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  1. The hinges are why I sold my IS-F. Didn't I mention it at the time?
  2. Carry on Top Gear I say. It makes them rarer and cheaper to buy. Double win.
  3. I think they all have ML sound, but I think here are two levels of ML. I think mine has the basic one. As you can tell, I'm not really a music nerd and don't really care. What I can say is that the system I have does a great job of playing The Dambusters and 633 Squadron whilst blasting down the autobahn at 177mph on a dawn raid. I'm also not a driving god, so I suspect all the TVD stuff would be lost on me. It handles and goes perfectly well as standard. I had all the radar cruise stuff on my IS-F and used it once, so I have no problem without it As for buying, anyone who specs their own brand new RC-F would be a loony, or have some trust fund to cover the depreciation. Therefore, as Martin F said, you are left with trade-offs of price, kit, mileage and condition when looking for a used one. I think I found a real bargain so put in an immediate bid when I saw it. I had constrained myself to go for Blue as a first choice, then Red, but would not want any other colour (cue abuse from the monochrome groupies), so the kit level was immaterial. (cue more abuse and gender stereotyping about girls choosing a car by colour over kit)
  4. I really like the colour contrast in the rear, highlighting that there are just two seats rather than a bench...though you have turned the contrast up to 11 though
  5. Not having one fitted would explain the absence of a warning. I understand some sort of warning system is now mandatory for new cars. It makes sense as slowly deflating tyres are not always obvious
  6. Yep, the RC-F is much more economical than the IS-F. And has 54bhp more (depending on whose figures you believe). Yet another reason to change. And, no, I'm not trying to big up the RC-F to sell you mine; I'm keeping it at least two more years
  7. Didn't the tyre pressure warning system give you any advance warning? I thought that is what they were there for?
  8. PS My IS-F was never mistaken for an Avensis. Has this ever happened or is it just urban myth?
  9. Any children in the back should be under 5'8", even if you have a short(ish) wife in the front. Usefully we only have one son, but he is now 6'1" so family trips are short or delegated to the wife's Yeti. Its nice to hear many more positive comments about the RC-F. I got the impression when it came out that the forum was influenced by some negative media coverage and the reception was a little luke-warm. I was wondering if I'd made an error. Now I'm sure I haven't I hope more of you make the leap and see how great it is; no more being mistaken for an Avensis.
  10. Yes for me Flytvr; the IS-F was my best ever car (by quite a margin) until I got the RC-F. That is now my hero. It wasn't love at first drive though; it taken a while to really grow on me
  11. Colorado has most of what you wish for, and very few police cars. Bits of Oregon and Washington are good too
  12. Looks a bit like the RC-F home screen. I wonder if they were testing some functionality on later IS-Fs?
  13. We borrowed this from Avis in Colorado Springs for a day last week to blast around the mountains. And yes, it is the SS with the V8
  14. Chester will be getting an LC500h in as a demonstrator, but not the proper one. I had a go in the 500 recently and was very impressed with the noise. The extra weight is noticeable and blunts the acceleration, but it handles well. I love the interior, especially in the red LC500h one that is doing the rounds. The driving environment is excellent, but back seat and boot space is down on the RC. The LC500h has a comedy boot
  15. I almost always wait until it reaches 0 miles, or later. From extensive experimentation, 0 miles means there will be about 2 gallons left in the tank, so anything between 40 and 60 miles of driving depending on the road you are on. This works for ISFand RCF In 7 years, my fuel pumps have never caught fire through lack of cooling.