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Lexus LS 400 2000/X

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Registration Plate: X679 CBY ( current plate: OYY 655 - not sold with car but available if it appeal’s )

Registration Date: New at 01.09.2000 ( Jemca, London )

Colour: Renaissance Red ( 3M9 ) Pearl Mica with Wessex grey ( 15 ) interior

Current Mileage: 170.645

Your Gain - My Loss! unexpectedly available, I purchased this vehicle, privately, in July 2021.

carefully selected as my BCF ( Best Car Forever ! ) 

I have, willingly, over invested in the on-going maintenance and upgrading of The LS with a view to keeping this masterpiece

of engineering for lifelong ownership !

due to a realignment of my future life strategy I am dreadfully reluctant to sell - but go, it must !

I have never, before, ever seen an X registered LS400 - this has to be one of the last off the line to make way for the LS 430.

this fact is proven as the car is standard fitted with EBD ( Electronic Brakeforce Distribution )

the exterior condition is near flawless, as is the interior. ( buy on condition and not mileage practice applied )

let’s give you an idea as to my expenditure / investment to date - here are the brief statistic’s:

Essential Maintenance:   £3.891

Preventive Maintenance: £1.485

Cosmetic Upgrades:        £1.614

Total:                                 £6.990

….here are more, in depth, detail’s of Expediture / Date’s of Maintenance and Upgrade’s to this, now, 24 year old Classic:

front + rear disc’s, pad’s + pad sensor               08 / 2021

Lexus Dealer Service / Inspection                       160.294m

LexTec, Sheffield. cam belt, water pump+,

all ball joint’s, brake line’s, diff oil                         161.087

5 year Ceramic Wax body coating                       09 / 2021

wired for DAB + phone                                          10 / 2021

aircon service                                                         04 / 2023

x4 Michelin CC 2’s                                                  161.417

hand brake cable’s                                                  08 / 2022

tracking                                                                    162.339

x5 alloy refurb’s                                                        161.417

OEM alternator                                                         165.399

ATF flush - refilled Type 1V fluid                             168.405

S / steel front exhaust fitted                                    02 / 2024

all replacement’s are OEM

……fully detailed Service Maintenance Book’s as follow’s:

Lexus Dealer:                                   9 Stamp’s ( to 85.000 mile’s )

DJA Auto’s, Winchester                   11 Stamp’s ( + 76.000 mile’s )

Me (Anthony)                                    4 Stamp’s ( +10.000 mile’s )

unusually, this Lexus is fitted with the rare ‘wood pack’ option of matching wood steering wheel and gear shift.

….my name is Anthony and I live in a town called Hawick in The Scottish Border’s, just an hour’s drive north on the A7 from 

Junction 44 off the M6.

lot’s of picture’s available, on request - please do call me on 07886 533021 for even more information on this beautiful car !

…..The Price ? just £ 4.495 !!














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She looks a peach. You must be distraught parting company with such a grand car ……. and as for the price …….. priceless ……. to the right buyer of course  👍


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….Malcolm, you are a legend, and you have already noted my ad - thank, so much!

yes, you are right I am heartbroken, as the ad say’s - it has to go!

was horrified how much I had actually spent on my flagship - an analysis I never wanted to do on any of my car’s - until now ! 

really would like it to go to a fellow member who will appreciate her (him?) so finger’s crossed - reluctant to advertise elsewhere.

again, thank you, Malcolm.


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If I didn’t already have two Ls400s ( my Honda Legend and my classic 1932 Triumph too ) I’d be accelerating our holiday trip to Scotland, to this year,  to pick her up …….. 

Best wishes with the sale 


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…..again, thank you so much Malcolm!

feel I need to send this note to close on your message contribution’s.

current score: Malcolm 3.100……..Anthony 3 😳

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Looks beautiful and seems like a really well kept example, cars like this don't come along often. The right buyer won't hesitate, best of luck with the sale Anthony!

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….good day / evening to you all!

as both a newbie and a self confessed computer illiterate, 😳 , I have yet to unravel how to edit my existing Lexus LS 400 For Sale advertisement placed last Monday - life is far too short at 80!

here are some additional fact’s that may assist you in making the correct decision to contact me with a view to purchase this outstanding and head turning torpedo!

the m.o.t is through to April 2025.

the hard wired screen cam will remain on the vehicle as will the dash mounted ( removeable ) tyre pressure monitor system.

John Wigley ( diamond guy! ) of Lex-Tek, Sheffield judged the, unusual, lack of rust corrosion on the entire underside of the body is due to an early application of a thin film of hard skin rust resistant protection - brand unknown. zero corrosion on body panel’s.

please don’t be put off by the barnacle of a Lexus, rare, tow hitch option fitted which I have never used. I have not removed it because from experience with previous car’s, so fitted, it offer’s the ultimate in tight parking protection! you would need to witness the destruction a tow bar can impose on a careless other driver whilst ensuring said, fitted car, remain’s totally unscathed!

easily unbolted and does retain a serious value to another LS400 owner - this is another very long time NLA Lexus option!

incidentally and amusingly, on the subject of NLA option’s, the installed ‘ wood pack’ option of wood/leather steering wheel and gearshift handle ( in matching California Walnut ) are worth 10% of the Sale Price, on the used Lexus part’s market!

….my Lexus LS400 in September 2000 was c £55.000 - today that is £100.100! 😲

when launched in 1989, in the US, Lexus demanded that a 50.000 mile, used, Lexus LS 400 should drive exactly as a brand new Lexus LS 400! 

as an Owner / Driver of a Year 2000 Lexus LS 400 I can confidently reassure you all that my car drives exactly as a brand new car with just 170.700 carefully cared for miles shown, currently, on the odometer!! ( just like a MB 140, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 or a Jaguar XJ 😃 )

….every time I look at the picture’s of my Lexus LS 400 I am minded of it on the front of a used car forecourt with a price card suspended off the sun visor displaying  £4.495! somehow, I just don’t think so………….! do you?






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personally think you're just a bit nuts selling her ...... .  you're only 80 and many many more good driving years ahead hopefully ....  but life has it's detractons too and you've sensibly assessed what's happening eh !

I was chatting yesterday to a guy at an antiques shop locally and his father-in-law at 90, has had his Ls400 for some 25 years from nearly new, usually garaged and immaculate too he says,  and is still out and about driving it, but not so often now with the Yaris for shopping whatever ........

Your location in Scotland might limit a tad the potential buyers I'm thinking ........  let's see ........ as I said, it's   " priceless "   to the discerning buyer out there somewhere

Good luck


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….Malcolm - how good are you! 

yes, your right, I am a bit nuts to sell her ( him/other 😳 ) and the distance could be a challenge but 3 point’s to consider: 

1. my location is a mere 15 miles from the county line with England!

2. as a guide, Edinburgh to Southampton is just £52 return by a ‘national’ coach carrier  - so one way ( with cash in wallet 🫠 ) is £26 !

3. if you really, really want the best, you will know, Malcolm, you have to endure just a little pain and inconvenience to acquire a rare example of whatever!

….at September 2022 there were 33.5 million cars on UK roads ( RAC ). there are, allegedly, less than 1.100 Lexus  LS 400’s remaining! £26+ to view, inspect and purchase a carefully maintained and upgraded ‘last of the line’ model’s - surely, a no brainer!

I believe, like a Mini, everybody should own / drive a V8 motor, at least, once in a lifetime!

availability of V8 engine powered car’s are already dwindling from The Big Player’s with a V6 as the, ‘environmental’ (🙄 ) replacement. ok, the same, maybe, more power but I doubt ever as smooth running as a V8!……hey! I am just and old git - what do I know! 🤣

ideally, low mileage, Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz or similar oriental - ok, let’s swap 😲!





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Hahahaha ….. yes our Honda Legend v6 . 3.5ltr is brilliant but to my mind not a patch on the Ls400 

Wow only 1100 …. I have 2, my local buddy whom I coffee with also has 2 😂

BUT I rarely see one on the road these days sadly 🥵


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….good day / evening to you all, again ! 🙄

Malcolm, thank you for your 5th message to me - so where are the other 1095 LS 400’s ?………getting nervous, are we - hence your message? latest score now: Malcolm 3.100 contribution’s - Anthony 7 !! 

every forum I have read the member’s alway’s ask for more photo’s on a topic - often with little result! ☹️

ok, so here are some more pic’s covering the centre flight deck display on my Lexus LS 400……Concorde? - get ‘outta here…..( it was 100% analogue - no digital display’s ! ).

….factoid - 1987: one of the very first touch sensitive colour display screen’s that control Navigation, Time, 6 CD, FM / LW, Cassette and HVAC ( heating, ventilation and air conditioning )  ! note the ‘dual’ key that, when, selected really does deliver different temperature’s to front / rear driver and passenger side’s ! the ‘front screen’ key is not a Ford type glass element, just blown air……23.5 year’s later - every comms display stlll work’s ! (😲)….just like a Mercedes-Benz W140 / 220, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ 🤭 ! !

Anthony……stay with me - there will be more to follow….🥱🫣😃







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Anthony. You can check the number of my original posts as Malc before I forgot my password and popped up as Malc1 😂


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…..hello, again, guy’s !

need to correct a typo in my last post - the ‘factoid’ year should, of course, have been 1997 and not 1987 - an in-car colour touch screen would have been a mere dream in the late 80’s….or would it, Mr Toyoda ?

also a thank you to spacewagon52 and kalinlondon for their ‘likes.

an amusing off topic link to ‘likes’ - have just terminated a 6 month contract with OurTime ( over 50’s dating site ). cumulative result ? over 1.500 View’s, 260 ‘ likes and an avalanche of ‘interest’ messages ! I’m 80 - how hot am I ? (😳)


ps: if a Girl’s best friend is a Diamond ?…… come a Man’s best friend is a Dog ?😃

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….just need a little more time to get past you, Malcolm, check your mirror’s…..😲!

additional thought to last post - perhaps my profile pictures of George Clooney helped - poor moderating, though…..🤣😂🤣 !


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Back to your car ……. satnav updated from the original timeline ?? 


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Never been Lexus updated then ?? 

yes I use my phone,  Google maps etc but might wish for a real uptodate working satnav

BUT I suspect no Ls400s have it 


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…..back, again !

I appreciate it is only nigh on 72 hour’s since placing my For Sale ad for my 2000 / X, Lexus LS 400 but I keep thinking of additional detail’s that may help in your decision making to purchase said vehicle ! 🤔

some more information, then:

OEM electric steering wheel motor replaced with same                            06 / 2021                    
- this adjust’s the Tilt, Reach and Elevation of wheel.

New Bosch AGM Battery installed                                                               02 / 2024 

Platinum Plugs replaced at                                                                           157.261 m

the vehicle will be supplied with 2 Key’s

this vehicle is listed to run on regular E10 unleaded petrol unlike it’s major competitor’s, of this age, who will likely demand premium E5 !

many Insurance Companie’s consider a 20 year old car as a Classic Car - hence reduced premium, as a second car ?

the vehicle will be supplied with 4 custom made black rubber floor overmat’s in addition to the existing 4 Lexus carpet overmat’s.

Lexus Toolkit, excluding Torch, inevitably, all complete and unused.

spare tyre, near new Falken brand.

following photo’s refer and, no, the carefully placed toolkit and wheel bolt box’s do not cover unsightly holes or old cement powder stains ! 🙄 (see, I know exactly what you are thinking, just like me 🤭 ).













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Zero torch …… you can knock at least a couple of grand off your asking price 🤣


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…..honest answer Malcolm - I don’t know ! ☹️

only the final series of the LS 400 (1997 - 2000), as you well know, had this system for just 4 year’s.

I think, other reader’s please chime in, the LS 430 ran an alternative nav drive 😳?


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….why do people filch these torches, Malcolm - they won’t use them and have no idea of the value !

I have had a flag out for one on eBay for 3 year’s - not a sniff !

have owned 4 BMW’s - only one had the original torch in the the glove box socket!


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…..back again with more exciting new’s update’s about my still available Lexus LS 2000 on, I believe, a rare X registration !

this morning’s subject is - electric sunroof’s !

when I started driving in the mid 60’s the sunroof feature was not an unusual fitting. my first car was a 1946 Austin 16 (£25 😲) fitted with a manual twist and turn handle metal sunroof. electric power was yet to arrive, even on premium brand’s. an old established sunroof maker, based in south-east London, called Webasto still make custom made precision folding fabric/leather sunroof’s to this day and they were founded in 1939 ! also, in the early day’s of mass production air conditioning you could not spec a sunroof and air con, it was only one or the other, not both !☹️ 

pro’s and con’s of a sunroof: the pro must be to slide the roof panel back on a warm or hot sunny day and bask in the sunshine with minimal draught ,🙂- a wonderful feeling of additional light, aireness and openness - so refreshing. sadly, 21st century design appear’s to be outlawing this feature in the interest of better cd / aerodynamic reason’s + improved mpg, cost ? ! yes, many model’s can be ordered, at a cost of extra thousand’s, with extended smoked / toughened panoramic roof insert’s ! even include electric blind’s - but do they open ? do they …….!

the con’s ? well, the big one is they can leak 😲, certainly the older version’s. remember, sun roof’s are not leak proof - they are designed to leak - that’s why there are alway’s front and rear drain pipe’s. when these drain’s fracture, that is when the interior stain’s and water evidence may appear. alway’s ideal to lubricate all on - board rubber weatherseal’s, including the sunroof perimeter seal. historically, I have alway’s used, once or twice a year,  a product called Gummi Pflege Stift rubber care (😳). with a built-in sponge applicator dispenser it lubricates and enhances the look of any rubber component !

the other con, for me, is that when a sunroof is fitted it will, clearly, lower the roofline. I am 6’ 5” so sometime’s struggle to be comfortable behind the wheel of some car’s ☹️.

of course, the electric, tinted, glass sunroof on my 2000 Lexus LS400 work’s, as you would expect, seamlessly both in linear and tilt mode - no gaffer tape here (😲) - as these picture’s attest to: 


….alway’s have fun, anthony







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…..late last night, of course I was crashed out 😴, I received a Message of Interest in my Lexus LS 400, which you may all now know is, For Sale ! 🙄

no name’s - no pack drill ! 🙄

General Data Protection Act applie’s and I have previously signed the Official Secret’s Act ! 🙄

shock ! horror ! probe !………watch this space…….

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