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  1. New member, new to Lexus.

    Thats good news on the fuel consumption front , three weeks in and im 22mpg up on the Accord without trying to hard 😁
  2. New member, new to Lexus.

    Thanks for the welcome , Farqui , i cant remember the torque figures but the Honda certainly had some grunt when you stood on the go pedal, bullet proof engine , and only 1 headlight bulb and battery in 66000 miles and 10 years ownership .Hope the lexus is as reliable .
  3. Hi all I have been the proud owner of a IS300 H for two weeks now ,and i am very pleased with it . Having owned a Honda Accord 2.4 auto for ten years i was a little concerned about changing to a hybrid .After reading all the negative reviews of the Lexus by the motoring press,i ignored it and did my research on this site , reading real life owners real world findings. So here i am , and very pleased with the car so far, double the fuel consumption of the Honda , and quick enough when needed.The dealership experience was amazing , very helpful and polite. My main reasons for buying a Lexus where; Reliability [very important to me ] Hybrid technology Looks . not everyone and their dog own one [getting lots of nice comments already] So here's to a happy Lexus experience ,and keep up the good work on this fantastic site. Best Regards Steve.