Steering Noise - can't diagnose

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Hi, I have 10 Plated IS250 and am having problems with an irritating noise that the dealer has so far been able to resolve

It is almost random and half my problem is when I am having a road rest, as is the way, the issue doesn't show up

It is also, possibly connected to the foot brake, because if I start the car and release the foot break AND get a creak from the release of the brake, then I know the steering noise will be present. It is not conclusive though, as the steering noise does on occasion occur when there is no noise in the foot brake!

When driving at speeds typically above 40mph, I hear a sort of knocking, almost tapping noise coming from the steering wheel area. I have isolated it to the steering wheel because if I place my hands on top of the steering wheel and press firmly downwards, the noise immediately stops and returns when I release the pressure. All of this when driving of course

As I note though, the noise is inconsistent, its not even connected to say the cold mornings, as far as I can tell, as it can happen in the middle of the day. What I can guarantee is however, even if the noise is not present mid journey, if I drive over those raised bumps you often get at junctions that approach a roundabout, then the noise is immediately present

My local dealer has had several test drives and replaced the steering column under warranty for me, but this has not solved anything. They suggested there was play in the steering, but I wasn't convinced.

A technician has suggested it may be something to do with the cable from the foot brake which apparently runs up and around the steering column, but cannot prove this and is also confused by the noise going when pressure is applied in a downwards fashion on the wheel

I am stumped and just wondered if anyone had come across this in their car.

I have had 4 of these now and this is the first time. Which is odd because things like squealing rear breaks is entirely consistent across all four of the cars I've had!

Thank you for reading!


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