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  1. Sounds like a good day, sadly it's the wife's birthday on Saturday so I can't be there 😝
  2. You old softie! Great pic, apart from grinning lunatic!
  3. I liked it 🖒
  4. I was in shock, couldn't believe I'd seen it 😂
  5. She also said one of them was 'black', had a ****y private plate and it looked like an estate agents car @emjay82 😂
  6. Bit of a long shot but does anyone know the owner of the white isf driving through Treherbert, south Wales this afternoon? Unless @Warrington guy got very lost on the way home 😁
  7. Saw this today and I'm in love 😍
  8. The passenger rides were a personal highlight. And I thought I drove like a nutter @Flytvr @Mark G! It's even more scary when you're in a car where bits are known to fly off at random intervals. By the way did anyone get overtaken by a fast moving veloster on the M4 between Swansea and cardiff? My wife said there were some slow moving toyotas in her way home from work 😳
  9. Epic weekend, here's a shot of the v8 appreciation society meeting earlier today 😊
  10. Got to pretend to be a real man today. Do you think I stood out buying some light bulbs for my Barrett house?
  11. I was thinking about a diff too but didn't get very far with the search. You'll struggle to find a 2nd hand one and I'm not sure of any off the shelf options in the UK. Might have to import from America. Having been on the track in mine I really don't think it's worth the expense. The car is not short on grip so you're just paying for a slightly better balance and easier drifting 😁
  12. All sorted now, the reset did the trick!
  13. I wish! The 02 sensors have set off the warning lights again, I assume there is a loose wire somewhere. Want to see if a reset clears the lights like last time before taking the car to bits!
  14. Does anyone know how to reset the ecu on the isf? There is an ecu fuse in the passenger footwell fuse box but do any other fuses also need to be taken out to complete a reset? I'm trying to avoid disconecting the battery and losing all my settings 😯
  15. Ah, so that's why yours is in such good nick! 😁