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Lexus extended used car warranties

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Ok I have a few questions for the forum gurus 

1) what is the mileage limit and age limit your able to take out your last warranty ,

2) if you get an issue with your car say your rear calliper siezes up ,can you ring up take out a warranty wait a few days and book your car in at lexus with a brake issue .im asking this question as in theory I'm thinking I wouldn't have to pay for years of warranty when not needed if that makes sense 3) can you take out a 48 month 50k warranty 

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1) The limits for the renewal of a genuine Lexus warranty are 140,000 miles and 10 years. There are third-party warranties, of course, which may differ.

2) I'm not sure you can take out a Lexus extended warranty without a Lexus service history. If you have this then I'd ask the dealer about taking out a warranty. However, I'm sure they're very aware of the possibility of people doing as you suggest and doubt they'd fall for any fraudulent claims! You wouldn't expect a house insurer to pay out if you took out a policy after your house burnt down. 

3) The warranty lasts for 2 years, unlimited mileage and is then renewable up to the limts in 1) above. It does require the car to be serviced by Lexus during the warranty period, of course.

At £995 for an RX450h I think the 2-year Lexus warranty is a great deal. They picked up a leaking aircon pipe on a recent MOT (cost included in the warranty) and it was fixed within a week without quibble and at no cost to me. The bill to Lexus was £840. Over the last three years I've also had a new front caliper (seized), new steering column (slight clunk), new oil cooler and new radiator (both with slight leaks), all identified by Lexus and sorted without issue.

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Thanks for the reply you have confirmed my thoughts on the the warranty route .

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