Anyone in market for a facelift GS450h premier ?

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I already commented on the other thread, but let me re-iterate how tempting this would be if I had the money.

Can you imagine the exclusivity? Mine is rare enough, but you could easily go without ever seeing another one.

Well used as well for almost 60k miles in 2 years.

Can someone on here buy it and sell it to me in a couple of years? :smile:

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It is very rare, that why I've posted it here. 60k miles for those cars is nothing, for me it is just break-in engine. Especially if done 30k per year which means heavy motorways usage (or taxi but I doubt as Prius is better deal).

If I haven't just put 1k £ into mine and not trying to save for deposit I would go for it as such occasion might not happen again.

Only thing to remember for a potential buyer - it is just under 60k miles which means £750 service is due most probbaly 🙂

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