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  1. loving it so far, keep it up
  2. some one i met (who bought my old wheels) said the same, it was changed in the 90's so ready for sure
  3. i checked the bearings on the aux belt and they were ok, the belt was last done at 50,000 and a long way back, its on 101,000 or so, like i say well needed
  4. Just to update Changed the aux belt but altho it looked tired it didn't solve the problem. Ran it a while longer and decided on a new cam belt and pump. I should get it back monday. The belt was due a change anyway so see if it sorts it...
  5. i will check the belt, the noise is brief, i would of expected a longer noise if the belt was slipping, but yes heavy acceleration would be where i hear it, so will report back tomorrow when i try that
  6. As much as i love to hit the air con i do from time to time open a window, well mainly cus i am down to 2 silencers on the exhaust now and it sounds nice, so anyhoo i noticed a noise the other day when i accelerate more briskly than usual i get a noise, best described the same as a brake disc squeak, now i thought it was a brake but tapping the pedal doesn't stop it, nor wiggling the steering left to right, so seems to do it when i accelerate, i am now starting to think water pump or belt tensioner, something like that? thoughts people
  7. Nice. Motor. I almost went ls430 but chickened out and went ls400. Still i am sure in due course i will get one.
  8. Its a twin filament I get ya. I think maybe someone stuck a stop tail bulb cus thats all they had I will pop a stock bulb in in confidence its all ok. Cheers for the help folks
  9. oh and here is a pic with my nice new (used) ls430 wheels
  10. got in the motor the other day to find the handbrake warning light stuck on, a quick check revealed the rear brake light was out, well i was expecting a thing on the dash, but i assume thats the reason for the handbrake light, so i remove it to check the bulb, now here is the thing i am not sure about, there are 3 wires coming from the bulb, its a stop and tail light but only the brake light seems wired in, in the pic above the indicator is side lamp only and below the indicator is the brake light only, is this normal or some one been messing in mine???
  11. no thats cool, i may of erm tried the silicon method, i am used to the silly prices bmw charge for anything, if i had known i would of just ordered a new seal, so yeh, i shal be ordering one and scraping the silicon "someone" left behind
  12. ah cheers, i have found them, but the profile looks slightly different, i assume that it will seal better because of it
  13. I had been stalking a few for a while but was super keen on a beigh free motor, rang the next day ans put a deposit on it, but paperwoork took untill friday, It was a uk car exported in 2000 to the island only to return recenty, looking at the sat nav i guess he came to the uk plenty in it tho Thanks for the welcome, i am no stranger to forums having owned a hilux pickup of one sort or another for a while
  14. Well so far after alot of giggling i found my first problem a wet boot, so researching that, at the mo, a new seal from ebay seems to be the cure, i will do some pics when the rain has gone so you can see it looking its best, any requests, lol Do you want thr pics in this thread or else whe, i guess i could do a new member thread, lol
  15. i can tell you from experience its as nice as it looked, time will tell if i paid to much