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OK so I'll elaborate first one cd was stuck in no 6 slot  so managed to remove it now it won't load it asks me to wait then goes to radio mode. I disconnected the Battery  and still no joy.

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If you copy and paste the below line into your search engine you'll get a few historic responses from the Lexus site. cd stuck

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    • By Bargelover
      I have a '97 LS400 with the standard entertainment system (radio/multichanger cd/cassette).
      The backlighting doesn't work. It seems to be a common fault, judging from internet aricles I have read.
      Can someone advise what the fix is (new bulb(s)?). If it is new bulbs, where can I get them, and how do I remove the front fascia of the unit so I can fit it/them? Some of the stuff I've read suggests that some soldering may be required. I'm OK with doing that, but just need some advice.
      Thanks in anticipation
    • By davydiver
      Hi and greeting to all ! I have just tried to FIX ? the cd player in my LS430 2003 ,It was simple to remove , and replace ,but it ends there. I found that on replacing it I now don't have the radio or sat nav or control of the climate working . I spoke to the main Lexus dealer who has serviced this car since I owned it ,his suggestion is to try and find a breakers that might have a replacement cd/radio unit ? he also said that the number shown on the front of the cassette flap has to be an exact match,mine is P3909
      hope someone can help
    • By lapyiwin
      Hello everyone.. I am new to this forum.
      Now I have seriously annoying squeak coming from driver side leather seat near torso area when you sit, on right hand side to be precise.
      Everytime car goes over bump, it makes squeak, apprently coming from foam. I think other IS220D suffered too but I couldn't find any DIY solution except from going to dealer and get the entire seat replaced which won't happen in my case.
      Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
      Also how do I clean foggy LCD panel on CD player?
    • By Rizzy
      Hi All,

      New to the club, recently purchased a IS220D 2007 and all seems fine, except one annoying thing.

      There is no sound coming out of the Radio, everything seems to be working except the volume function itself, as in radio seems to be playing, CD too, but the volume doesn't go up or down at all, not even via the steering wheel, no numbers going up or down on the display, the volume button switches radio on and off fine, and all other buttons seem to work too. It is just literally the volume function and therefore no sound coming out.

      Can any1 help? :S

      Regards - Riz :)

    • By robvause
      Just wondering how similar are the is200 to the is300 are the only difference engine?
      And will is300 wind deflectors front and back fit is200?
      And what cd player will fit in my is200 im looking for one with satnav built in and all the usual added extras
      Jut unsure of what size will fit think there called double dins? Aha correct me if im wrong
      Love the car tho think its amazing. Not as powerful as i wanted but i think it sounds great with the straight 6 lovely tone to it.
      I do want a more square/aggressive front bumper can any one point me in right direction?