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  1. Front Parking Sensors?

    My is300h advance my17 did not have front or rear sensors as standard, therefore this was my best option.
  2. Front Parking Sensors?

    They seem to work really well, giving you about 10 inches in the front before you get the constant tone. There is a very small blind spot right in front of the number plate which is about 2 inches wide, so a post maybe......
  3. Front Parking Sensors?

    Hi Mr Vlad. If you want to spend an additional £600 on the grill with the sensor placements then go ahead buddy! The Advance model does not come with front sensors, only the top of the range IS now has front parking sensors! If the grill had the places then it would have been a much easier job.
  4. Front Parking Sensors?

    Hello again people. Well after much hunting I finally got the front sensors fitted, all canbus controlled so no switch, just live at below 5 mph. Great job done at John Kleis and a special mention to Connor who made it happen! First of a kind for them and they had to buy stuff in for programming so if you are local to Reading, Berkshire then give him a call.
  5. Front Parking Sensors?

    Thanks Carl.. I did look at that option but the replacement grill was £500 plus and didn't include the parking sensors! MY17 models do not have it included except the top of the range model! Which is why i have had to go for a retro fit..... still costing me £649.00 but I am confident they will do a good job and they will be canbus controlled too, so no little switch to annoy the he'll out of my OCD! 😂😂😂😂
  6. Front Parking Sensors?

    Hi ST100, car booked in for the end of the month so pictures will follow but what was really funny was that they contacted the guys in Bristol that fitted yours and then shared a picture of what looked like your car!! Looks like the way yours have been fitted is the way to go! As I said pictures to follow once all done at the end of the month.
  7. Thanks S88HON, worked first time! Video really helped!
  8. I tried this and get the one flash to confirm I am now able to set it. But when I try to change using the intermittent control nothing seems to change? What am I doing wrong? Thanks.....
  9. Thieving Gits

    Try these, Richbrook Spinning Car Anti-Theft Silver Alloy Wheel Valve Dust Caps - Set Of 4 They come in different colours and you will have hours of fun watching the little sh1ts trying to unscrew them...... 😂😂😂😂
  10. Hi DanD, these are the ones I have fitted to my CT. As you can see from the image they are fully reflective.
  11. If you have rear reflectors fitted as standard then they must remain. So if you install these then they must be reflective too, even though they illuminate when on..... that is my understanding and will be picked up at MOT. As I said I have something similar fitted to my current CT and they are fully reflective. In fact they reflect more than the stock ones I took off! My current car, soon to be replaced has gone through 3 MOT's and never failed. I guess I will just keep an eye out and wait for our friends in China to produce them with reflective qualities.
  12. Neil300h, where did you get yours? There are a couple of UK sellers but tbh they look the same so no reflection? Let me know.
  13. Thanks Rayanns. The seller came back and said they have no reflective quality so I will be leaving them well alone......
  14. Thanks for the reply. I fitted some thing similar to my CT. You just don't use them as turn markers, just don't connect that wire. You then have additional driving and break lights, perfect! However, they must remain reflective when off else could be an MOT fail. Which is why i asked the original question. I am sure the seller will come back and say yes but thought if someone has fitted them they would know.