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New member - recently purchased an '09 RX400h.  I love the car but recently am having some issues with the transmission slipping/jerking at <35 mph after it warms up.

Does anyone know an independent garage in Birmingham who they would trust to work on it? (and won't charge the flat rate of £200 to look at it like the main dealer)

Any help much appreciated



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Hi Richard

Not sure how far away my chosen garage would be for you:


C.P. Motors
Pooley Lane, Polesworth
Nr. Tamworth, Staffordshire
B78 1JA
T: 01827 894983


They are family business of many years and I have used them coming up 5 years .

Renowned for their Volvo knowledge they look after my RX400h apart from hybrid part, as well as older Rav4 auto that they are currently helping sort intermittent fault.

Have nothing but praise, they are true mechanics and not just fitters. Good all round knowledge and can source expert help when needed. As far as I remember labour rates approx. £50 per hour and they have never taken advantage!

Ask for Liz and see if they can help

Good luck



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