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  1. On Monday 26th they will have two at Chester
  2. Thanks, I'll ask Lexus Chester what is going on and then phone the other nearby ones. I'll let you know what comes up
  3. Has there been an LC event in the UK? If so I'll have to give my dealer a kick as I asked them to let me know. Or maybe they think I'm not the right sort of customer? I am over 50 and over 6ft, so seem to tick two of the boxes....
  4. Great choice. Are you trading your RC-F against it?
  5. That may even improve the looks in my eyes. I'd need to see it in blue or red to be sure
  6. Before I bought my IS-F, I tracked prices for 8 months. The cars at many dealers would regularly jump up and down in price. The one I bought had varied by £3,500 over 2 months. Maybe its to do with needing to shift cars to meet sales targets per month or quarter?
  7. In case anyone wonders what it looks like from above. Taken from the Lexus hospitality box at Goodwood last year
  8. When I took mine in, they sent their 'expert' driver out in it to do some hard stops. Apart from putting extra wear on the pads, discs and tyres, it had no effect. I suspect it is not as bad as on your GSF Colin, so I'm ignoring it for now
  9. Its standard on the RC-F, or at least it was on the early cars. Lexus seem to be making things that used to be standard features into pay-extra option, so who knows what the 2017 MY ones are like
  10. That sounds rather lovely. I understand that they were very fast, but not reliable enough to win much.
  11. I tried it a couple of times in my IS-F, but then gave it up. The RC-F seems much better, though nowhere near perfect. Maybe the LC-F will get it right?
  12. The one on the right.. When John Steed's XJC came on the market; I did wonder. But then I looked at renovation costs and calmed down a bit.
  13. Impreza RB 5, with PPP and proper wing
  14. Thanks Chris, the adverts make it sound impressive, but its useful to have corroboration from another RC-F owner. I'll see who does it locally and find out what the charge will be. I suspect it will need some minor paint correction, as they call it
  15. That is a really good price for one in the equal best colour and with such a low mileage. What do you think of the Crystal Serum protection Chris? I am pondering it now I've decided to keep mine for another few years. Was yours professionally done or DIY?