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  1. Hey check this ls430 out lol Look the gear knob
  2. I've just read the ad and he/she says it can go sideways anytime
  3. Grinding on left turns from osr

    I emailed the seller about them last week but I totally forgot to bid on it as I was worried about the cambelt on my car, so now ive had that replaced, I'll bid on it
  4. I liked both the ls430 and the mk3 Gs300. I loved the v8 engine of the ls430, it was so quiet and smooth, so many gadgets to play with, but the only reason for selling the ls430 was I was worried about the air suspension and gearbox failing as they are very costly but drive wise the car is brilliant. The Gs300 is a lovely car too, direct injection so fuel wise it was good too, I remember driving from Birmingham to London in it and I was averaging 43mpg but then again I don't have a heavy foot and the most I got in the ls430 was 39mpg again I don't have a heavy foot. Both are nice but if it was me I would probably go for a Gs300 and that's only because of the costly repairs of the ls430 but they are nice cars. The gs300 mk3 is chain driven too. What ever car you decide to get, make sure it has a good service history and the cambelt in the ls430 has been done.
  5. Exhaust gasket

    I remember buying some of main dealer, I think they were around £5 each
  6. Lexus gs 300 2005

    Hi why don't you get the gearbox reconditioned? Or have you tried replacing the gearbox oil? Really that shouldn't be happening. Do you by any chance move the automatic gear stick sometimes while the car is moving? I have heard some people do this to other automatic cars and that can cause an issue.
  7. Word of warning, there is a guy on eBay called lexus chap, he is the famous dodgy dealer from Dudley also known as adamprogny, whatsthatnoise, and son of adam
  8. The blue 2006 ls430, is that the one advertised on AutoTrader?
  9. The ls430 looks familiar..i seen one very very similar in Ireland couple of years ago.
  10. That's looks really nice, nice mods too.
  11. I had a similar problem once when I went to a place in Devon for a few days, apparently something local was interfering with my then Gs300 alarm signal, when I was in the car it worked, but outside the car it didn't, I drove about half a mile up the road, and it would work from the outside, when I drove back to where we were staying, it wouldn't work from outside.
  12. abs slow speed at full lock cuts in

    Does it make a buzzing noise when you press the brake pedal?
  13. I'm quiet sure that on the boot of the ls430 you just touch the bit above the number plate and the boot unlocks and opens. They have a chrome strip on the rear of the boot, just put your fingers underneath that (both sides) and it should unlock. I had this issue when I had an ls430 and it worked.
  14. Grinding on left turns from osr

    I agree with Neil, it won't be the bearing and it will have something to do with with the lip on the rear disc
  15. Replacement rear shocks

    I had the same issue, front ones are easy to find but rear ones are main dealer only I'm afraid, unless you want to go for coilovers
  16. That's right, they don't have a switch to fold them in and out, the 1999-2000 do though
  17. The only difference between a 1998 ls400 and a 1999-2000 ls400 is the 1998 doesn't have electric side mirrors.
  18. I was just thinking, when I had an Ls400 it was making a whining noise and it turned out to be the alternator
  19. Hi It could be the drive belt and the idle pulley.
  20. It's the vsv sensor. It's got nothing to do with a wheel bearing causing an abs sensor fault, infact never heard of such a thing
  21. I remember I had this issue with an ls430 I had. The vsv sensor was around £59 from the dealers, but job itself is around 3 to 4 hrs and thats because of where it's located. This is a common problem on the 430 engine. It happens on the Ls, Gs and the Sc 430's
  22. Quick question

    Since I've had my sc the satnav hasn't been working, I really think Lexus satnav are rubbish and I use my Google maps so haven't been bothered to get it looked at, but I'm hoping someone can help I get this mesg saying unable to read data. Check if map dvd is correct. Does that mean the satnav player has had it or is it just the disc itself? Thanks in advance
  23. Gates, Dayco and continental are very good