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  1. Would this from be the chap who once "forgot" to put on his seatbelt ? Haha. Good one MATE. Thanks for the comment. Thank YOU (and others) for making me realise how this forum is no longer what it used to be. I'm gonna stay off LOC now (apparently accounts cannot be deleted). It's turned into a children's playground. Fed up of personal comments, and from what I can see, I'm not the only one. If you have a problem with ME, be man it enough to say it to my face.
  2. sam, your car sounds evil as it pulled away. Good work, it's a really special car now.
  3. Racing cars on public roads is dangerous. I can't believe this thread is even staying up.
  4. Glad you're ok mate. Always remember, cars can be replaced, but people cannot.
  5. IMHO, Lexus seem to be chasing after market share and have a mish mash strategy for Europe. Diluting the brand from the heady heights of the LS range. Lexus Compact story
  6. Ya. Once you are over 90-100mph, the good aerodynamics of the LS really make a difference.
  7. Actually, I take that back. Try flooring a Series 1 LS400 when turning right into a roundabout, and record your facial expression as you realise there are NO driver aids to help you as 241bhp gets driven through the 205 width tyres.
  8. Try flooring a LS430 into a roundabout and record your facial expression.
  9. Hello grumpy old man, Sorry to hijack your thread with MY pictures, but since I'm an egotistical fool, you just have to put up with them :-) You should have shelled out for a that was great fun intimidating other road users and pretending to be in CSI. It also wouldn't fit in some of the drive thru lanes..haha! yes that is me with a bobble hat in the peak of summer 2008.. I bet you didn't have fun colleagues who had number plates like this one? I also managed to blag one of these by flirting with the lady on the booth at it for 17 quid a day! haha! 3.5V6 toyota highlander - fwd version but a nice ride. Saw this dude at the BMW factory in South Carolina And saw this dude there too (was a big annual Z4/Z3 meet) This guy's car was actually funny You'd have more fun if you took the Stang in the drive thru Starbucks! You would have definitely had more fun if you levitated above the Mustang like I did! For the money to a US consumer, the base spec Mustang is bloody good value for money, and everywhere I went (2000 miles in a week across 7 states), I got nothing but admiration and compliments everywhere I drove. I believe Ford have done well, it's a very good car for the US market. I drove all night long with the roof down on the interstate with cruise control and it was perfect for the job.
  10. same as matinity, but for men and you don't get paid as much (£117 a week i think, i've got it coming up sometime in next 6 weeks :) ) congratulations :) Oh, I thought it was an additional benefit over and above paternity leave. My bad.
  11. rear main seal is leaking. 10 quid part, but iirc, the gearbox needs to come out to replace it, so several hundred pounds in labour costs
  12. hello mate, I have a spare key from my old GS300 Sport that I just found the other day. You are welcome to have it free of charge. Just drop me a PM with your address. I don't know what you will need to do to make it work with yours, but it saves you a few bob.
  13. the ones near me usually have a bumper sticker that reads, "my other car is a marked patrol car".
  14. Sadly, I won't be able to make this.
  15. Ya I agree with Mat. IIRC, I got my upper arms for my old LS400 from Sewells for 170 quid each, and that was after the final price inc shipping and taxes.
  16. Congratulations! All the best mate. Btw, what's partinity?
  17. SHocks should always be replaced in pairs, unless you are at the mercy of an incompetent Lexus dealer, in which case, only one needs to be replaced.
  18. I'm all for freedom of speech and this thread has provided me many a laugh. I would never suggest banning anyone for their opinions, everyone is entitled to their opinion (even Tyger, and even if they are wrong). But once opinions have been aired, do we need another 7 pages of back and fourth Apple advertising and off topic personal insults? Quite simply by entering into a dialogue with Tyger (or whoever has strong opinions about a product or a brand), all that can happen is that the interaction is extended. The off topic personal insults are not limited to one person only. The forum is what WE make it. If the majority of members dislike one person's opinion about a product, they are not obligated to respond with a counter argument.
  19. freedom of speech! You can't ban someone just because they have strong opinions! it is quite hilarious just to see the egos at play here. I don't need to watch X-factor for entertainment, just read this thread! haha!
  20. nokia 1200, 7 days without a charge, can throw it on the floor and it still works, inbuilt torch (handy for reading in the dark), and even comes with dust proof keypad for those daytrips to the sahara desert.
  21. My my, boys and girls, I make it, Pimms O'Clock, time for a group hug.
  22. Brake master cylinder needs replacing. Happens around 100k miles. An ordinary garage won't be able to diagnose it properly, only a garage that knows GS300s inside out will. Good Luck!
  23. I think you will find that the housing market is not going down much more. If they do drop to silly lows then I for one would be happy, £250k houses for £40k each....time to buy 3 or 4 and hold onto them. Yep the stuff in Detroit is amazing, wish I had the time to go over there and have a look to see what the areas they're in are like.........a lot of them look like pretty nice houses so can't see the downside to buying a few of them............ Not really amazing at all. Now America's poorest city, where of the 850,000 residents, 80% are black. White flight has hit the city for the past 40 years, heading for the suburbs. In fact, 1,000 people a week are leaving Detroit for the suburbs. Downtown developments have been frozen due to lack of funding. The big houses selling for less than 40k are in nice neighbourhoods (such as Boston Edison), but you walk two blocks in any direction and you are surrounded by poverty, and crazy crime levels. Detroit's mayor got jailed for perjury. You'd have to be pretty brave to invest your cash in a town that has basically been abandoned.
  24. Transmission is locked in Park mode.
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