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  1. Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it back to them to sort, as I’ve done barely 800 miles since I picked it up. Hopefully they should do it all under warranty. I’d be disappointed if they asked for anything or said the pads/discs suddenly needed doing. Will start using the foot brake as well.
  2. Only bought it two months ago from the Lexus dealer, so I hope not, barely done 400 miles! If it’s a case of replacing the slide pins and checking the pads/ disc edge for corrosion, I wonder if my local Toyota dealer would be up for doing it cheaply? Would save the slog into Lexus Stockport but is it something they could do?
  3. Loud metallic rasping noises from the brakes on my RX450. It seems to be both front and back from what we can tell. It can be heard at low speed, driving slowly out of the drive and down my street, it isn’t really a noise I want to hear from a Lexus! Don’t think the discs are warped or it would have come up in the recent MOT. There’s no judder at all on hard or soft braking. Seems to go at higher speed. Always park with the parking brake off whenever possible and at home when left for a few days. I did have a slight problem on my old IS250 but nothing like this. If anything needs greasing, easing or releasing, can someone point me to a picture or manual extract so I can do the work?
  4. Hi. Well I do about 6-8000 a year. That’s come down a lot and I also have a classic car which I use a lot in the summer, so that has reduced the Lexus miles. I generally make two trips a year to Austria, summer and winter, hence the all year tyre being a money saver if I can go that way. It also saves on storage space as I age two sets for the wife’s car already! I’ll check the Wintracs out as well. I actually have Vredesteins on my classic, which does 3-4K a year, of fast driving and they are a super tyre in my opinion. Need up as they were the only ones I could get in 15” but have done over 12k and barely look worn. Will be needing snow chains too but not until the end of next year.
  5. Yes, I’m now looking into getting the year round M + S marked tyres as I travel out to Austria in the winter and don’t want to have two sets. Cross climates should be a good deal if they drive ok in the summer.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I certainly appreciate the weight difference, it takes a bit more stopping for sure. I'm probably going to look at all year tyres soon but for now might just replace the Nexen.
  7. When I bought the car six weeks ago, I asked the Lexus dealer about the tyres on it as I'd never heard of them and wanted to negotiate some discount for replacing them. Bearing in mind this is the main dealer. The car had a pair of Bridgestone Dueler H/L 33's on the back, and a newish set of Nexen N8000's on the front, which I was a bit suspicious of. Dealer principal assured me that these were a 'Lexus Approved Tyre', good quality etc and that they had fitted them for the previous owner. Nothing to worry about etc. Drove the car for the last few weeks in the dry with no apparent issues. Went into work this morning on a wet country lane, doing about 15-20 winding along in a queue, car in front stopped suddenly and mine didn't! Absolutely no grip from these at all, T/C scrabbling to try and stop. In the end the back of her car stopped me at about 5mph! Not the best way to start the day. So now I get to have a bumper replaced and my first fault accident in over 20 years! Has anyone come across these tyes before? I can't find anything about them on the Lexus site and feel a bit stupid for not changing them myself right away. Are the Bridgestone Dueler's a good replacement, ? Otherwise have read the other threads, I'll go for the Michelin Latitudes.
  8. I've searched the old posts and need something a bit up to date. Previously had a Nextbase 512 in the IS250 I had, which was utterly useless, froze all the time and flattened the battery. I'm looking for a reliable camera, that can be hardwired into the RX. Must be a good basic camera most importantly - I saw two traffic accidents today in the space of 30 minutes. That was only driving to the tip and back! Also I need a good parking mode, one where the camera goes into it automatically. Been recommended the Thinkware F100 pack as a front and rear system, parking mode has options to record via motion/G sensor or in 1 sec TimeLapse for 3-4 hours, which sounds quite good and should protect against a lot of carpark damage. Has anyone any experience of these?
  9. Had a good feel around insider the armrest, I hadn't realised it was all open inside and with so much space. It's a shame about the design of it. I got a slimmer charger which now fits in below the storage box, but I don't like the idea of it being powered all the time when the car is in use, but hidden from sight. If I can work out how to take the armrest apart, I'll fit one underneath in the open storage area, taken of the existing ones. I just need a parts diagram really.
  10. Yes on the 09 all I have are two sockets in the centre armrest. I was wondering about trying to get hold of the fitting for the lower one and retrofit it, but can find the part.
  11. Found that I am going to struggle using my phone charger in the armrest power sockets as it is too large to allow the 'bin' to be reinserted with the charger in place. So I'm on the lookout for a slimline charger that will fit. However I'm not keen on leaving something like that connected permanently, but as its so difficult to access, I don't know if I have any other option? Has anyone found a solution or moved them or added an extension of some kind?
  12. Unlike my old IS, (SEL) on the RX the footwell lights are not on at night whilst driving, now when you come to a stop and turn off do they illuminate. Is it possible to switch the footwell lights on as they really reduce the gloom for night driving?
  13. I had this happen with my IS, one bulb going in and off. It's a sign that it's about to fail. Mine did, at 4am on the M1! With regard to the RX450h bulbs, I was wondering if there is any decrease in light over time? The car that I have just got has covered 90k over 8 years. Driving home tonight, although they work perfectly well, on dipped beam it felt decidedly dark and I was struggling to see. Maybe these are the originals?
  14. Thanks. I have the Bosch ones fitted which ais e a big improvement over the cheap one that were on before. I'll see how they do, and may go back to the hybrid, but would have to buy the whole wiper and holder as my car has been changed over. On another note I do feel the drivers wiper doesn't come far enough up to the right on its sweep and I wonder if it sits too low down. Can anyone compare my pics of where the wipers sit with theirs?
  15. Just collected my 'new' RX450H and very pleased with it. Although it's an older car it drives well. However the wipers were changed by the previous owner to aftermarket flat blades which do nothing to shift the water. The drivers side one drags in the centre, but the lower end flaps around, making noise but doing nothing. The passenger side is ok. I'll swap them today for Bosch Aeros as I can get these from the local Halfords. However, what is the thought about these versus the original style Lexus wipers? I had an IS250 before with the Lexus hybrid wipers and at best I'd say they were ok. Never really good in heavy rain. Any advice how to stop it dragging, but make the lower part connect?