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Removing Rx350 ['06] Tail Light

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Advice please on removing my tail light which may be letting in water.

Removal of the access hatch on the curve of the corner inside the car exposes one 10mm hex nut on a long stud but I cannot see any other attachment.

I suspect the vertical black plastic trim in the gutter between light assembly and tail gate may need to be removed but I can only see one Phillips screw at the top. The trim is very reluctant to come away except a little at the top and I fear breaking it if pulled any harder.

Any help appreciated.

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This caught me out too, there are two nuts the obvious one and the one way above it. You don't need to remove any trimm. THe two fixings don't need to be removed they are just locating lugs. The cluster comes off with a good pull.

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Having same problem. Peter, do you mean that the nuts don,t need unscrewing and that you just pull the cluster from the outside? Graham, did you find the leak?

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There are two long [1 1/2inch ?] threaded studs each with a nut on them. One is immediately obvious when you open the hatch but to see the second you need to get your head down low and look upwards.

After releasing the initial tightness I found it easy to spin the nuts off with my fingers.

You then push/pull the whole unit off.

My car had had some body work repair in the past to that rear quarter and the light fitting had been replaced with no sealing gasket at all. I am hoping that was the cause of the leak but I will continue to monitor the back of the car for as long as I have it because it does seem they are vulnerable to leaking from a number of points.

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Both nuts are accessible through the hatch with a small spanner or a long series i/4 socket on an extension. You do have to look hard for the top one and it takes a good tug the remove the cluster from the locating lug!

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Peter and Graham thanks for your help. Went out to tackle the job and noticed water running down the inside of the trim in the top corner between the tailgate hinge and support strut. Any ideas?

Will try and upload photo.

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I know it is a different model, I have the RX300. I had a petrol gun drop on my rear light and break it. On checking the fitting out I found there are three 3 fixings with 10m nuts that hold the assembly in. If you search on eBay you will find a used one with the photo showing 3 nuts. Hope this helps someone.

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Update. I went into a car repair company because I still wasn't sure how to remove the outer light assembly. I was told when you lift the tailgate there on the side is one Philips screw holding a plastic strip. Remove that strip being careful not to break it. Behind that strip are two screws/bolts, undo these and prise the light assembly away with a plastic implement. You should then be able to remove bulbs. Re attaching is the reverse just line up the bolts. I haven't done mine yet but will be taking a look when I get the time. Located a used one on eBay for about £90 compared to Lexus £135 plus vat and another £155 to fit. 

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