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  1. How weird is that? Yesterday I sold my 2000 ls430 with 144300 miles on the clock and I'd had that for six and a half years. Not a bad result with that really, it means it only cost me £1000 for the whole time I've owned it! Very happy to say I've still got the "55" plate ls430 though.
  2. Ah just checked. You've a 97 Ls400 so may well be different
  3. How did you do that? There's only one lock and it's on the drivers door. Is this an Ls430?
  4. Sold my 18's on ebay for £50. I just wanted the space back. Had 1791 views on the car, 36 watchers, a few offers made - no sale...I'm just putting a drivers door on there now, see if I can make some more spa e in the garage.🙄
  5. If its a 430 just use the key blade in the drivers doorlock. If it has a cap on it just prise it off
  6. Ever sold on ebay? Really annoying when you are trying to sell something, have had nearly 1100 views and 32 watchers and it's a buy it now item! What is the point? 🙄
  7. Replaced my 2000 plate with a Bosche s4 026 today. Same battery as my 2005 ls430.
  8. Perhaps it's a way the government can rid the roads of all petrol and diesel vehicles in favour of electric. A stealthy way of making it impossible for the d.i.y mechanic to work on and too expensive to take to main dealers and that's if they will still work on them.If prices of new electric cars stay high that will also reduce traffic on the road beacause many people will not be able to afford a new electric car. Lets face it when my car was registered in 2005 I certainly wouldn't have been able to pay £55,000 for it but 15 years down the line and sub £3000 for a superbly reliable luxurious car is easily feasible.
  9. I dont know if Paul at lexussparesdirect deals with ls400's as well as 430's but you could try him
  10. Excellent! 😄 My 2000 ls430 is insured with churchill limited to 1000 miles per year for £179.20 full comp.( this one has the towbar so is my 2nd car when i need it) My 2005 430 is insured with carole nash for 10,000 miles per year full comp for £207.42 Total : £386.62
  11. No problem Stuart I'm glad you're sorted. Sorry for the delay with me replying I've just sorted out the new app.
  12. Hi Stuart, yes everything is still for sale. Excuse my ignorance but what is the 'ET?"
  13. For sale: Bare door, silver drivers door (no glass, switches, locks, internal trim etc) 4 x 18" 5 spoke wheels and 245/45/18 tyres with good tread. Item Condition: Door - used and good condition. wheels in need of refurbishment. tyres used but plenty of life left in them. Price :£50 for the door, £125 for the wheels, £125 for the tyres. Extra Info: bought the front and rear door from lexus spares direct but front door on my car was repaired so this is surplus to requirements. I don't have a picture of the door but can assure everyone it is in very good condition. If interested I could take some photo's. (just need to empty the garage to get to it) 🙂 Contact Details: Mark (Lex eleven) Location: Brixham Devon Delivery: collection or buyer arranges courier etc
  14. Thanks. Yes they came with spacers and a full set of wheelnuts. Funny thing is the guy ordered them from Germany and on the day of fitting they didn't fit, they were hampered by the caliper. Obviously didn't get the offset right. Anyway a week later the correct ones turned up and all was ok. Your wheels look beaut! As you say a nice set of wheels can make such a difference.
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