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I've recently sold my 2007 GS450 and I have the following parts I accumulated meaning to get them fitted. I'm willing to listen to offers on them separately or as a job-lot--

For sale: Various Parts (NSF Shock absorber, OSR shock absorber, oil filter, cabin air filter, element sub assembly, front bush, front brake pads, discs and drums, 7 litres of Shell Helix Ultra 0W-20 SN Motor Oil)

Item Condition: New (except for the rear shock absorber which I acquired from a breaker)

Price and price conditions: £500 (open to offers but these parts were well over £600 in total)

Extra Info: Any questions please ask 🙂

Pictures: See below

Contact Details: PM in the first instance with an email address and I'll get back to you.

Location: Spalding, Lincolnshire

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: TBC. 








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Leigh in the pictures shown both shocks are NSF. The rear shocks have the spring saddle near the bottom of the shock body, and are not handed "the same shock fits both sides". I am only pointing this out to save problems when trying to fit one of these shocks to the rear of a car.


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That’s annoying as I specifically requested OSR- good job I never got round to having them fitted. Thanks for pointing that out though. 

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