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  1. Lexus Portal

    All my visits to the dealership are listed under the Service History, the PDI and one annual service, even down to my purchase of screen wash! Quite a bit of detail under each entry as well, pleasantly surprised TBH
  2. What Lexus is really missing is a speed limiter, much more useful than cruise control IMHO
  3. Feeling Nauseous, Trembling and Dizzy ...

    Fascinating watching the BPM during the technical bits. Thanks for posting, I need a lie down now!!
  4. Indeed, diesel isn't the engine I'd automatically expect within a hybrid. Too rough, harder to spin up at start and noisy. The auto box seems very inconsistent, some say it's wonderful, other jerky and sluggish. E-CVT is definitely the way to go. a wonderful revelation to me after years of 'normal' automatics..
  5. Doesn't cancel 'automatically' one presses the unlock button?
  6. From what I've read on various Merc forums, the 300h suffers a lot of issues with it's charging . Both the connector and the wiring. Water ingress into the charger socket seems prevalent on the earlier models. I looked at getting a C300h before settling on the RC300h. I know I've made the right choice.. MB reliability just isn't what it was "back in the day"
  7. I wondered how long it would take ....
  8. I doubt loosing 24 bhp will be noticeable in day to day driving on public roads. What are the new torque figures?
  9. I think the LC is as special looking as the RC was when it first came out, so I'd imagine the LC's residuals will be very similar. The V8 is the 'right' engine for such a sporty coupe.
  10. Alcantra Centres Need Cleaning

    This cleaner gets good reviews
  11. Check the runners for dirt/debris?
  12. Pressure washer

    Probably washed out the SRP that was masking the chips etc..
  13. VED/Road Tax Costs

    Exactly, no 200T engined models anymore. Also correct it would have been £1200 on first registration then £140 (or£340 for the next 5yrs if list price over £40k then a flat £140 per year.)
  14. VED/Road Tax Costs

    Can one actually buy the 200T anymore? Doesn't appear on the UK website