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  1. Automatic light reaction

    Many current Mercedes models do not have an Off position for lights. I don't see this as an issue for the regulatory authorities (clearly it's not or they wouldn't have got type approval) as lights left on are not a safety issue. Whereas lights not coming on could be, as witnessed by me this morning with the number of numpties driving in rain and mist, virtually invisible until the last minute! My RC seems to switch the headlamps on very promptly, I pass under a fly-over nearly every day and no matter the ambient light level, the lamps flick on the instant I pass under and remain on for ~10sec after exiting. The fly-over is only dual carriageway wide. The sensitivity is factory level, never felt the need to change it.
  2. RC-F Carbon

    Lexus is just commenting on possible changes in the cosmetic appearance, rightly or wrongly. They've made no statement regarding the structural integrity over time. They couldn't do anything else, otherwise they would be publicly accepting there is a concern. Clearly you believe there is, Lexus may think there is but they cannot say so, or even hint at it, for obvious legal reasons. Personally I think Lexus/Toyota have designed in sufficient strength redundancy. I've no evidence to support this just my feeling that they are too experienced a global company to leave it to chance and them to litigation?
  3. RC-F Carbon

    Los Angeles has similar average UV levels as those found in Tokyo. I feel Lexus will have had all this factored into their design of the exposed carbon fibre panels. I'd still like to read what Lexus come back with though
  4. As the hybrid uses an electric pump to create hydraulic pressure in the brake system it may be as with the SBC system in early Mercs, that there is a reservoir held under pressure and this may mean that Techstream is required to correctly bleed the system? On the Mercedes one can bleed without STAR (the MB equivalent of Techstream) but it doesn't bleed the whole system. Shouldn't be a problem if one is simply bleeding after pad change, rather than renewing brake fluid as part of the 2yr service?
  5. Did you give permission for the extra work?
  6. Did you give him permission to do the rear brakes?
  7. Does in the READY position mean the hybrid system was operating? In which case the engine would have come on intermittently to recharge the traction battery. Might explain why the car was warm the following morning and the car started ok. The 12v battery only operates the entry/exit system and the computers until the hybrid system takes over.
  8. Automatic light reaction

    My RC reacts very quickly when going under a bridge. What sensitivity setting do you have your auto lights on?
  9. Carpets are man-made fibre (Polyamide?), so I doubt it's moths or carpet beetles. Any repairs to the seat runners? Out of warranty but still worth giving the dealership a go
  10. Connected Services Problem

    Don't forget to enable automatic downloads (in the car) and enable WiFi or Bluetooth hotspot on the phone.
  11. RC-F Carbon

    This I think sums it up very well and by default are giving out the corporate spiel to cover their backs. This must be what prompts the line in the email regarding "external influences" affecting the integrity can I phone a friend? Definitely agree but perhaps Lexus are not highlighting this because they believe it's not an issue in normal use? No, neither would I I'd hazard a guess that they know nothing about it at the dealership level but I doubt the cars are exposed long enough to cause significant degradation? I look forward to reading Lexus' response to your second email
  12. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    I've always wanted "Go Faster" roof stripes..
  13. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    I'd like to join in but fear I wouldn't be able to keep up... Perhaps best I meet you there.
  14. RC-F Carbon

    What is written in the email and trust in the engineering integrity of a global marque. Aren't there many examples of exposed CF being used structurally?
  15. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    If it weren't for the random brick colours, I'd have thought it a monochrome photograph