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  1. Me personally would have the ls400. I've had many Lexus ls430's, Gs300, Gs430 and now sc430, but the ls400 mk4 is best of the lot for reliability and comfort, infact I didn't notice any difference between air suspension and the ls400 suspension
  2. Agree way over priced and if your gonna spend that much on an ls430, I would get the facelift model instead, but be very aware that you will get the same issues as you would with the earlier models
  3. That was £4000 for past few days, not sure why the price has gone up.
  4. I haven't had any experience on the A6 but I did have 2 Audi S4 before I got into Lexus. It was a 99 T reg in kingfisher blue, it had 97000 miles on when I bought it, I took it 243000 miles and didn't any major issues at all. The only issues I had were wear and tear issues like brake pads and discs and upper and lower arms, I used to get it serviced once a year and what a beast it was. Oh and I had the clutch replaced once. If i were to buy a German, then it would be an Audi, but manual as I do know they did have issues with auto gearboxes
  5. Well the first one is overpriced thats probably why it hasnt sold yet as it has been up for sale a while and looks very good, I remember early last year or was it the year before when I bought a 2004 ls430 with 176000 miles, I paid £2600 for it, and with that sort of millage I will assume the air suspension has been replaced like it was on the one I had.
  6. I had a facelift ls430, lovely car, I was lucky, the previous owner before me had the air suspension issue and had replaced both rear air suspension at just over £700 each at lexus main dealers and had the radiator replaced because yes they do suffer from the same gearbox issue too so lexus advised him it was best to replace the radiator
  7. When i had a mk3 Gs300, I bought front pads and discs from main dealers for £150. It was Birmingham Lexus main dealers.
  8. Lol thanks. I'll see what happens when it's put on Automatic
  9. Hi guys Wonder if someone can shed some light on this one. Well before I started my car up, coolant level was in normal place, In the middle of full and low mark in the reservoir tank thing, then when I started the car, the level went down and stayed there, everything was working fine, heaters etc, then when I switched the car off, the level went back into the normal position again. Is this normal? I only ask because this is the first ever time I had actually watched the coolant in a lexus vehicle.
  10. Okay so, done the job, no more water leak and no air in system, but I don't know if it's just me, when I put heater on to warm, the drivers side is very hot but passenger side is not as hot, its warm but not as hot as the drivers side, what have I missed doing?
  11. Oh one other thing, what's the difference between red coolant and pink coolant? Is it okay to use red toyota coolant?
  12. Thank you for all that. The radiator on my Lexus doesn't have a cap but some sort of plastic thing that I think will unscrew with an Allan key. I may just order the part from Lexus tomorrow, I'm sure it can't be that expensive can it? But I'm not sure if I should drive my car until I've got it done. But are very short journeys Okay? I'm not sure if I should risk it. What do you think?
  13. Hi yep your right I found the leak, loaner radiator hose. I wonder how much that would cost and if it's the same as and ls430 part
  14. Maybe it's normal but it's just that it's the first time I looked at it and thought is that suppose to happen? I suppose it goes around the cooling system once car is started and into the radiator etc and whatever is left goes back into the coolant system when car is switched off
  15. Word of warning, there is a guy on eBay called lexus chap, he is the famous dodgy dealer from Dudley also known as adamprogny, whatsthatnoise, and son of adam
  16. Just a heads up, he's changed his name again, this time it's lexuslegend
  17. Not much difference then. But i would rather stick with Shell Helix as that's what they use at Toyota and Lexus dealers, all they do is put their own label on it.
  18. You can get 33% off at Euro car parts buy using code SAVE33. So a 5 litre 5w30 shell Helix would cost you around £18
  19. If you want discount, try euro car parts online. You can save alot of money with them.
  20. Hey check this ls430 out lol Look the gear knob