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  1. Interesting, on my 3rd Gen GS460, US color names were different to ours. We shared the same codes as UK and ROW. Mine was Metador red mica.
  2. Can someone please elaborate what the OP did? Is there a way to have that intake flap open always?
  3. Holy crap that looks intimidating. I wouldn't want you creeping up behind me.
  4. Sounds just about perfect to me. Love the pitch on WOT and just enough to keep the coppers off my back!
  5. I've installed RSR springs on my GSF and love the stance. I have installed springs on many of my sedans in the past, never did I ever have problems with shocks. I trust these products.
  6. Here you go! All done! Tanabe Medalion Touring with custom carbon Fiber Tips! Video will follow:
  7. I don't believe in pictures...
  8. Take a stock header, remove the cat and weld a straight pipe instead, and bingo. you get power. That's where it all starts. The next choice would be if the manufacturer wishes to design an equal length or long tube system. Either way, they both give you power gains.
  9. My GSF is 100% stock with the exception of Suspension, Intake, Exhaust and Chassis! 🙂
  10. Took off the Tanabe's and got the Greddy Supreme SP's installed. Tanabe's sounded great but droned like hell and the tips weren't aggressive enough for me. The Greddy's are much quieter and look great and give off a howl at higher RPMs which is awesome. I'll have a few drive by and in cabin videos up soon. Enjoy
  11. What do you guys think? Bad design? Loss of power, one tip getting dirtier than the other. Check out these videos.