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  1. From memory the 0405 relates to the EGR and 2002 relates to the DPF. Probably need to clean the EGR and get a forced regen on the DPF. Doing nothing may well lead to further problems.
  2. Nope never seen that in any car thus far.
  3. Well ... you may get a wheel that's substantially hotter than the rest after a drive. You may see excess wear on one pad only of the pair in the caliper. If its the fronts you may feel a pull to one side on braking. You may not see any symptom. I was not aware of owt until I took a check on my calipers a couple of months back. The lower pin was seized solid at the rear caliper. The top one came out but the caliper would not rotate at all. Strangely, now it is all fixed.... I have noticed there is much less brake dust on the front wheels than previously. This makes sense as the front brakes would have been working harder to make up for the rears not doing their bit. So, it is quite likely if you see excessive brake dust starting to appear then that could be a sign also. The slider pins are dead easy to do once you have the hang of it .... but get the correct grease (that is important). Lexus dealerships don't schedule any caliper servicing. Intervals vary from person to person but if you do them every 12 months you won't go wrong. Take read through here There are a couple of links to Noobies very good write-ups regarding servicing the slider pins. Hope that helps.
  4. Check the slider pins on the calipers while you are doing the pads. It's often the lower one that seizes.
  5. Z that's very frustrating if they've broken it. Go back to lexus in the first instance and get them to sort it. Hope it goes well for you. For anyone reading this and being a little puzzled ..... this is how to change the cabin filter And this may help with a fix if you're reasonably handy with tools
  6. If you press DISP there are options for brightness, etc and I think there is button for map off. Guessing that is what was meant.
  7. Somewhere ...... on one of my PC's is a description of how to locate and adjust your headlights .. If you want a copy I'll dig it out and put it up for you. I found it very useful when I checked mine. They were set too low and are now much much better. You just need a good flat surface to park the car on and a perpendicular/flat surface to project the beams against at either 10' or 25' away. Did mine in the factory one evening in the winter. If its dark enough you can use a wall or similar outside too. If you want to do this you will find it much easier with a cordless drill and a 150mm Pozidrive extension piece. Use a nice gentle slow speed and you can visibly see the beam moving up/down or left/right. Don't try it by hand as it will take so many turns to see movement ... your wrist will tire before you've achieved anything. The adjuster for up and down is easy to see with the side cover removed. But the left/right adjuster is somewhat hidden down an angled tube ...sounds odd but once you've found it it's easy.. There is a good youtube video showing the adjusters ...again, I have a link somewhere.
  8. There are two adjustment ratchets on each headlight unit. One is for up and down The other is for side to side
  9. Cheers. Just remember ....if you use hammerite .... recoat within the hour and if it goes beyond 3 hours you need to leave it for 6 weeks for full cure to be attained, or your next coat will have an adverse effect on the paint thats already it can wrinkle and spoil it. Personally I prefer brushing it on so you can keep clear of rubber collars.
  10. Pretty sure that Lexus schedule the air filter for every 35,000 miles ..... which is completely bonkers. I do mine every 12 months or so but check every 6 just to be sure. Buying elsewhere they are around £12-15. The cabin filter is as little as £7.
  11. Does the job give you a better income .... To the tune of £300 a month? Needs a bit of careful thought this one. Do you want to be driving 140 miles per day? My son did similar for nearly a year........ he now has a job elsewhere. The daily mileage was taking its toll on him. I'm going to ponder your dilemma whilst I watch a bunch of twits in Tuscany. I will be amazed if 60 odd mpg in a is300 is realistic. I certainly did not get anywhere near that when I dem'd one. Think it was 43.
  12. If you ask them they can and should print you out the whole list. If not give you a link where you can download and print off yourself.
  13. Yes .... very much so. The fronts can be separated by removing two bolts. Before you start , take a photo that you can refer back to to ascertain which parts are visible when the whole is assembled. You then clean up...wire brush, sand and solvent degrease. Paint the top half and rest it down onto a flower pot or paint tin and set about painting the carrier. This is exactly how I did my fronts. I only completely removed the rears as I needed to do some thorough remedial work on them. Remove one bolt and the rears can be split for painting. See noobies guide for greasing the front and rear calipers for some excellent pictures and the routine required to complete the job. Here