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  1. I checked the boots when there were two parked side by side at Chester. The Hydrid's boot is significantly smaller than the one with the proper engine. In my view, the 500h would not be suitable for a week's touring with two people
  2. I can confirm that running over cars with tanks is a hoot. Its an odd colour scheme for a Chieftain though
  3. question!

    I used More Than for a about 6 years on IS-F and RC-F. They tried to up the premium each year, but a quick look on and a phone call brought the premium down. They were very professional on the phone which gave me confidence. This year they took the p*ss and wanted to put it up by 48%. Then on I saw a More Than quote about £100 cheaper than they had offered me for renewal. So I jumped ship I suppose all providers try and gouge existing customers, so just shop around
  4. There are several threads on the IS-F forum that relate to brakes. This issue is the same; crazy dealer prices. Eurocarparts seems to be a way to go
  5. I sometimes adopt the practice, when getting into position within parallel stripes, of turning the steering-wheel to full-lock and leaving it there so as to maximise the protuberance of the front wheels and thus visibly increase the car's width. I like that idea Renato. I shall give it a go
  6. 18000 miles on the original tyres; still plenty of life left My parking solution is to park on the end of a row as far away as possible from other cars.
  7. Do keep the news coming Terrance, and pictures if possible
  8. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    Not quite as clean, with many bug splats from the EVO triangle
  9. Yes I do need to try harder. it was my first ride on that road so I wasn't sure it was safe. I think 55mph is possible, which would be nice as there is a 50 speed limit sign at the bottom of the hill
  10. I agree with all of this. Apart from the bike bit. The fastest I've got to is 49.8mph on the Buxton to Leek road
  11. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    They did a Mesa Red one. It was the best colour, but all the owners of red ones are shy retiring types so don't post on here much
  12. Ford Mustang first impressions

    If you are ever in Las Vegas, take a couple of hours for a tour of the Shelby museum and factory. The history is fascinating, they have iconic cars on display and I found myself pondering a Shelby Mustang as a next car. They have also recently opened a site near London which can do any of the Shelby modifications. I tried to rent a V8 Mustang in Colorado for a ady, but they had none. We had to make do with a V8 Camaro
  13. The C63 was my second choice when I got the IS-F. It was £10,000 more for a similar age and mileage. More of a problem was the need to interact with MB dealers. Of all the ones I've met, only one of them made the potential customer experience anything other than awful. In the end I test drove the C63 from an independent garage
  14. I bet that takes a while to sell in that colour. I would imagine they would be better off stripping the wrap and selling it in white
  15. Yes please; do try it and let us know. I don't like driving without a spare either.