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  1. Thanks fellas, looked to be going off topic there but you managed to bring it back :) I have been members of smaller forums before so I know what its like! I am keen does anyone know anything about the silver one for sale on autotrader at the mo for £15k? I was looking for a facelift initially but price seems good and the condition and history are spot on. Is the owner on here by any chance? Had a slight setback in that I had an offer on my car from a private dealer 3 months and 2k miles ago which has somehow reduced by £2000 in that time, so might have to sell private which is a pain at this price point as not many people buy cash and I dont exactly offer PCP! No one got an answer on the rear arches being flared or not? I'm in the northwest by the way
  2. Thanks Marcus How often do the spark plugs need changing? Are there many specialists who work on these cars or does everyone tend to go main dealer? As a rule I would usually use a specialist. Regarding the rear arches, I was meaning more flared than the normal IS models, like the M3 and C63 with a bespoke shell. Its something I need to tick off the ownership list at some point! What are peoples thoughts on the diff for fast road driving? I wont track the car and although I have had high powered cars before they have always been AWD so I will certainly be taking it easy to start with. Is this necessary for my enjoyment of the car on the road? I wont be power sliding it around bends. One other I read a review of the RCF which stated the end of 3rd gear is north of 90mph is that the case with the ISF?
  3. Hi Currently have a S5 sportback but am considering a change to a ISF before something goes wrong with it and have a few questions Gearbox - When in manual mode does the gearbox still kick down if you stamp on the loud pedal? STronic does this and it drives me nuts, it will do even more when I want to listen to the engine through the rev range as I would in the ISF. If it does have this 'feature' can it be mapped out by a specialist? MPG - I know I know sorry but I currently get 23mpg which equates to about 280 miles before tank (also 65 litre) so I am just wondering if people are getting about the same, everything I read says it should be. Servicing - How does the servicing work (interim / major etc) and is there any major ones to watch out for? Assume its chain driven? Arches - Not driven or seen one in the flesh yet (tried to on sunday but the private dealer wasnt open sundays wtf) are the rear arches flared or is it just the fronts with the fenders?
  4. 220 Miles for 53 litres (11.6 gallons) is pretty much bang on 19mpg
  5. How accurate is the MPG calculation on these cars? As I understand it the car has a 65 lite (14 gallon imperial) tank and so to be getting 30mpg you would need to achieve 420 miles to the full tank. Is anyone getting anything near that?? Looking on fuelly there is pretty much no one getting above 20mpg out of 34 registered owners. I have fallen into the trap of believing the lying b*stard computer myself thinking I was getting 32mpg on my current S5 till I did the maths and realised its actually 23mpg. I am pretty keen on switching to a facelift ISF but dont want to drop any lower than my current 23mpg really