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  1. When I bought the car last month I assumed (wrongly) that the rear parking sensors were factory fitted and the front parking sensors were an add-on. I also have the reversing camera and thought the rear parking sensors were just an added safety feature. After re-reading the manual (written in 17 languages) it seems to be a complete kit, LPA 800. I remember being surprised when I bought the car that there was such a thick manual dedicated to the parking sensors. The English part is 11 pages, the full manual is 155 pages. It mentions, Quote 'Please contact your installer(*) for more details about the detection zone of your vehicle. (*) "Installer" means Lexus authorised dealer or repair agent or other appropriately qualified and equipped expert'. I would assume the same kit would be available for all the different models in the Lexus range. Glad I have the kit fitted, I've got into some very tight parking spaces with the aid of the sensors (it's a big car). My partner almost has a heart attack when the sensors go off when parking in said tight spaces lol.
  2. Although I read it in the manual a couple of weeks ago I had not recognised this button as what the manual meant. Mine does not have a green light as mentioned in the manual, mine is a white light the same as all the other dash lights. Also its low position, almost out of sight. No problem, sorted now.
  3. Yes, I have that manual along with the RX400H Owners Manual, Navigation System Owners Manual and a Lexus CD. Also a Lexus Pre-Owned Vehicle File from Lexus Swindon Centre. There's also an In-Car Entertainment Manual specific to the rear DVD player and screens on the rear of the headrests (Still haven't tried a DVD in it).
  4. Hang on, two minutes.......... ........... yep, enable/disable the front parking sensors. That solves that problem, I noticed the front parking sensors on the Autotrader picture before I bought it. Didn't realise that it was a dealer fitted option.
  5. I have a mysterious button on the lower drivers side of the dash. It's not documented in the manual and there's no indication on the dash of what it is/does, I haven't a clue. It lights up with the other dash lights. It is spring loaded and seems to be a toggle for something. Holding it in there is two audio bleeps and, if lit, the light goes out. Hold it in again then there is a single bleep and it lights up again. I've watched the dash while switching it on and off and there's nothing visible happening. Anybody have a clue? Afterburner power switch perhaps. 🤣
  6. A few years ago I had a Toyota Celica GT4 Turbo which was newly imported from Japan with 100k (60,000 miles) on the clock. I filled my first tank with standard 'supermarket petrol' 95RON. It ran like crap, poor acceleration and misfiring. I joined the GT4 Owners Club on the internet and found that, the British version of the GT4 ran quite happily on 'supermarket petrol', but, the import version required 97/99RON petrol. I found a Shell garage 8 miles from home that had VPower (or was it Powermax back then?). After filling up with that there was a major difference in performance and no more misfiring. I had the car for 3 years and always had to watch the fuel gauge til quarter full then head off to the garage. When I got the Lexus 3 weeks ago the first thing I checked for in the manual was what octane fuel it required. Was very pleased to see 95RON sold at my local Esso garage 1 mile from home, phew!
  7. Didn't have a DVD to watch, was just seeing if the screens and DVD player switched on. I was aware of the battery situation just using the ACC position. Gonna raid my sons bedroom for DVDs. 😀
  8. I just had a daft issue this afternoon. Just had the rx400h se-l for 3 weeks, parked at the local reservoir I decided to investigate the screens and DVD player in the rear of the car. I knew that I needed the ignition on AC for the screens to switch on. So, jumped in the back and started checking, went to get out and the child locks were set on the door, so, I couldn't get out. No problem, just open the window and open the door from the outside.......... nope. Had to lean over between the front seats and open the rear window from the drivers armrest 🙄. Child locks are now disabled. 😂
  9. When I had my Toyota Celica GT4 a few years ago the guys in the owners club found that putting their mothers as a named driver on their insurance brought the premiums down dramatically. A few of the guys didn't even tell their mothers lol. I wonder if that trick still works?
  10. Traction control flashes on an orange background on my rx400h when I get a heavy right foot occasionally. Could it be that (brisk acceleration)?
  11. I've just got an up to-date DVD yesterday, Europe West E1G. Its the same very slow to input info, works fine on route.
  12. Sat Nav DVD arrived today and well, well, well, displays ETA or time to destination as it should. Also noticed that the screen splits on approach to junctions, roundabouts, etc. showing the overall map on the left of the screen and zoomed in detail of the junction on the right of the screen with a black background. The other nice thing is if you venture off the destination route it will re-route automatically. The previous DVD would not do that. Only thing is the slow response when trying to programming various things.
  13. As stated above I don't intend to run this low normally, this was just an experiment to get an idea of what reserve I've got (in miles). I intend to fill up when the fuel low light comes on or 300 miles on the trip counter since the last fillup, after all, there's still 3.3 gallons in the tank.