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  1. The battery temp sensor might not actually be there! There is a possibility that if you have an after market battery ( possibly the wrong physical size) then the plastic battery shroud that houses the temp sensor might not have been re-fitted! As for codes….more details required as I can’t imagine a bat temp sensor alone throwing the car into any sort of limp situation!
  2. “Remember your left (clutch) foot is redundant in an automatic as you operate both the brake and accelerator pedals with your right foot as in a manual car.” Absolutely do not be tempted to brake with your Left foot! Go to a deserted road and find out why!!!!!
  3. Remember to Always remove Fill plug first before draining Diff oil. ( to ensure you can actually put oil back in after removing Drain plug)
  4. Cruise control stalk on a 250 with ACC is no different to standard CC.🙄
  5. not that the dash lights actually come on ( apart from Green ones) that much on a 250 😂 BMW…..🎄😂😂
  6. If you do go ahead with the spark plug replacement ( And I think I would to negate any possible warranty wrangles down the line) ask them for ‘your’ old plugs to be left in car as they are technically yours to keep and these plugs are not cheap like in the old days and can last upto and beyond 100,000 miles easily! So will be good for later on ( when they are even more expensive) and the car is out of warranty. My IS 250 plugs were changed at the 6 year from new point with 14,000 miles on the clock and I don’t think my old plugs would of went in the bin do you?🙄
  7. “Works fine for me on W10.” Good to know, still running W7 on my home PC though.
  8. To ‘get in deep’ you need to use TechStream software on a laptop preferably running XP.
  9. Well the way the prices of second cars have gone recently is amazing! My son just had his BMW 335i ‘written off’ and got £6800 ( the going rate to replace it in todays market-and he did,🙄) for a car he paid £5000 for in Jan 2019! But as you have only had it 7 weeks I’d like to think you should get what you paid for it, ( you still got receipt?)
  10. Jeez…you haven’t had it for 7 weeks🙄 Sad to see but looks like one less 250 gonna be on the road from now on, I can see this as a major factor of the demise of the 250 eventually because they don’t exactly rot out and fail mot’s due to build quality and mechanicals are bomb proof, and that dislodged boot lid is gonna make the repair cost ( mostly labour!) un-economical, that’s without any front end damage!🙄
  11. You don’t get older without getting wiser! I should have got a 250 years ago, by far the best car I have ever had😀 but with son’s 335i and daughters Fiat 500 my tools ain’t gonna go rusty any time soon🙄
  12. Not much point in mapping ( if you could!) as it’s non-turbo engine.
  13. Ditto on ‘Grabby’ as I call them brakes👍 There is on option to fit IS350/GS300 front disc’s/calipers to have a more gentle ( but effective) braking feedback but you might have to upsize your alloy wheels to allow calipers to fit! as for mileage then the 250 deals with it very well and doesn’t show it as obviously as other cars and should not be a concern for a maintained car.
  14. If it’s not apparent with new clips in hand and broken item in front of you then I suggest that you get a ‘mechanic’ to do it or you are quite likely to break something else!
  15. Glad you got a 250 as I do cringe when new posters turn up and say they have got a great looking IS220D!, it may be great looking but stand by for grief! Best of luck with your 250 ( you won’t need luck with one of the most reliable cars out there!) As for trying to change infomation systems between models then I believe it is quite involved and not straightforward. You say you have the ‘Older’ style centre dash, do you mean the non-Sat nav/touch screen version? like this….. oh yes and best colour😀
  16. IIRC the gasket seals are of the silicon type so unless actually damaged ( remove them carefully) they should be reusable
  17. Have you seen the vids on youToob of the spark plug renewal for the 250?, looks perfectly doable ‘in the street’ as you say.
  18. Author was a Paul Hudson, motoring editor for the Telegraph. link here.
  19. I came across this ( finger on the pulse reporting on E10!) article in the Telegraph today ( not that I am an avid reader) but I am trying to get to the basis of the statement in the middle paragraph, namely ‘ unfounded’ anyone anything to add on this?
  20. I live on a slope also and have to check my oil level when I go to a fuel station and car is dead level. note: I check it After I have filled and paid so it gives time for oil to settle, can’t say I have ever seen anyone else open their bonnet in a fuel station for years! I expect plenty would not even know how too🙄open the bonnet that is, let alone check the engine oil level!
  21. Link has expired…. Did Anyone grab any screenshots of damage to post for future ref?
  22. Pressing the Unlock button on the remote for 3 seconds can ( if programmed in LPS) roll down all windows & Moonroof ( if fitted) and consequently pressing Lock button for 3 seconds will Close windows/ moonroof. LPS ( Lexus Personal Settings ) can be set by Dealer at Service time or by using TechStream.
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