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  1. Firstly, have you had a letter from Lexus advising of the recall. If not then you are not on their database. Phone them and get them to update their details of ownership for your vehicle. This may well involve having to take your logbook sheet and your passport to verify who you are and the vehicle etc etc. You will ....eventually......get another letter from Lexus advising to contact your branch to arrange the recall work on the airbag. I doubt anyone will call you as such. Hope that helps.
  2. All done and dusted. Lexus Poole did a good job as far as I can tell. Happy to report the dash is still quiet as a mouse. Car was washed and valeted. TBH I would not have expected any more....I certainly did not expect any fuel top up. As far as I know that only applies when they did the fuel system O ring. I had a brand new IS300h for a day as a loaner .... I'm just glad to have the recall done at long last.
  3. Mine is in today for the airbag job. I did mention that the dash is silent and there are no rattles/pops/cracks at all from anywhere around the dashboard. I have two videos to back up my statement too. Hopefully I won't be needing to produce them. Should get her back tonight all being well. Have a brand new IS300h to get to work. Very nice is is too. I still prefer my 2.5 V6 though, .................. but then I am very accustomed to its sound and performance.
  4. I fully agree with the above. I had a 220d some time back. Had to have new engine,egr and dpf within 3 months of ownership. Not a particularly good start. Only consider a diesel if you are doing serious mile munching on the motor way network. Most auto 250's will return a very similar mileage. The gearbox in the diesel is a bit 'agricultural' and the ratios are a bit odd. I found 6th utterly useless unless you can do above 85mph. I now have a Auto 250 (had it for quite a few years) every day I drive it is an absolute pleasure. Try a 250 Auto. I think you'll be amazed. I get 31mpg around town and 36 to 40 on an extended run. Not too shabby for a Auto V6!! Good luck with your search, try as many as you can .... be patient and get the car you want not what some dealer wants you to have. I'd say get a 250 auto ... but I will freely admit I am biased that way.
  5. One to add to the list Newbie. Don't think there are any batteries shown thus far. Battery For IS 250 There are quite a few to choose from, in my experience this is a good one. Bosch S4 026 068 (comes with a 4 year guarantee) Length 261 x Height 220 x Depth 175 Whichever you get, insist on a type 068. A lot of places will default you into a type 069 .... DO NOT GET THIS ... the contact posts will be at the front of the battery. The wiring loom is severely over-stretched ed to attach.
  6. I'm not aware of any codes being used.
  7. I saved this in my Lexus folder links when I read Noobies account of overhauling his mirrors. Perhaps see if he concurs this is the correct type. Certainly looks right .... but as they say .... looks can be deceiving.
  8. squealing brakes at low speeds

    Yes you did, the upstream was the 2 sensors left and right of the engine block. That was the ones you sent me the video of. It was the downstreams that you didn't do as they are under the floor where the front seats are located.
  9. Behind the drivers side abs cover panel, above the pedals, pretty much in line with your knees. Assuming its the same across all years
  10. I had a 'wrongun' from ECP for an MX5 a few years ago. To their credit ECP changed it without question. Only bind was having to go back to store to get it swapped. I find you do have to double check approved fitments from just about anywhere as some details that are accessed in good faith by these companies are sometimes proved to be wrong. I generally go armed with what I know to be the correct detail now. Last weekend Halfords tried to sell me any old coolant, despite asking for 'FL22' type for wifeys newer MX5. Their booklet said they were right ...they weren't.
  11. Eurocarparts are offering 50% off a whole stack of useful kit until Sunday 3rd September. Just enter HOLIDAY50 into the coupon area when you view your shopping cart. I've just grabbed 1x Air Filter and 2x Active charcoal Cabin Filters for £30. Bargain or what?? Also grabbed a full set of brake pads (trying Pagid this time) as they will be required in the next 5000 mls or so. Then guilt got the better of me and I got a full set of Brake pads and an Air Filter for Sal's MX5 too. I don't particularly need them right this minute, but hey, they can sit on a shelf in the garage until spring ... when they will be required. I have no affiliation with ECP ... just sharing the chance to save a bit of dosh.
  12. Exactly what Admiral tried to do to me. Told them to do one at renewal point. Its a load of 'dangly bits' ...can't put the word as it will likely be auto censored ... but you get my drift.
  13. squealing brakes at low speeds

    Shaun (newbie) and Garry are bang on here Rishi. Lexus don't look at calipers or slide pin greasing .... they just want you to buy a new set. Mate, you did both Upstream oxygen sensors .... this will be a walk in the park for you. Just be methodical and take your time and before you know you'll be checking them every year. The more times you do it the easier and quicker it gets. Just make sure you get the correct Slide Pin grease and smallish tub of copper grease (you can get it cheap enough with Free P&P from Ebay) for the shims (each side) and a wee bit where the brake pad sits into its holding spring clip on the caliper. Incidentally. You can have a seized slide pin and not know it. That's precisely what my rear lower slide pin had done. It was seized in the 'out' position so did not allow the caliper to close onto the disc ....allowing the wheel to spin freely. Read this via Shaun's's spot on and extremely instructive. Get cracking and let us know how you get on. You'll be glad to have it done and know it really has been done properly. Keith
  14. Not totally sure but I think it was dropped on the later models.
  15. Quite guide. I bet there is fair bit of muck in there stopping them operating properly.