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Probable Drive Belt Failure

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Had a problem with my Mk IV this morning, noise from front left of engine bay, so switched off a/c, and noise disappeared.

Drove another 7 miles into clients car park and on final right hand 90 degree bend in access road, my power steering died and battery warning light came on.

I managed to steer into a parking bay but reckon that the external drive belt providing power steering and alternator facility has snapped, as haven't had chance to check under the bonnet yet.

Can anyone give me an idea of repair cost for installation of a new belt? Is it a roadside/car park job for the AA, of which I am a member or will it be a relay job to a garage ?

Disappointing this has happended after nearly 190,000 miles and 18 years 

Thanks in anticipation.




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You'll need to remove the trim and airduct (easy) from top of rad area. Suitable spanner or socket for tugging on tensioner to enable belt fit.

Definitely a roadside repair I found it fiddly as it is best done with two pairs of hands!

Quality belt under £20

Check to see if any of the belt driven components has not failed/seized causing the belt damage or slip....these belts are very tough unless extremely old. Ensure no fluid leaks causing major belt slip.

Maybe it's time for a new auxiliary belt tensioner when you have time?

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