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  1. tracker

    I found the decrease in premium was a lot less than the subscription so it didn't make sense to keep paying
  2. I took the boot and bonnet off my wife's cardoxton 220d to put them on my red IS-F. I thought it would make it look like it had carbon fibre panels. The boot fitted perfectly, but the bonnet was missing a bulge. That was a wasted weekend
  3. Yes, please do add it to your stalker's database.
  4. Same car at Goodwood FoS in 2017. Driven by a nice chap who worked for Lexus
  5. 4 years and 10 months 32,500 miles £0 repairs Only faults were a wonky tracker and drained battery after 4 weeks parked up
  6. I saw a black one in Cheshire recently; Plate B14 ELF. It had a very wide blue stripe wrapped over the bonnet, roof and bumpers. It looked like a Team Sky cycle support vehicle but with a 1.2m stripe. Anyone else know about it?
  7. You could be right; rock up there on Friday 29th with a sack of cash and you could be in there
  8. Stuck handles eh...That would explain what happened when I sat in a red LC500 at Chester yesterday. It looked great in red, but the black interior was nowhere near as nice as the brown. The two black LCs looked dull in comparison. The have a white RCF with the TH15 RCF plate on it for less than £34,000. There are very few cars that suit white*, but the RCF seems to be one of them; it looked stunning * 911 (997) GT3, Opel Ascona 400, Integra Type R.......
  9. I have a service plan with Lexus Chester. Part of it is a 6 monthly health check where they report on stuff like brake and tyre wear and some other things I can't remember. Its a chance to have a nosey round their showroom as well.
  10. I have the 6 monthly health check next month, so I'll get them to look at it.
  11. I'm getting quite a few drivers flashing me when driving at night, which I interpret as a message that they think I'm on full beam when I'm on dip. I wonder if the auto-leveling is out, or if the lights are just bright. Any others getting flashed a lot?
  12. As the engine in the GS-F is pretty much the same as the RC-F, can you do the simple hack to make it louder below 3500rpm? There is a thread on the RC forum, but I don't know how to make a link. Below is the link to the internet version using Office Supplies. I used a pencil and masking tape and can confirm it makes a worthwhile difference.
  13. LC500 Ordered!

    I'm 6ft 4 inches and had no problem driving one. I don't think the roof was carbon though. The lumbar support felt as good as the RC-F and I've had no problems with that over 19000 miles
  14. Spotted isf

    Thanks BR. If mine was the pinched one in Manchester, it may well be the tracker that helped the Police recover it so quickly.
  15. Spotted isf

    Hi Big Rat; does your stalker's database tell you where my old Mesa Red one is now. BK10 NYX?