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I've started getting a violent shake on my steering wheel on the motorway but it comes then goes? 

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Wheel out of balance, possibly a buckled rim, possibly tyre bulge/damaged from potholes.

Get the wheel balancing checked and inspect the tyres.

Shake through steering is usually front wheel/tyre issues could be exacerbated by suspension wear.

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Gotta start with the basics...

All wheel nuts secure are they? ( No I'm not taking the Michael, see below )

Any work done on running gear recently inc tyres?

Tyre pressure all good and close inspection ( inc inner Walls) of all rubbers OK ( cuts,bulges or irregularities )

After checking all this ( no cost) then next course would be getting wheel alignment done. ( last done ??)

Steering Wheel shake problem here

paul m.

Basics, Basics Basics.

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