New Member - GS450h Owner - Rear Exhaust Issue

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Good afternoon all.

Just joined this site, so sorry if I ask topics that have been discussed before.

Absolutely love my GS450h sport (2008). Not the most practical of car, or indeed sensible, but I do love it; however.....

The drivers side exhaust rear box pipe has broken. So stupidly I thought ok, i'll just get it fixed - that will be easy. I have been quoted £1300 from Lexus this afternoon for a replacement, which doesn't include the fitting. I have had a look at the exhaust and see that it is a twin box system, so I didn't expect it to be cheap, but £1300 does sound excessive.

Where have others got their replacements, and how much? I'm based in Essex, so somewhere this end of the country would be preferable.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum Jim, the GS450h is a great car.

I had a similar issue when I first acquired mine and Lexus didn't even quote for a replacement with their silly prices, they offered to weld it up #surprised! 

If your exhaust is still in reasonable shape then a decent garage should be able to repair it.

If not, then Tony Bank (Leeds) made me up the rear back boxes and middle sections including cat's for around half of what Lexus quoted you.  So hunt down a local specialist exhaust shop for a quote, it may surprise you.

Exhaust pic's here; 

Good luck getting it sorted and do let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for your reply.

I do have a local garage that may be able to assist with a weld repair. I had discounted this as repairable though as it's just in the area as it enters the box.

I'll contact Tony Bank though as you suggest, to see what he suggests.

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Hi Jim and welcome to the club.

Try Lexus Birmingham via ebay, I bought my mine from them and it was around £530 and had my mate who runs his own garage fit it for around £30. Lexus Bristol who I use to service my car quoted more but it was nowhere near £1300.

The part consists of two back boxes plus the Y section.

Best wishes in getting it sorted.

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