Wheel hub temperatures after a 200 mile journey

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I bought a infared thermometer and was checking a friends car wheel hub temps which were between 40-70 degrees c mine after a 200 mile journey was 150 degrees c is there a problem with anything or is that normal 

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Never used any temp gauges for that so I can't relate to specific numbers.

What I would say is

  • If you can smell the heat of the hub's too hot
  • If you can't touch it (be very careful doing this) without fear of burning ... it's too hot
  • If the disc looks slightly blue coloured and darker, certainly not silver like normal .... its too hot.

I noticed one of the wheels of my wife's Mx5 had a much darker disc a few weeks back. Looking closer I could smell it was hot. Once it had cooled down I jacked the car up and took the wheel off for a looksee. Caliper pin was sticking so the pads were not releasing properly. Removed the offending slide pin and cleaned out the bore, regreased with the correct grease and reassembled. All is fine again now.

That weekend I removed all the wheels and overhauled all the slide pins on.

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Its a good idea to check all caliper pins - they are prone to seizing and like Normski said, they wont be releasing properly.

An easy job and one that should be done on a regular basis - at least once a year


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