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  1. Anyone know this car

    It was on Autotrader back in October last year, a private sale on the West coast of Scotland. I think it was originally on at £17000 but dropped to £15000.
  2. ISF on Ebay

    If you look at the rear photo the deformation is towards the right hand end of the number plate, you can see a narrowing of the panel gap between the bot lid and the bumper. To be honest it was more obvious in the original sales pics from Charles Hurst as they had a straight on rear photo. In the original sales pics the upper carpet trim beside the right hand boot hinge was coming away, but like I said it's fixed in the latest photos.
  3. ISF on Ebay

    Hello all, That car was in Charles Hurst, Dundonald (near Belfast) until some time in October. They had it advertised on Autotrader as a 2007 car for £17500. The registration is a County Armagh plate which was put back on the car after it was traded in and the previous owner transferred their private plate on their new car. It doesn't show up on the DVLA MOT check because Northern Ireland details aren't available centrally (since vehicle licencing and MOT's etc were all managed / recorded locally before it all went to Swansea). It was previously registered as DS04VYS and AG58FHC. I think the 04 plate was the one transferred when it was traded in. I had thought about having a look at it when it was for sale in Belfast but I was a bit put off by the standard tail lights and the slight deformation in the rear bumper. I wondered if it had been hit. The original Charles Hurst photos also appeared to show that the boot trim wasn't fitted properly around the hinges but that looks like it's been fixed in the new photos. In the end it went before I had a chance to get a closer look at it. Hope this is helpful, Gareth