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Hi everyone, 

Not sure if this would interest anybody, but after recently purchasing my LS430 I found a CD inside the owners manual. There was no real labeling except a list of PC requirements. So after firing up my old Windows machine to investigate it appears to be an interactive owners manual for the following models:

  • IS200 / IS300
  • GS300 / GS430
  • LS430
  • RX300
  • RX400h
  • SC430

It includes information about each model and their features, a selection of wallpapers and even screen savers (although I imagine they probably won't work on modern computers)

Anyway I thought I'd share the contents with you guys in case anybody is interested. I created an ISO image from the disc. Providing you're running Windows 10, double click the file and it will auto mount as a CD. Run the "Lexus.exe" file and the program should run. 

Download Link: https://megaupload.nz/ka7aj4e1nb/Lexus_iso

VirtualBox_Windows 10_15_04_2019_23_37_30.png

VirtualBox_Windows 10_15_04_2019_23_37_23.png

VirtualBox_Windows 10_15_04_2019_23_37_03.png

VirtualBox_Windows 10_15_04_2019_23_59_12.png

VirtualBox_Windows 10_15_04_2019_23_58_40.png

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Excellent. Thank you!

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