most of the time! It brings me back to my unoriginal LS400 MkIV vs LS430 question a couple of years back. Thanks all.
  5. Thank you. Remind me are LS430s air suspension all round or just the rear? What is the typical cost per corner to budget for when considering running one?
  6. Hi All, Occasional poster here still harbouring a desire for an old LS! Quick question about some LS430s looking a bit "saggy" in photos. Is this a guaranteed sign of rear air suspension issues or are they like the old Citroens where they only rise up when the ignition is on. For example this one linked below. Slightly off topic but I note good MkIV LS400s and pre-facelift LS430s now appear to have crossed over in values. thanks as ever!
  7. Utter utter bargain. You lucky thing!! That is a £2k+ car all day every day. Go on rub it in! Might as well tell us that the timing belt and water pump has been done at a main dealer just recently to go with the 19yrs of main dealer stamps. 4 brand new premium tyres? Bonnet and boot struts all brand new!? Why does this never happen in Dorset........
  8. I really hope not! For those who didn't see it it was green with cream interior. Genuine cream lexus floormats in the rear but replacement (cheap) black ones in the front. It also had two little black plastic tabs above the rear number plate (no idea what they were). Finally it also had unusually neat alloys (i.e. not discoloured) and rear parking sensors. That should be enough to identify it along with the unusually low 98,000 miles.
  9. It is 102miles away from me. This is probably a good thing as far as my wife is concerned! I think it is a lovely colour combo and looks a steal. Even the alloys look ok. Hope someone on here gets it bought and reports back!
  10. Hi All, not a LS400 owner but one day would like to scratch a persistent itch so I still have my AutoTrader notification running and lurk here sometimes! Anyway spotted what looks to be a suspiciously mega bargain late Mk4 on AT. Under 100k miles, 1 owner and £995! The MOT history says in has a no MOT, which is at odds with the ad but it could be the private plate. I was just wondering if people on here had seen this one before? LS400
  11. No I haven't yet. Still looking but there's not many about and certainly none locally. A silver mk4 has popped up on AT "with last owner for 10yrs" but I am not inclined to rush off on a 300mile round trip over Xmas. I have also started thinking about GS430s. There are none of them even vaguelly locally either. Seems like Lexus haven't made much of a dent in Dorset! Has anyone compared and contrasted LS400s and GS430s?
  12. Thank you ColinBarber. How does reliability of an early GS430 compare to an LS400 mk 4? I have been focussing on LS400s to date, but the slightly smaller size of the GS appeals.
  13. Hi there, Sorry to interrupt the thread, but regarding the brake booster issue was this problem eradicated after the facelift. Thanks!