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  1. F-police

    I can't see anything that a bmw offers over a lexus to a police force unless they want estates or 4wd. They are just not comparable for long term running costs surely?
  2. Just had the isf detailed

    Very nice. I had a similar treatment a few months ago and this is what it looks like now even aftet my amateurish attempt at cleaning. VID_603740201_165433_204.mp4
  3. I get around the winter blues by driving mine every day of the year 😎😎😎
  4. USRS reviews

    No, still running high pressures all round. I'll have a play about with pressures once I've got used to it.
  5. These things keep me up all night 😉
  6. A few of us have recently taken delivery (thanks @PeteP18) of the modestly titled ultimate steering response system: I've had mine on for about a week. It cost £100 to get fitted and the results are instant. I've not driven it hard yet but in daily driving the steering seems a lot smoother and more consistent. Ride comfort is roughly the same although sharp ridges and pot holes do thump through the dashboard, especially on high mileage examples like mine 😔 I'll post again once I've done some proper drives with it but if you have one fitted please leave your thoughts below!
  7. I'd prefer an older landcruiser but they'r getting expensive now.
  8. 13 months in and nothing lexus-made has broken (some issues related to my modifications). My first service did cost me £1000 though. Due to not knowing the exact details of previous services and 107k miles on the clock, I played it safe and did the spark plugs and gearbox fluid along with the routine items. Along with the tax, insurance and fuel economy it isn't cheap to run but I think it is definitely worth it 😎
  9. RC-F Tyres

    I've also got ps4s and they are good. If you don't push your car to the limit regularly then you might as well save £300 and get the next best thing though 🖒
  10. Tom's isf replica

    I love the style kit but it would be smashed to pieces on my car 😕
  11. I voted as I actually prefer blue rather than the black I own. I only got black because it is the fastest colour...
  12. I had rust here too so had a new plate welded in.
  13. Newish isf owner

    Lovely example, nice mods list too 😊
  14. Ring Taxis

    I crash every time I drive the 'ring on the PlayStation, there's no way I could be trusted to drive it in real life 😃