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  1. Lexus Chester; get my vote. I've bought the cars from Wolverhampton and Manchester, but always gone for servicing at Chester. So far, so very good after 6 1/2 years and they have given me no reason to go to Stockport, Stoke or Manchester
  2. The best colour. Seeing it almost makes me want my old one back
  3. I've been up there many times and never seen it busy. Though I do try to avoid the A5 side and double back rather than use it. On the good bits of the Triangle there are many overtaking places if you do meet a dawdler. The quietest and most exciting time was in the IS-F at 5am on a Saturday in January. Its also been a hoot in various Scoobies, a Cooper S, an F-Type, Legacy, and a Mondeo. Oh and on a bicycle
  4. Of the 3 that I drove, I must confess two were just test drives. But they were proper drives including the EVO triangle and other favourite North Wales roads
  5. Ouch; that sounds nasty to me. I prefer it without the s/c
  6. The 3.7 litre in the G37 was a beauty; I nearly bought one
  7. Well spotted on the 3 year old comments. People have been talking about putting the V8 in the XE since it was announced. Maybe they just did a cut and paste of past comments to make it look like there is traffic? As to reliability; it was the same with the F-Type; there were many quality and reliability complaints at first. I had some good advice from insiders at BMW GB back in the nineties that said "Never buy a car built in the first 6 months of production; German Quality control tolerates 28 faults per ??? for the first 6 months, then it must drop to 6 per ??? (I can't remember the ??? metric, but the drop from 28 to 6 stuck in my mind). Jaguar seem to have embraced the principle. Waiting 12-18 months also gives the XE SVR time to depreciate; the Jag R models are, like our Fs, notorious for first year depreciation
  8. Very handy for the EVO triangle. I did have to Google Lixwm to make sure it really exists
  9. It made me realise its the first one I've seen moving in the UK, apart from the 3 I've driven. Outside of dealers, I've seen two parked up at the Cholmondely Pageant of Power and Rally Fest, but that's it. And then in one evening in Boston*, I saw 3 of them driving around. * Massachusetts, not Lincolnshire obviously
  10. Black IS-F going through Whitegate village in Central Cheshire on Saturday. Sounded great passing me as I was cycling up the hill. It was 4 miles from Oulton Park, heading in the right direction and it sounded like a trackday was going on there. Was it anyone on here?
  11. Whilst Lexus seem determined not to compete in the powerful small saloon market, Jaguar are going for it. The XE SVR looks like a direct rival for the Alfa Giula QF, AMG C63, and M3 Performance Pack. They have also upped the power of the XES to 380PS from an underwhelming 330. Hopefully Lexus will get a grip and make a new IS-F
  12. I agree; steep drop at first, then it flattens out. I bought my IS-F at £19,000 under list at 8 months old with 2,000 miles on the clock. Then it took just short of 5 years and 33,000 miles to drop another £19,000
  13. I'm trying Octane for 6 months as a possible EVO replacement. I like it a lot so far and may have both in parallel to give EVO a chance to recover.
  14. EVO is a key source of car information for me; many of mine have been awarded 5 stars by them. Though I noticed the IS-F was downgraded to 4 1/2 stars after a few years.
  15. According to, there are 175 RCFs after less than 2 years on sale. It took the ISF 4 years to get to 174. I'm not sure what conclusions to draw from that. I'd be happy if the numbers stay low as it might help residuals.