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  1. Verbout

    Customer Service

    I’m with you on the seat alteration. I don’t have memory seats so got in my car after having two new tyres fitted. Didn’t think much about it because the seat was not too far out of kilter but several miles down the road my leg went to sleep. The mechanic had raised the seat which obviously pressed on a nerve in my leg. I could hardly walk when I got out of the car.
  2. You can’t really be serious about using “Servicestop”?
  3. Nice to look back on a positive ownership.
  4. Verbout

    Brake master cylinder

    Would the left hand drive version be different to the RHD one?
  5. They definitely look ropey.
  6. Verbout

    EV MODE - what?

    You’re very welcome Ian. 😁
  7. It works by proximity of the key to the relevant door/boot. I would have kept this a secret.
  8. I don’t very often have to rely on my local Indy for help, but I have my limits and they’re great. On the other hand I’ve taken cars back that were in warranty with noise issues, I’ve never ever been able to convince a mechanic that a particular noise was not part of the driving experience.
  9. Oh, we’re much worse, and don’t learn from our mistakes. AI does.
  10. They don’t seem to work in the sun, they injure and kill people in the US of A.
  11. Reading the manual? there’s a novel thought. 😉