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  1. I've been researching tyres as mine are about done. The tyres on my RX400h when I bought it are cheap Chinese budget tyres (Routeway Eco Blue RY22). I was surprised that the previous owner had put those on when, in the car's service history, it seemed that no expense was spared in servicing and repairs. I'm considering the Michelin Cross Climates. My local independent tyre centre fits them for £136.74 x 4 = £546.96, but, I have found that KwikFit will fit them for £138.00 x 4 = £552 less 10% = 496.80. Plus a FREE Winter Safety Kit. Seems a no-brainer to me.
  2. Yes, I do. Dunno if it is the same noise or not. I've had the car since February and it didn't do it until the last few weeks. I'm wondering if it's related to the aircon as it sometimes stops if I switch off the aircon, but, other times it does not stop until switching off the ignition. It's not the vacuum assistance as I have always heard that at about a minute or two after switching off. Very strange, there's no movement on the dash displays or clocks.
  3. For many years I fancied a private reg to go along with my DJ name & website 'DJ51 LES'. But, it was £799 and available for well over 10 years which I didn't want to pay, then it dropped to £499 about 2 years ago. I ran vans for the last few years and thought it was not a good idea from a security point of view, probably encourage break-ins assuming there would be DJ equipment inside. Then, in February when I was looking for my Lexus, I found five RX400H SE-L's for sale around the country when I came across my current RX400H. It has had four private reg numbers in it's life, I couldn't believe that this is the original reg and I didn't have to pay for it. As soon as I saw it I thought "this is MY car......... Raveon"
  4. Here's a 'not so trippy' one I did earlier of the Toyota Celica GT4 Owners Club (I used to have a GT4 and was a member of the club before the Z3). Pity about the birdcrap on the windscreen ☹️;
  5. When I had a BMW Z3 I attended one of these at Harewood House, Leeds back in 2011. Same organisation I believe. I put together this little mad video of it;
  6. Earlier this week I ran to 50 miles with the 'fuel low' warning light on. On filling up I managed to get 59 litres in (after adding more 4 times after the fuel pump clicked off). I have reached 55 miles before, but, I think 50 is around the most I want to go to.
  7. I have the RX400H and can open the sunroof and all windows by holding the UNLOCK button on the key remote until they start moving. Similarly, I can close them from the key remote by holding the LOCK button until they start moving. It says in the manual that the Dealer can enable and disable this. Dunno if your model can do that, worth giving it a try.
  8. This article is very interesting as a new owner of an RX400H. When I bought the car I checked the tyre pressures, which, according to the Lexus door placard should be 34psi. So, that is the pressures I have been running. However, looking at the car parked outside my house I've been a little concerned that the tyres look under inflated. The MOT that was done the day I bought it mentioned wear on the shoulders which also pointed to being under inflated. I've took photographs of the complete tyre walls and have discovered that the max pressure is 51psi, quite a bit more than the Lexus door placard. So, I'm going to try putting them up to 45psi and see how they feel while driving.
  9. New battery, identical to the 12 year old one it replaced. The red cover on the positive terminal was not in place, so, that tells me that someone has had problems before. Also, the nuts on the terminals have spanner marks on them and can only assume the battery has been taken off to charge it in the past.
  10. Job done 😀 The Lexus dealer tested the old battery after they took it off and said it showed 9.8v just barely enough to wake the car up. 😳
  11. Latest info, ran around the country lanes last night in the vain hope of getting some charge into the battery. Checked it this morning before starting it, 10.45 volts, still started fine. I have the full service history from new, so, checked through it all and there is no record of a battery being fitted. As I thought it is the original battery from 2007. Visited Lexus, Newcastle today and have arranged to have a new battery fitted tomorrow. Price? They said £84 + free fitting, can't get any better service than that. 😀
  12. Thanks Herbs. Radio presets are not a problem. Is there a specific procedure to reinitialise the windows and sunroof. Is this in the manual?