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  1. I can't log in on my phone but I'll post when I'm in work on Monday 🖒
  2. Spent another 60 quid refitting the exhaust today to stop it rattling 😶 #moneypit
  3. Interesting!
  4. Um, no! I keep all the receipts in a locked box, only to be looked at when I sell the car 😀
  5. I respect those who stick to stock, those cars will be valuable when these become classics! Luckily my old, high mileage example will never fetch top dollar so I don't feel guilty chaving it up 😀. I like to be different and I also like to address any weaknesses in my cars so I'll always go the modifying route. My car is nearly perfect for my needs (scaring small children and annoying the police mainly), just needs better steering, a louder sound system and some new paint. Hopefully these will be sorted by the end of the year 🖒
  6. Put me on the list please, although it would be better if I could pay at the end of October due to having to pay for my wife's expensive taste in holidays 😳 Warrantys are for losers btw 😁
  7. Seems to be a lot of love for it in the comments 🖒
  8. I can do the first weekend in September, just before I go on my holidays 😊. See you then 🖒
  9. Suprised there aren't queues round the block for a black isf with a stupid exhaust, I've heard they're the best ones 🤔
  10. Thanks guys. My mate was suprised at all the little touches lexus did to the car to make it so special, like the blue highlights on the dials and the F badges on the rear seat cushions! Think he really enjoyed doing his arty thing 😀
  11. I'm up for this!
  12. Suprised you didn't hear me more like! 😁
  13. You don't want my ugly mug staring out your computer everyday!
  14. If you ever see this in your rear mirror, get out the way!
  15. @Big Rat thought you might like this one 😁