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  1. Have you thoroughly checked all hoses are correctly tightened after doing your plugs. Air Filter box and contents all good? You could try a solvent clean of the MAF ... it won't do any harm to cancel those out of the equation. As far as I recall Lexus points towards changing the upstream sensors around the 80,000 mls mark. That's not to say it is mandatory as you will plenty of people going over 100,000 with no issues. I did both my upstream sensors a little while back. Think I was on 75,000 or so and the car was much improved for it too. I did these as a precaution and had noticed more smoke (at idle) from the exhausts. It was here if you want to have a looksee at what is involved
  2. Given that Denso supply Lexus its pretty fair to assume they are OEM .... I couldn't see any difference. Been using them ever since my first blade change 5 years ago.
  3. Never used any temp gauges for that so I can't relate to specific numbers. What I would say is If you can smell the heat of the hub's too hot If you can't touch it (be very careful doing this) without fear of burning ... it's too hot If the disc looks slightly blue coloured and darker, certainly not silver like normal .... its too hot. I noticed one of the wheels of my wife's Mx5 had a much darker disc a few weeks back. Looking closer I could smell it was hot. Once it had cooled down I jacked the car up and took the wheel off for a looksee. Caliper pin was sticking so the pads were not releasing properly. Removed the offending slide pin and cleaned out the bore, regreased with the correct grease and reassembled. All is fine again now. That weekend I removed all the wheels and overhauled all the slide pins on.
  4. No no ... get that Vulcan airborne!!! That sound is just awesome ... I'll never ever forget it. Seriously though, this is a great read. You're a brave man Adrian. I'm willing this to turn out good for you. Somehow I think it probably will.
  5. I can't say with absolute certainty Geoff, but I'd take a punt on them not making their own wheels. It's one of those products that falls nicely into being outsourced. If your wheels are good on a is300h then maybe (well....hopefully) they have looked into improving quality issues and longevity. See if you can make sense of the warranty document. It may give you a pointer .... but I expect wear and tear to play a part in their approach. Last time I spoke about an extended warranty with Lexus they indicated that wheels are not generally covered any more. However, this was said during an impromptu chat at the service desk without reference to any paperwork. I'd like to think the staff would know the ins and outs of extended warranties ....but maybe not I chose not to take up the option. Thus far it's worked in my favour.
  6. Nothing to lose by asking. Don't be too surprised if they reject the request. They have replaced a lot under extended warranty... last I heard on this forum they had removed wheels from those parts being covered. Lexus just don't do wheels very well .... and have not done for years. Very poor approach for the brand. The wheels on my old is200 Sport were replaced by Lexus ....but they were shot within 2 years. Blistered and bubbled all over the place. Take a look at the inside of your wheels ...... they are not finished the outer finish has a week point at the edge of the spokes. That's where they peel from. I could pull up the edge of the finish at that point and feel it pinging all round the wheel .... very very poor. The finish of my wheels (which I really like the design of) on my current IS250 were literally flaking off in sheets and blistering from underneath the finish around the valves. I decided to go to a reputable local refurber. Chemical strip, repair a few kerb marks and resprayed, glazed and oven baked all over. Now they spankingly good and a doddle to keep looking good. £300 but oh so worth it to me. This is how they look now. They were done last year around May/June.
  7. Mmmmmmmm ..... Interesting. I've only ever known of mild steel in mk2 IS's Mine is 2010 and its mild steel from what I can see.
  8. In reply to an email I sent to Lexus this morning .... I have been advised that Sept/Oct is a possibly/maybe/ain't got a clue really start point .... so perhaps contact us again then. I'm not holding my breath. Strange really .. Lexus said in the letter I have (from July 2016) that they would be contacting me 'soon'. With the best will in the world ......... 13 months with not a word .... does not qualify as soon. Oh, and it's a Safety Issue recall .... really!!!!
  9. Fair play to Eurocarparts... they get a bit of flak from time to time .... but ..... Blades have just been delivered... That's very impressive.
  10. Glad you got it working OK
  11. Here's the screenshot ....did you put the code in the correct place?
  12. Does not expire until midnight tonight. I just put two items in the basket applied the code and got 50% off.
  13. Erm.... no space between wiper and 50 it's ........ WIPER50 Sorry chaps .... that's what comes of rushing ....blokes don't do multitasking. Ask my missus .... she will confirm
  14. Just enter Wiper 50 into the promo code tab in your basket. Then you should see the price to pay cut by 50%
  15. If anyone is interested...Eurocarparts are offering 50% off wiper blades until midnight tonight. Just got a Denso set for the IS and a Bosch set for the Mx5 for £23 delivered ...thats pretty darned good. Ready for Winter!!! I am not affiliated with Eurocarparts...merely passing on the info that just popped into my mail box whilst at work.