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  1. @Mark G I know, but it could have been! At least it's given us something to talk about other than colour choice! 😁
  2. My dash lit up like a Christmas tree yesterday while on the motorway. Traction control was disabled, check VSC & CEL were on and I was understandably worried! There is a lot of info from lexus owners about the vsc light but nothing relating to the isf. Apparently it covers a range of issues from loose fuel cap to broken ecu's 😯. It seems like most issues aren't actually related to the engine or the traction control system! Got the car to my friendly mechanic for a diagnostic and it turns out it's the oxygen sensors for the cats. There was no voltage going to either of them so he suspects it's a broken wire rather than the sensors themselves. Going back on Wednesday to get it fixed. Not really a suprise as the bottom of the car was rubbing on the track so much 😳 This is purely down to how low and soft my coilovers are, shouldn't put anyone else of track days 🖒
  3. @mrfunex great write up and pics, sounds like we had similar experiences on track. The rain sounded challenging but I guess a road car handled it better than the proper race cars 😊
  4. @Peter P18 stunning looking car, really like the little detail changes that people wouldn't notice at first like the steering wheel and carbon interior trim. Great photos too 🖒
  5. The car takes most of the credit so I'm sure you won't have any problems. I suspect you are a much more talented driver than me anyway. I did learn a lot though, mostly about how to be a bit more smooth with the pedals 🖒
  6. There was no noise test conducted but I think they would have black flagged anyone too loud. There were a couple of very loud hondas, much louder than my car, so the limit must have been pretty generous 😁
  7. Now with pictures!
  8. I was mostly in sport mode as I wanted a safety net and wasn't sure how spiky she would be. It is good to see when the tc light flickers as it helps to show where the limit is and where you need to be smoother with the throttle. However, the car had a lot more grip than I thought so I did a few sessions without the tc and it was fine! I was worried about frying the rear brakes but I checked them after every session and they weren't smoking or smelling! Just don't stay out for more than 30 mins and let them cool off and they'll be fine. I do have upgraded pads though.
  9. Lexus would charge you several times what you've paid! 😂
  10. Thanks, I think it was just from replacing the top radiator hose and not topping it back up enough. I'll check the water pump though 🖒
  11. I got cheered down the pit straight 😁. There was a mk2 astra touring car, lotus exige, classic mustang racer and a couple of very loud vtec hondas but none sounded as good as an F! Btw, my heater was fine once I topped up the coolant level and didn't lose another drop all day!
  12. @Chuckie478 he's a much more experienced driver but towards the end of the day I was keeping up with him. The F had really good grip and didn't step out on my all day, apart from launching out of the hairpin 😎. The M3 took a quick trip in the kitty litter though... And yes @Big Rat I would do it again in a heartbeat 🖒
  13. Had an awesome day at Mallory Park on Sunday. There were some hardcore cars and drivers there so the first few sessions were spent getting out of their way! After some tuition from a professional and some practice I felt as quick as I was comfortable with and even overtook some of the cars that were all over me in the morning 😀 The car was amazing, brakes didn't fade once, temperatures were steady and the Michelins were like chewing gum. A few people were interested in the car, not sure if any of them knew what it was though! Luckily with my exhaust people knew it was something interesting. Lots of people said my car and a C63 were the best sounding cars out of the 60 that were there 😊 I'm trying to get some photos from the professional photographerwho was there but in the meantime here's me and my mate's stunning M3...
  14. Yes thanks. After 100k my paintwork is shot but the detailer did a good job. Basically I really need a respray but most people will think it looks about perfect now! Sadly I had to drive back in the rain so it may have lost a bit of shine by the time I get to the canock meet 😣
  15. Just picked her up 😊