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  1. Sticking hand brake.

    Never had issues with buying brake pads from ECP, or the other car parts suppliers. It’s just s case of shopping around. I know some people are a bit precious over buying from such places.
  2. Sticking hand brake.

    Regularly stick, I’ve taken to driving my car around my estate after washing it to dry the brakes, I sometimes forget.
  3. Without a doubt it’ll need some work to recover the cheap MOT.
  4. Mine always gives me three options, but I still wouldn’t trust it, not even to get me out of my street.
  5. Buy a garmin, never trusted the Lexus sat nav. Does it not give you the option when inputting the postcode to select quickest/shortest etc?
  6. Lumpy idle when cold......

    We’ll never know. :) My search for the cure wasn’t scientific, I just tried different remedies on different days. The only thing that brought an immediate solution was the cleaning of several connections in and around the air intake.
  7. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Thanks, wish I’d been able to pinpoint what the issue was though.
  8. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Here goes: I’ve dosed my tank a couple of times now with injection cleaner. I have cleaned the MAF, throttle body and checked the PSV or whatever it is, it rattles. I’ve check all pipe work and found no chafing or splits. I have unplugged everything in the area adjacent to the intake system and either sprayed it with contact cleaner or WD40. And finally I’ve stopped letting my petrol gauge light tell me when to fill up. I don’t know whether my last efforts the other day of checking the connections was what sorted the issue, but it’s back to it’s lovely self. Either that or the threat of being part exchanged has sorted it. PS, It never set any codes.
  9. 4 hours, FFS, I expect to have had a test drive, get the argie bargie out of the way and left a deposit within an hour. I wouldn’t hang about for that long, I’ve walked out of several showrooms when they start fannying about too much.
  10. We all expect a low offer price, we know they’re in it to make money, It’s the silly offers and the silly games they play that rankles.
  11. I received a phone call from The Car People asking how my interaction went. I told them the first offer was very rude. The young man moved onto the next question very quickly. Invited me on a test drive later in the week. I may go at the weekend while the Mrs is away. :)
  12. I took my car to Car People to get a price on part-exchanging my IS 250 . I’d seen a gorgeous Suzuki Swift sport I really took a fancy to. My car is an 11 plate, it’s done 46,000 miles and fully looked after by me. The cheeky gits offered me £7300, £150 less than :( I refused a test drive on the Swift, it was snowing and I couldn’t inspect the car fully while it was wet, so I got ready to walk away. Then the stupid patter started, “I’ll have another word with the sales manager, we can sell Lexus cars all day long, I’ll get you more” “I’ve convinced him, he’s offering £7600” “Can I get you a coffee, I’ll see if he’ll knock off the admin fee” No thanks I’ve got somewhere to be....... cheeky gits. Still love the Suzuki though. :)
  13. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Cheers Declan, I’ve removed all my engine covers and as you say it’s very noticeable. I’m on with an injector cleaning regime at the moment. I just cannot find a solution to this issue, no codes, no leaking vacuum pipes, that I can see. My friendly garage have pointed me in several directions and I’ve checked each an every possible solution they’ve given me, still no solution. Hey ho, forever onwards.
  14. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Anyone know what this is? It’s located on top of the cam cover, near the bulkhead and next to the brake servo. It’s ticking like crazy, similar to a ticking fuel injector, that’s initially what I thought the noise was.