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  1. Verbout

    Petrol smell

    . 🤔
  2. Verbout

    Petrol smell

    It does seem a logical conclusion to come to. Mine had a fully stamped service booklet from Lexus but the brake sliders were seized solid, and I wasn’t too impressed with the job they did on the recent airbag recall.
  3. Verbout

    Petrol in Diesel car

    This was done regularly at my last place of work, particularly by a certain part of the workforce, even though it was marked DIESEL above the filler cap. I was told it wasn’t as bad putting petrol in a diesel. The vehicles were always taken away on a low loader and returned a few hours later.
  4. Verbout

    Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    Big rubber hammer, small crow bar, releasing fluid and time. And plenty of expletives.
  5. Verbout

    Imminent New Lexus owner

    Any garage will do the servicing.
  6. Use it or lose it. 😉
  7. Obviously easier on the IS250. Jack up one side, couple of screws I think to get the flap off giving access to oil filter.
  8. My sons undertray, which I believe we are talking about, went awol. It was there one week when we serviced the car but was gone when we replaced the front coil springs about a month later. It’s a big thing, about 3’ x 3’. You’d notice if it fell off while driving wouldn’t you? Haven’t a clue where it went, I suspect I fell off while his wife was driving. This is a lady who says “Oh yes, that dash light has been on for weeks”
  9. All the above advice is based on an ASSUMPTION that it WAS removed by the garage. TUT TUT.
  10. Verbout

    Thoughts and Recommendations

    Asus made the Nexus 7, I have one, very fond of it. Missed the bit where the OP said he had an android phone. Never understood what this means.
  11. Verbout

    Thoughts and Recommendations

    Walk into Currys and have a play with their tablets. They have android and Apple of all different sizes. See which you like. If your a first time user Apple is one to go for. Don’t be swayed by Apple haters, it’s a good simply product with a very intuitive easy to use interface. I have both, a Nexus and an iPad, love them both and use both.
  12. Verbout

    suspect warped front discs

    I believe the consensus of opinion is that discs don’t warp. I’ve never experienced warped discs on any of my cars. The issues are usually caused by dirty hubs not cleaned prior to new discs being fit, or the job not being done properly, or faults with the wheel or tyres.
  13. I don’t think the OP is looking for advice on this subject, it’s a rant, and there doesn’t seem to be room for “The other persons viewpoint” I’m out of here. 😞
  14. It’s not really. You can say that about buying or selling any property on eBay. How do you know the actual owner of goods. It’s up to you to ask the right questions and use common sense.
  15. Preferably one that’s not forged. What if the alleged owner is not the registered keeper. How would you know they are the owner and have given permission to sell the car?