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Hello All,

This is my first post in Lexus forum so sorry if I have missed similar thread.

My main question is - where to buy IS (2nd gen.) "Windshield Mouldings". There is thread in US forum how to replace them, but first I need to find where to buy them and it seems there are nothing available in UK. (e.g.

Part numbers are (at least US ones, probably EU/UK ones are the same):

Right - 75551-53020,

Left - 75552-53020,

Clips - 75545-53011.

There are few in eBay and amazon from US and the shipping costs more than the moldings themselves.

Breakers are not a good option either as I assume used moldings not going to be much better than the ones I have. Additionally, it seems they are kind of disposable. For this reason I would prefer to go for a new ones. I guess Lexus meant to design them so blue clips breaks when removing and the moldings can be re-installed, but in reality every second clip of molding breaks as well.

If there is anyone in UK who have replaced them please let me know where did you get them from, maybe somebody knows the price from the dealers?

I guess my final option is to glue the broken molding pins to the clips and instal the clips as normal.

If anyone have any suggestions or have experience with this thing please let me know, thank you in advance,


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Not sure the dealers would be able to help you with this.

Sounds like something you'd have more luck by contacting Windscreen replacement companies ( Autoglass, National Windscreens etc etc) about.

Pretty sure whenever they replace a windscreen on a Lexus that they replace these strips too as they often break upon removing the damaged windscreen.

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I've ordered those parts in the past from my local dealer without any problem. Ridiculously expensive though.

The last time I needed a new windscreen, the guy came with replacement clips and trim which was great as it saved me having to buy them myself at extra expense.

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Thanks for replies.

Just quick update. I have called to Lexus Woodford (seems to be closest to me) and they said to send an e-mail as they "cannot take an order over the phone" (or the guy was probably busy with more profitable business).

So I have sent emails to all Lexus dealerships nearby - will post the prices if they comeback with something. However, still not putting off the option to buy only clips and glue them back. That would become a problem only if I need to change windscreen. But then in any case these would be required anyway.

Update 18/11/2015:

Got my prices from dealership (that is Croydon service which has replied) and it comes as both good and bad surprise, see below:

The moldings themselves are much cheaper than expected, and considering it is directly from dealer I would call that "cheap":

  • So moldings - £87 +VAT (£43.5 each) - expected to be in 3 digits zone.
  • However, the clips are £5.67 + VAT each... and this means each, as 10 are needed simple math it is £56.7 just for clips - this outrageous.

My guess - they balanced the cost of moldings with clips so it is not going to end-up as mere 2 digit number. Total ~ £180.

To my next question the answer was muddy:

"Me: If I do it as part of the my service (4+ year old cars plan) would you be able to fit them, how much would be fitting?

Joe: I would imagine there will be some sort of charge for it, but I am unable to tell you how much."

Surely that won't come cheap - this is very intense job - no tools needed... just to push clips in... I cannot "imagine" how much that could cost neither.

Just for fun:

I asked how much are Engine cover Push-Type retainer clips - these are £1.14 + VAT each. Forgotten to mention to Joe, that all of the missing ones were lost by one of his colleagues in Lexus Hedge-End, because nobody else ever worked on car except of Lexus dealership. I guess previous owner was not picky enough to ask them to be replaced for free after service.

Some other stuff:

On same occasion I asked how much would be:

  • Driver's mat (or rather set), that is expected - £81.33 + VAT
  • Foot rest - £56.33 + VAT ... according to Joe "each" - it is good I only have one in my car.. that saves some money.

I will update when I fix my moldings...

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