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  1. Snow

    The rx300 is a permanent 4 wheel drive system I believe. I was very impressed with my first winter in the Rx, mine has been fab in the snow the last week had no issues and haven’t got stuck yet. Bridgestone normal tyres on mine
  2. Hello I am thinking about fitting a dash cam in my 2004 rx300, I have had one in my last car but I wondered if anyone has fitted one that can be powered via the rear view mirror? As it’s auto dimming. I have seen dash cams that are a mirror themselves. And if not does anyone have a dash cam that isn’t too expensive to recommend. I don’t want a huge camera on my windscreen lol.
  3. I love this car it's so smooth to drive. Thanks for your help sorcerer, I'm going to France on Saturday so the car will get its first proper trip. I'm expecting to be at fuel stations a lot with averaging 20mpg around town lol. But I love it I raised the suspension only a bit it was the front passenger coilover that was 3 cm low. Much better now. This forum is great dibble it gives a wealth of advice and support from fellow owners. :) glad it helped you too x
  4. Hello from what I found out my sat nav is generation 1 which means it won't update to the most current software 2017 anyway. I'm just leaving it for the meantime unless an update disk pops up at the right price. I did try a copy disk but it made the whole nav system really slow so I couldn't use it. Now brace yourself for an essay- With regards to the CD player. No mine didn't have aux it is the mark levison system, but I have an update. After I changed the broken one in the car for the one off eBay which seemingly worked fine after 2 weeks it also began to say Error 4 which was strange so I sent it back for a refund and replaced it with my original system. I looked into it further and found that the error 4 message is the sign of a mechanical failure in the disk changer itself. So I tried the trick posted on the forum of holding the radio power button and the eject button at the sae time as turning the key. And hey presto it made some funny noises then opened the load disk :) then I loaded a disk and it works lol. My theory is if it's a fault in the multi changer then if I only use one disk at a time it will be ok and I haven't had any trouble since (fingers crossed)
  5. I assumed it meant the sill as surely the underbody parts wouldn't change height massively as the wheel height won't change with the suspension. I.e all the axels transmission etc.
  6. They are like gold dust. I've been looking for one and they are rare on eBay. I messaged Lexus Birmingham and can you believe that for a new one they quoted £900!!!!!! I'm not joking probably 60% of the cars I viewed didn't have one either.
  7. My husband has measured and at the minute it's measuring from the floor to the lowest part which is the sill. 185mm so just above minimum. On a website we found specified that from the centre of wheel hub to the highest point of the arch it should be 45cm on the front and 47cm on the back which sounds right as mine is running 2-3cm lower than that they seem all over the place
  8. Noted I'll get it done properly. Is that measurement from the floor or the wheel?
  9. Hello i brought my rx300 a few weeks ago now as helped by you all in my previous post. I'm now looking into the adjustable coilovers it has fitted. I'm sure that at the minute it is set too low. I'm going to be taking it to a garage this week so I wanted to ask, Does anyone know what the standard ride height should be for a 2004 rx300? So that I can tell them. The other question is is it something I could do myself or is a professional advised. thanks guys
  10. Hello this is just a question out of curiosity, I've cleaned and polished my new rx300 2004 plate I've had it 2 weeks now and I believe it's running on it's original battery it looks a bit old tbf, it's a Panasonic battery and it says distributed by Toyota on it. It can't surely have lasted this long can it? Lol My question is which battery do you guys think would be up to the job, which brand do you recommend. Just interested in makes and models etc. Thanks
  11. I know yea that's why I thought it best to ask on here before I buy off eBay. To be honest I thought my 2004 would have a generation 3 sat nav but oh well. It doesn't bother me too much. Just after a newer map as things have changed a lot since 2004.
  12. Hi everyone I've recently brought a lovely 2004 rx300 se-l. It's currently running its original 2004 sat nav disc, but I wanted to look into updating it. I've checked on Lexus maps Eu and I think mine is generation 1 the disc they sell is updated to 2011 they want €125 for it. ( I believe it can only be updated this far) My question is can I just buy a used disc off eBay? Is there a specific one I need If mine is gen 1? This is a photo of my current disc and the Lexus Eu update. My disc says 86271-24123 And this. 86271- 70v313 P.s I have a tom tom for use if I need to go anywhere major or on holiday, but I want to update cause it's nice to have it when I'm driving. If it won't cost the earth. any advice appreciated
  13. It works fine it's just dated. The disk I have is from 2004 so I wanted to get a newer disk without having to buy one from lexus. I think my nav is generation 1. I've looked at disks on eBay but I don't know which ones will work on mine.
  14. I think the camber is ok, it might just be the photo. The tyres on the back are dated 2009 and have decent tread still, with even wear across the tread. I think it may be slightly lower on the front too but should be straightforward with the adjustable coils. I'd just rather not mess with that stuff myself so will have to wait for the mechanic to sort it. Do you have any advice on the sat nav anyone?