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Ls400 Shocks And Springs

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Hi All

Can anyone tell me how much a set of springs and shocks would be for a MK1 LS400?

Has anyone used after market ones, and are they o.k.?

I'm debating replacing mine, and i know that Lexus will probably want a small fortune for them.

Any help would be appreciated

Cheers Stew :winky:

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I'm another one waiting for someone else to take the plunge and report back. I also have some play in the steering rack/column to sort out first. Having done it on other cars (with most recent success on AUDI A8) I would suggest you have full 4 wheel alignment done first - as I am about to. This had massive impact on nearly new A8' s handling.

At a guess you want to firm up the float on your Mk1. Mines the same. It grips okay but getting there is a bouncy and imprecise struggle.

Then I'm going to look at steering issues, then wheels and shocks/springs etc.

You try the shocks/springs and I'll try the alignment!

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I had both front springs replaced a few years at Lexus. Total was £500.

Recently had the shocks changed all round. All four shocks from Lexus were around £210 with 15% Gold discount. I used independent dealer, so it was around £200 for labour (5 hours).


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Got some initial feedback.

There are 2 types of Celsior/ LS400

UCF10: 89.10 - 94.10 (Japan dates)

UCF20: 94.10 - 00.08

There is limited stock available for LS400 (UCF10 and UCF20)lowering springs, (brands: Espelir, Tanabe, around F:35-40mm/R: 25-30mm drop).

Price: GBP180 - 200 ex. shipping ex. VAT (shipped from HK)

Shocks for KYB SR (adjustable for stiffness) are only limited available for the UCF20.

Price: GBP220 ex. shipping ex. VAT. (shipped from HK)

(UCF10 shocks are similarly priced, but need to be ordered)

KYB also have shocks that are height and stiffness adjustable

These shocks cost: GBP340 ex. shipping ex. VAT. (shipped from HK)

(need to be ordered)

Shipping can be arranged per boat (cheapest for approx. GBP50, but may take 4- 6 weeks)

Air shipping is approx. GBP110.

If there are enough people interested, I can try to find someone willing to act as distribution point, thus saving a lot of shipping cost (shipping everything to one address.

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Hi All

If we are having a bit of a group buy then i'm interested in the KYB SR shocks

set of 4

And a set of lowering springs for the LS400

just give me a rough total price ( i think i've ask this question before to you )

i think i've got this right that my car is a UCF 10 with being a 1991 model



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