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  1. First NX Clean

    Looks great and you've used some good quality products 🖒 You clearly know your stuff, were you worried about the quality of the application of the Williams or did you know who was going to do it beforehand?
  2. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    That's good value for a product that should last 2 years. I'll be paying over £500 for a similar treatment next week but it will last up to 5 years 😊
  3. Airbag recall

    Top tip: If you go above 150mph on the bridge they let you go through the toll for free 🖒
  4. Quick update

    Pretty sure my wife will never log on here, she's had enough Lexus talk in the last 12 months to last a lifetime! I can't afford to take her to McDonald's at the moment let alone a Michelin star place 😂
  5. Airbag recall

    Mines booked in to cardiff no problem 😊
  6. Could it be time?!

    You're probably right whatever you're thinking 😆
  7. Quick update

    Hi, I've not been on here much recently due to my holiday and then coming back to a load of work that my colleagues kindly left for me 😧 Here's my quick update for anyone who cares: Holiday to florida was good and at least now I can say I survived a hurricane! I saw one gsf (doesn't look good in red) but no isf's. I got a 2.3 turbo mustang convertible for the trip. Overall it is a good car, apart from the completely numb steering, but a 4 cylinder engine is just wrong in a Stang! It went ok but just makes the wrong noise 😔 While I was away my car was in the paint shop having the front bumper, bonnet and sideskirts resprayed. No photos as it hasnt stopped raining since I picked it up but he's done a great job for £700. I've also had the mot this week which it passed with no advisories, not bad for 9 years and 107k miles 😎. Having said that the estimate for a service was a bit scary, apparently there is no record of my spark plugs ever being changed so i need them doing at great expense 🤤. Going to get that done next week once I've recovered from the shock. I've also ordered the usrs today and will be getting a full valet and ceramic coating for the new paint soon so let's hope the wife doesn't find the credit card statement this month 😳 P.s. there was a dodge dealer just down the road from where I was staying in Florida who had a very rare and random super bee tribute parked outside next to the hellcats. Not to everyone's taste but put a smile on my face 🤠
  8. Why he left Lexus Ownership

    I know the instant torque of new turbo engines make the German cars more responsive but I like to work an engine, build up to the power and enjoy hearing it get angrier and angrier! I don't really care how quickly im going it's about the experience. I honestly don't think i could be trusted with 500+bhp on the public road anyway. Luckily the gsf only has 470 😁
  9. question!

    Yes, you have to buy it soon after buying the car but it doesn't usually matter if it is a new car or 2nd hand, up to 10 years old usually.
  10. USRS RR Racing

    Hi Pete, congratulations on the SC kit! I've just placed my order too, just let me know when you need any info from me 🖒
  11. question!

    Only for certain cars that are over 25 years old 😕 Most insurers pay book prices which are very low for Lexus f cars. Agreed value or gap is a must sadly.
  12. Has your F got a nickname?

    My Auntie calls my car Larry 😳
  13. Could it be time?!

    Eight years is long enough, time to treat yourself!
  14. USRS RR Racing

    I've just got back from my holiday so I'll sort mine out tomorrow when I'm not jet lagged 😆
  15. Haywood and scott

    Thanks, could be them. It's a good system.